150/8 (20)
136/8 (20)
BH won by 14 runs.
Player of the match: Xavier Bartlett
Brisbane Heat winning this one by a whisker! A comeback which was not expected after the first innings! The innings of the Brisbane Heat started off exactly like the bowlers would have hoped for as they managed to pull off one of the best comebacks in this contest! A low scoring total which had to be defended was defended in some absolute fashion and the Hurricanes from winning this match with ease have lost the match by a whisker. The wickets were falling early on and the batters were not able to middle the ball in the exact same way the Hurricanes did in the first innings and it was again the middle and lower order batters who had to wear the superman's cape to come and save the day. Both the teams with the identical amount of wickets and runs which made it a neck to neck contest from a one sided affair and it was going all well for the batters until Ellis and Thompson joined the party who made some big runs getting the score to a 39 off 18 deliveries. The wickets of Thompson was no less than a knockout punch for the batters as Rogers was the only hope left for a nail biting last over where they needed 22 off it and it was the Brisbane Heat, who made no mistake and won this match with absolute ease.

Thank you so much for joining us for yet another exciting game of Big Bash league in the start of this wonderful year. This is Abhishek and Pranav Danani, wishing you all a very happy new year. Until next time.

Brisbane Heat won by 14 runs.
136 /8 score
cricket bat icon Tom Rogers *
33 (20)
cricket bat icon Riley Meredith
3 (2)
cricket ball icon Jack Wildermuth
0 /34
19.6 Jack Wildermuth to Tom Rogers, HEATS WIN BY 14 RUNS! A yorker into the middle, Rogers gets his bat but sees the ball just to the left of the off stump. He decides against taking the run.
19.5 Jack Wildermuth to Tom Rogers, a dot ball! Full, into the off stump line, Rogers plays it down the ground only for the ball to collide with Wildermuth. He seems to be in trouble trying to stand up. 
19.5 Jack Wildermuth to Tom Rogers, WIDE DOWN THE LEG STUMP! Pressure building on Wildermuth. 
19.4 Jack Wildermuth to Riley Meredith, short, into the stumps, Meredith elevates the ball to the wide long on. That was the long boundary and Heats have the game in their hand now. 
19.3 Jack Wildermuth to Tom Rogers, length, into the leg stump line, it hits the pads of Rogers before being flicked to the short fine leg. 
Backward square going back to the fence.
19.2 Jack Wildermuth to Tom Rogers, OHH! Slow full toss but Rogers fails to get any bat. That should have been sent out of the park!
19.1 Jack Wildermuth to Tom Rogers, FOUR! THROUGH THE SHORT THIRD MAN! Wide yorker, Rogers just jams his bat and the dive of the fielder doesn't help the Heats at all. 
This is intresting! Looks like they have to go into the Chris Gayle mode now as they need to hit big! It is 22 off the last over!
129 /8 score
cricket bat icon Tom Rogers
29 (15)
cricket bat icon Riley Meredith *
2 (1)
cricket ball icon Mark Steketee
1 /30
18.6 Mark Steketee to Riley Meredith, ONE BOUNCE AND TO THE FIELDER! Length, into the middle, Meredith gets on one knee trying to clear the cow corner region. However, the fielder collects the ball and courtesy of the overthrow concedes a double as Rogers is back on strike for the final over. 
18.5 Mark Steketee to Tom Rogers, short, slow, and Rogers pulls it to the deep square leg region but there is protection there. 
18.4 Mark Steketee to Tom Rogers, ANOTHER SWING AND A MISS! Pace off, full, and wide outside off, Rogers fails to time it again. 
18.3 Mark Steketee to Tom Rogers, OHH! Pace off, length, outside off, and Rogers fails to get his bat to that one. 
18.2 Mark Steketee to Tom Rogers, SIX! THAT IS MASSIVE! Short, into the stumps, Rogers connects with his bat wonderfully to pull it into the fans lying deep in the pavilion. 
The Brisbane Heat with another one! The Hurricanes, have Rogers standing there like a lone warrior who has the responsibility of hitting those big runs now. Riley Meredith, RHB, is the new batter in.
18.1 Mark Steketee to Nathan Ellis, OUT! TAKEN AT LONG ON! Full and wide just inside the tramlines, Ellis gets on one knee trying to clear the fielder but ends up awarding a simple catch to him.

Nathan Ellis c Bartlett b Steketee 18 (10b 2x4 1x6)
The Hurricanes have a 7 percent chance of winning this one it seems! They need 31 off two overs here.