26th Match, Bellerive Oval, Hobart
HUR won by 7 wickets
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Caleb Jewell | Player of the Match: It has been a little while since I have put up a score, especially in this arena, I was meant to be playing today, luckily I did, hopefully I can continue the good form. I did not change too much, the wicket was playing well. My job in the team [to play aggressively] as D'Arcy is down the order. We need a bit of momentum, feels like we have not put in a complete 40 overs in yet, if we can do that, we can beat anyone in this tournament. Hopefully we can do that.
What a chase this from the Hobart Hurricanes. Much-needed win for them as they well as they register their third win and move out of the bottom of the table.

The chase was set up by Caleb Jewell and Ben McDermott who went berserk at the top. 86 came in 8 overs before Jewell was dismissed after his fifty.

Soon the Power Surge was taken and that resulted in 2 wickets of Wade and McDermott which gave the Strikers hope. Then Wes Agar dropped Tim David off Rashid Khan and the game was done then.

Wes Agar came on and was duly smashed for 22 in the 17th over to complete a horror day. 

The pitch was a beauty to bat on and under the lights, with the slight dew it came on really nicely too. Made the Hurricanes' task easier.

For the Strikers, even Rashid Khan was smashed around and the niggle to Siddle should worry them too as they now have lost 4 in a row after starting with 3 wins on the trot.

Stay tuned to know who the Player of the Match is.
Hobart Hurricanes beat Adelaide Strikers by seven wickets!

Chris Lynn 87 (58) | Nathan Ellis 2/29
Caleb Jewell 54 (28)| Mitchell Owen 1/17
17.2 Harry Conway to D'Arcy Short, THE HURRICANES WIN BY SEVEN WICKETS! At a length outside off, Short tries to slog it to the off side but gets a thickish inside edge that goes to fine leg for a run! And that will be that!
17.1 Harry Conway to D'Arcy Short, short and wide outside off, Short cuts but MISSES!
22 off the Wes Agar over and the Hurricanes are just 1 away. Horror day complete for Agar.
177 /3 score
cricket bat icon D'Arcy Short
26 (20)
cricket bat icon Tim David *
27 (13)
cricket ball icon Wes Agar
1 /44
16.6 Wes Agar to Tim David, SIX MORE! WHAT EXTRAORDINARY POWER! Low fulltoss on offer, David reads the length early and MUSCLES this one through the line way past the fielder at long off for another MAXIMUM! Back-to-back sixes for David, and just one run needed.
16.5 Wes Agar to Tim David, SIX! SUCH A LOVELY SHOT! Fullish on middle and leg, David swings away at it without a care in the world and just about manages to send it over the fielder at deep square leg for a MAXIMUM! David picked this uppish flick shot quite well!
16.4 Wes Agar to D'Arcy Short, at a length on middle and leg, Short tries to hoick it away but gets some of it onto his thigh pad for a run.
16.3 Wes Agar to D'Arcy Short, FOUR MORE! Short on off and middle, Short waits for the ball to come and pulls it away past square leg for a boundary! This game is all but gone for the Strikers!
16.2 Wes Agar to D'Arcy Short, FOUR! RISKY BUT THROUGH! Full on middle, Short makes some room for himself and swings it through the line to send the ball just over the fielder at mid on for a boundary! The ball just about goes to the fence!
16.1 Wes Agar to Tim David, at a length outside off, David swings at it and gets a thickish inside edge towards deep square for a run.
What a lionhearted performer Siddle is. Despite a niggle he keeps running in. Such a true professional.
155 /3 score
cricket bat icon D'Arcy Short
18 (17)
cricket bat icon Tim David *
14 (10)
cricket ball icon Peter Siddle
1 /21
15.6 Peter Siddle to Tim David, fullish on middle and leg, David flicks it to midwicket to take a single and retain strike!
15.5 Peter Siddle to D'Arcy Short, short of a length on middle, Short pulls it to deep midwicket for a run.
15.4 Peter Siddle to D'Arcy Short, full on middle, Short leans forward and pats it back to the bowler. Siddle seems to have picked up a slight niggle and is seen walking gingerly.