122/8 (20)
126/3 (18.2)
ENG-W won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Sophie Ecclestone
Right then. That brings down the curtains on our coverage of the T20I series. Remember, the three-match ODI series gets underway on Sunday. We'll be back to take you through everything that unravels there, of course. For now, this is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my partner, Sooryanarayanan Sesha. Goodnight!
A first series win as captain and Amy Jones can be mighty proud of how she's held her own in leading her troops. This is a fairly inexperienced outfit, mind you, but they've shown the spunk and character that this format demands and have proved that they're here to stay on the big stage. Nothing like a series win to boost that confidence even further while as far as India are concerned, consistency is something that they continue to lack during the crunch moments. Back to the drawing board to sort it out ahead of the 3-match one-day series starting in a couple of days' time.
Amy Jones (England Captain): (First series win as captain) Feels really good. Just proud of the whole group and the way everyone's stepped out throughout the whole series. It's been very different. Quite daunting coming into the first game but as soon as we got out there in Durham it was clear that everyone was so switched on and ready to help. So proud of how everyone of our girls stepped up throughout and it feels great. (On Capsey) It's great isn't it? She's so good, she's got all the shots and plays so freely. It's refreshing to see and I'm very happy she's on our side. She's been brilliant obviously up at the bowler's end helping out everyone. (On Sophie Ecclestone) She's also a bank for us with the ball and is world-class. That hasn't changed one bit. Just keeping the intent that we've shown...if we can back it up and stick to our game plan it'll work and hopefully we can carry it forward into the ODIs.
Sophia Dunkley has been adjudged the T20I Player of the Summer as well as the Player of the Series. Here's what she has to say: It's been great. For us to win this series - it's pretty proud for us since we're missing a couple of big players. For us obviously a few of us have tried to step up. It's quite a young team and a few of the girls have to do it on the pitch and off the pitch. I want to go really hard but it's about learning how to soak in the pressure. Hopefully the more I play the better I get. Obviously batting with Danni really helps. (Exciting building towards the T20 World Cup next year?) Really, really exciting with this group we've got. A lot of exciting young players and we're going well.
Harmanpreet Kaur (India Captain): I think we were 20 runs short today but we should give credit to our bowlers. It was because of them that we were in the game for so long. She's (Radha Yadav) someone who gives 200%. We like to have characters like her in the team. Even Richa, who batted really well today. It was because of her knock that we got a fighting total. We have to stick to our strengths. We didn't bat as well as we'd like. You want runs on the board in any format, obviously, but we have to get there in partnerships. If we do those things right, it will give us more motivation to fight.
Sophie Ecclestone is the Player of the Match. Here is what she has to say: (On her catch) I think it's quite nice to get in from the boundary and take on, so yeah. We're all chasing. Katherine's [Brunt] taken a break so there is a bit of a change of role for us. Taking some leadership in that department (with the ball). I've enjoyed vice-captaincy. It's nice to have the responsibility with the youngsters around and talk to them. Amy is a great captain to play under. It's quite nice (to see youngsters step up). Three big players are missing but it's good to see the youngsters step up. 
England beat India by 7 wickets and clinch the 3-match series 2-1.

Sophia Dunkley 49 (44) | Sophie Ecclestone 3/25 (4)
Richa Ghosh 33 (22) | Radha Yadav 1/14 (4)

There was hope for just a little while during those middle-overs with India's bowlers making a fist of it. But it was all but a case of delaying the inevitable. India were always playing catch-up after an alarming batting implosion saw them muster just 122. That too, in large parts to the brilliance of Richa Ghosh and Pooja Vastrakar towards the back-end of the innings.

The start wasn't the most fluent but it wasn't shabby either as far as the hosts were concerned. Sophia Dunkley and Danni Wyatt found the fielders quite often in the first three overs before the former switched gears seamlessly to power the chase along. Wyatt was uncharacteristically rusty but there was nothing to keep England worried. At least until the 10th over came along...

A couple of tidy overs and Wyatt's dismissal then saw Dunkley get into a shell against the run of play. On 49, the frustration of not being able to get to her half-century was visibly evident on her face - something that hit a peak after Radha Yadav defied her with a maiden over. Vastrakar cashed in on the same and castled the opener in the over that followed, and Radha picked up a due reward with the wicket of skipper Amy Jones. At 79/3, the game was back in the balance and there was a bit of a crevice in the door.

But, with the asking rate hovering just over a run-a-ball, it needed just a couple of overs of consolidation before England got their chase back on track. Alice Capsey ensured to revaluate her stocks even higher, soaking up the pressure and putting the odd one away to the ropes to stay ahead of the eight-ball. A couple of fumbles on the field and the writing was on the wall for the visitors, with Capsey doing her bit without breaking a sweat.

Deepti Sharma and Renuka Singh Thakur endured an uncharacteristical off day and that came back to bite India hard with no wickets picked up in the powerplay. Of course, this was a contest that came apart in the first essay but in the end, Capsey duly signed off with a couple of sweeps to wrap up the series in England's favor. Stick around for the presentation...
And fittingly, it is this audacious young talent who finishes things in style for the hosts. Alice Capsey is a name we're going to hear a lot of in time to come. Make no mistake about that alright! England wrap up a 7-wicket victory and take the series honors 2-1!
18.2 Deepti Sharma to Alice Capsey, FOUR! CAPSEY LEADS ENGLAND OVER THE LINE! Another one into the pads, Capsey sits down on one knee and sweeps it past short fine leg to clinch the series for England. Lets out a roar as she punches the air in delight! England win by 7 wickets and win the T20I series 2-1.
And just like that, the scores are level! Most of the fielders come inside the circle.
18.1 Deepti Sharma to Alice Capsey, FOUR! Dishes out a gentle full toss down the leg side. Capsey moves inside the line and helps it on its way to dismiss this into the long leg boundary. Easy pickings!
Deepti Sharma [3.0-0-22-0] is back into the attack. She will bowl over the wicket.
One of the big positives for India remains the growing stocks of Pooja Vastrakar. She's been impressive in the last couple of games with the ball, using her variations to good use while also showing her efficiency with the bat earlier today. She's managed to stretch this into another over. Can Capsey seal it in style?
118 /3 score
cricket bat icon Alice Capsey
30 (22)
cricket bat icon Bryony Smith *
13 (14)
cricket ball icon Pooja Vastrakar
1 /16
17.6 Pooja Vastrakar to Bryony Smith, full delivery outside the off-stump, Smith slices her drive towards wide long-off for a tap and return 
A very straight long off in place and it nearly works for Harmanpreet Kaur and India!
17.5 Pooja Vastrakar to Alice Capsey, full delivery on the off-stump line, Capsey bunts it down the ground to find Kaur at long-off
17.4 Pooja Vastrakar to Alice Capsey, into the block hole outside the off-stump, Capsey manages to jam it out back to the bowler, no run
17.3 Pooja Vastrakar to Alice Capsey, AH! Following Capsey to nail the yorker as she tried to shuffle across for the cheeky ramp. Thuds into her pads to hit her well outside the line of off-stump, no run
17.2 Pooja Vastrakar to Alice Capsey, full and straight on this occasion, Capsey shuffles across to flick this through mid-wicket for a couple in the deep