Chennai Super Kings 188/9 (20 ov)
Rajasthan Royals 143/9 (20 ov)
Chennai Super Kings won by 45 runs.
Player of the match: Moeen Ali
So that was that from match no. 12 as CSK steamrolled the Rajasthan Royals caravan which was upbeat after securing a close victory in the previous game. The men-in-canary yellow have started showing signs of their vintage-best years and it should be a heartening sign for the CSK fanbase which had a rather miserable last season. And it's always good to see MSD plotting his schemes in the middle and strangulating the opposition.

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MS Dhoni (winning skipper): I always look to do what is best at the time. A lot of times when you keep doing it. Also, they are used to bowling in the first 6. Sam bowled well but Deepak was a miscalculation. He bowled too many knuckle balls. No, I think, the wet ball was spinning as well despite Jos hitting the reverse sweep. The interation of the fact that wet ball was spinning meant that dry would turn more. It was good to have Moeen in the middle. There was slight less dew than usual. Glad we scored 190, but we should have scored more. Will try to keep in mind. A lot has changed, the way we have prepared, the way we have turned up, we kept a good atmosphere. Having the resources helps and also the bowlers have been under the pump. The bowlers have been happy bowling here. I don't know if the dew would increase in the coming days. Getting old and being fit is difficult (laughs). When you are playing, you don't want anyone to say he's unfit. I have to keep up with the younger lot, they run fast

Moeen Ali (Player of the Match): No, not at all. the no. 3 is for the no. 1 player in the world (when asked if he was sending a message to Morgan). My job here is to score as many runs and give a good start to the team. It is just the way I play, I do not try to over hit the ball. It was a difficult pitch initially. It was a fantastic time for me to come in and ball, two left-handers in the middle. Everybody chipped in. Once left-handers came in, I had a rough idea, I will be called in. Ofcourse, the dry ball helped. There is a little bit of dew but there was some turn as well for me and Jadeja 
Sanju Samson: Honestly, I think it was a good score to chase down. We lost too many wickets in the middle. I think our bowlers bowled well but they bat deep. Bravo came down the order and smashed few long sixes. We never expected that (Jadeja and Moeen bowling well), the dew didn't come, the ball was still turning. As I said before, it is important to maintain the composure. Chetan has been doing well. Definitely need to call out the palyers who have been doing well, despite losing the match.

Sam Curran: Yeah, very good victory. Last two games we have been smart about the conditions. The way we played with our long-ish batting order has been good to see. I have never played with Chennai in Chennai but had a chat with the group regarding the conditions. Jadeja's fielding was exceptional. We have got such a deep batting line up. It is a freedom to have. 
Chennai Super Kings beat Rajasthan Royals by 45 runs

A tame ending to the game which promised so much at the 10th over mark. The chase was off to a sedate start as Manan Vohra and Jos Buttler were circumspect and gave enough respect to the Chennai bowlers who hit the mark straightaway. However, a scrappy Vohra once again disappointed everyone after showing flashes of brilliance and departing by playing a rash shot. Sanju Samson, the skipper who has a knack to wither away after playing a blinder innings, early on in the season, disappointed for the second consecutive time by perishing at the measly score of 1. 

Jos Buttler tried to force the issue by taking on the spinner in Ravindra Jadeja and the right-hand dasher managed to ignite some flair in the game. But skipper Dhoni persisted with Jadeja and brought him for the third over. The experienced left-hand orthodox spinner used all his experience and cleaned up the Englishman who played down the wrong line.  

After Buttler's dismissal, the game was still evenly poised and if RR had kept a level head, they could have taken the game deep. However, Jadeja took the wicket of last match half-centurion David Miller in quick succession to break the back of RR's batting. 

To further pile in on the misery of RR, Moeen Ali turned up with a double-wicket first over and ensured that doors were closed for the RR batters to fashion any comeback. Perhaps, the worst shot of the day came from the tournament's highest earner Chris Morris who tried to go over the top on the second ball itself and ended up giving a sweet yet easy catch to Jadeja, who was not spilling anything today!

In the end, the target became far away from the grasp of the RR batters as the tail tried its best to hang in but could not sustain against the guile of the experienced Chennai bowling line up. In his 200th match, captaining the illustrious CSK franchise, MS Dhoni managed to make some inspiring changes which eventually contributed to the victory. 

This is vintage CSK, slowly hitting their straps and it should come as a warning for the other teams in the tournament. CSK have climbed to the second spot in the table and despite not playing on their home ground Cheapauk, the team has managed to adjust well and still play to its strengths. Overall, a performance that will please the team management and the fans alike!
143 /9 score
cricket ball icon Shardul Thakur
19.6 Shardul Thakur to Mustafizur Rahman, BOUNCER TO FINISH! CSK WIN BY 45 RUNS! Short ball to finish as well, Rahman sits down under that one and CSK complete a resounding win over RR
19.5 Shardul Thakur to Mustafizur Rahman, good-length ball on off-stump, Rahman goes back in his crease and dead bats this one out to the leg side
19.4 Shardul Thakur to Mustafizur Rahman, BOUNCER! Short one with good direction this time, Rahman tries to clear his front-leg and pull this one away but he gets beaten
19.3 Shardul Thakur to Mustafizur Rahman, short of a good-length on leg-stump line and Rahman trying to defend this one out gets hit on the pads
Sir Jadeja is omnipresent at the Wankhede today! Mustafizur Rahman, LHB, walks out to bat for the final 4 deliveries
19.2 Shardul Thakur to Jaydev Unadkat, OUT! JADEJA IS EVERYWHERE! Full and outside the off-stump and Unadkat tries to squeeze this one away over sweeper covers but it takes the splice of the bat and falls into his hands at the fence.
19.2 Shardul Thakur to Jaydev Unadkat, WIDE AGAIN! He is searching for the wide yorker but it is just off radar at the moment.
19.2 Shardul Thakur to Jaydev Unadkat, WIDE! Slips this one a little too far outside the off-stump, called wide. 
19.1 Shardul Thakur to Jaydev Unadkat, FOUR! Full and outside the off-stump, Unadkat tries to go over extra covers but gets a thick outside edge that goes over the short third fielder for a boundary
Shardul Thakur [2-0-14-0] to bowl the final 6 deliveries as Chetan Sakariya walks out to bat at no. 10

Rahul Tewatia showing glimpses of his Sharjah innings in that over by tonking Bravo for two consecutive MAXIMUMs. However, the experienced West Indian used all his experience in the middle to send Tewatia packing on the final ball. Unfortunately, the southpaw's onslaught came too little, too late from Rajasthan's perspective as the game had slipped long back. 52 required off 6 deliveries
137 /8 score
cricket ball icon Dwayne Bravo
18.6 Dwayne Bravo to Rahul Tewatia, OUT! CAUGHT! Full and in the blockhole around the off-stump, Tewatia could not quite get under that one and chips it straight to the fielder at covers. 8 down now!
18.5 Dwayne Bravo to Rahul Tewatia, full and outside the off-stump this time, Tewatia tries to sweep this one away from well outside off stump but gets the bottom on it and it goes back to the bowler
18.4 Dwayne Bravo to Rahul Tewatia, SIX MORE! Length this time and Gowtham had no chance this time, good-length ball outside the off-stump and he pulls this one away flat batted over the mid-wicket fence
18.3 Dwayne Bravo to Rahul Tewatia, SIX! Gowtham steps over the ropes having the ball in his hands, low full-toss outside the off-stump and Tewatia plays this one away to deep mid-wicket where Gowtham steps over with the ball in hand.
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