201/10 (28.1)
83/10 (20.4)
ENG won by 118 runs.
Player of the match: Sam Curran
So, that will be all from us at Sportskeeda. The match started late and stayed short but was not devoid of action. Hope your day went as smooth as England's victory in the match. Till then, here is Abhishek and Pradeep signing off. In case you want further cricketing action to quench your thirst, switch tabs to follow India vs West Indies. Goodbye and take care!
Sam Curran (Player of the Match): Anytime I go to bat, I go with a batter's mindset. With Surrey, I bat up the order but with this batting order, I am happy to bat down the order. I am looking to be more consistent. The message is to always take the positive option. Pick your bowler and pick your options. The plan gets changed when you don't get the new ball. But I would like to be adaptable whatever options I give to Buttler to bowl 50 overs. The slow ball is my go to option. 
Jos Buttler (England captain): It feels great to get the win. The early wickets made things easy. Guys continue to play in the fashion we like to play. That mindset and positivity takes us to the score we wanted. We can only do better. I like to take risks. It puts pressure back on the opposition. It's a great problem to have - three left arm seamers. Jonny said at half-time that we can sneak the game in the powerplay. Our plan is to continue playing with the aggressive brand of cricket. 
Keshav Maharaj (South Africa captain): It was a chaseable score but we never adapted. When you go four down in the powerplay it's hard to come back from it. We have to go back to the drawing board and have to come up good.  I am thoroughly enjoying the captaincy and all these defeats are part and parcel of the game
England win by 118 runs! That's a comprehensive victory as South Africa post their joint lowest score against England in ODI's. 

Requiring 202 runs to win, South Africa never got their act going. They lost their top four inside the first four overs as they fell prey to Topley and Willey's variation of pace. Miller, Klaasen, and Pretorius posted some resistance in the middle but once their resistance wore off, they were sent back quick. 

Apart from the three mentioned players, none of the Proteas batters were able to breach the double digit mark. Adil Rashid picked three wickets to wrap the game quickly. 

South Africa's best chance to avoid a defeat came when play was paused momentarily for a slight drizzle. Realizing that they need to bowl 20 overs to force a result, Adil and Ali pitched deliveries quickly to reach the mark in 90 minutes. 

The series is tied 1-1 as we head into the presentations.
20.4 Moeen Ali to Anrich Nortje, IN THE AIR AND IT'S TAKEN BY BAIRSTOW. South Africa are bowled out for 83 and this series goes to the decider in Leeds. Flighted delivery on middle and off, Nortje dances down the track and tries to go over the bowler's head but he got only the height, not the distance. Bairstow was stationed perfectly in front of the side screen and he gobbles it cleanly.

Anrich Nortje c Jonny Bairstow b Moeen Ali 6 (13b, 0x4s, 0x6s)
20.3 Moeen Ali to Tabraiz Shamsi, length delivery angling in, clipped down to the leg side for a single
Shamsi reviews it immediately after he sees the finger being raised. England would need to wait a bit more to level the series. 
20.2 Moeen Ali to Tabraiz Shamsi, tight line angling around off, pushed down to the bowler
20.1 Moeen Ali to Anrich Nortje, back of a length delivery, punched down to the left of mid-on for a single
81 /9 score
cricket bat icon Anrich Nortje
5 (10)
cricket bat icon Tabraiz Shamsi *
4 (3)
cricket ball icon Adil Rashid
3 /29
19.6 Adil Rashid to Tabraiz Shamsi, Appeal from Rashid and it's given OUT! All over? Oh wait, Shamsi has reviewed it. Back of a length delivery angling in, Shamsi tries to tuck this but the ball beats his inside edge and hits his front pad

Ultra edge confirms there is a clear spike when the ball passes the bat and the umpire has to reverse his decision
19.5 Adil Rashid to Tabraiz Shamsi, FOUR! Tossed up delivery at the stumps and it's been smashed over the bowler's head for a boundary
19.4 Adil Rashid to Tabraiz Shamsi, googly this time and it's been hit on the pads
Tabraiz Shamsi, RHB, comes to the crease next. 
19.3 Adil Rashid to Lungi Ngidi, OUT! Drags the length back just outside off, Ngidi leans forward and chips this straight to Rashid, who takes a simple catch.

Lungi Ngidi c&b Adil Rashid 0 (8b, 0x4s, 0x6s)
19.2 Adil Rashid to Lungi Ngidi, good length delivery on the off-stump, blocked back to the bowler
19.1 Adil Rashid to Anrich Nortje, fuller delivery at the stumps, driven down to long-on for a single
Two maiden overs on the trot! Ali and Rashid are bowling quick in tandem. Short runs up, clean the bowl, and pitch it again. 
76 /8 score
cricket bat icon Anrich Nortje
4 (9)
cricket bat icon Lungi Ngidi *
0 (6)
cricket ball icon Moeen Ali
1 /20