152/7 (20)
153/4 (18.5)
INC won by 6 wickets
And with that, we come to the end of our coverage of this game. There's plenty of cricketing action happening elsewhere - the third and final T20I between India and Australia is at a crucial stage, click here to follow our extensive coverage of the same, or you can click here if you want to follow the 4th T20I between Pakistan and England! For now, this is Rajarshi, along with Bidipto, signing off! See you later!
Gautam Gambhir, India Capitals captain: (On his LBW decision) Doesn't matter, individual scores do not matter, it's more important to win the game. A very good performance from us, was really happy with the way the guys shaped up today, especially Hamilton (Masakadza) and Solomon Mire. We've got that depth in our batting, we've got plenty of all-rounders as well, and that's always a luxury to have, specially as a captain. With Ross (Taylor) back, this looks a much more balanced side. He had just injured his hand, so we didn't want to take that chance, which was the reason why we didn't send him in. (On the opportunity to play in front of the stand named after him) Yeah, in fact, this was the first time after I actually retired! I hadn't played any cricket, not on this ground, so it feels very, very nice to play here at the Kotla. The first time I entered Kotla was in a league game when I was about 14 to 15, I remember how much Kotla has given so much to me and to Indian cricket and to Delhi cricket. Obviously, you'd want to come back and play at your home ground, what better feeling than to win a game?
Tillakaratne Dilshan, Gujarat Giants captain: We were 20-30 runs short on this wicket, 150 was not enough. Had a great start, but the phase between overs 5 to 10 saw the momentum shift to the other side. With the dew, the spinners couldn't grip the ball. (On his fitness) I can only find out tomorrow morning (laughs). 
Presenting, the Legend of the Match - Hamilton Masakadza! 

Batting with Solomon is always easy, we gel well together! The power game is something that has always been there with me, and I exercise it whenever required. Glad that is game good tonight. 
Time for the post-match presentation! 
Match summary:
India Capitals won the toss and opted to bowl

Gujarat Giants 152/7 (20 Overs)
Tillakaratne Dilshan 75*(59) | Ashley Nurse 2/28 (4)

India Capitals 153/4 (18.5 Overs)
Hamilton Masakadza 50(34) | Ajantha Mendis 2/26 (4)

India Capitals win by 6 wickets with 7 balls to spare

The first over from Joginder Sharma pretty much summed up the trend of the run-chase. One expensive over, followed by a couple of miserly ones. But those expensive overs were what helped the Capitals dominate the run-chase, and Solomon Mire was the chief architect behind the same. He and Gautam Gambhir helped the Capitals get to 48 within the first four overs, but then Gambhir got a rough LBW decision against him and had to depart.

Mire was then joined by his countryman, Masakadza, and the duo kept going at very good pace. Graeme Swann took a bit of a hit before he got Mire to hole out to Emrit at long-on. Masakadza and Ramdin then began a very productive partnership, Masakadza being the aggressor and Ramdin playing second fiddle to him. Ramdin also wanted to clear the boundary, and in doing so, he ended up finding Apanna at long-on as well, that time off Ajantha Mendis. Mendis then went on to scalp the important wicket of Masakadza right after the Zimbabwean reached his fifty, but it was a tad too late by then. Rajat Bhatia and Ashley Nurse then went on to steer the Capitals to the target without too much fuss.
18.5 Joginder Sharma to Ashley Nurse, THAT'S IT! INDIA CAPITALS GET THEIR SECOND VICTORY! Short on the pads, Nurse goes back to tap it to mid-wicket's right, ends up getting some thigh pad on it to short mid-wicket and strolls to the other end to complete a leg-bye and the win! 
18.4 Joginder Sharma to Ashley Nurse, short and slow outside off, tapped away to backward point off the back foot, but straight to Dilshan for no run. 
18.3 Joginder Sharma to Ashley Nurse, over the wicket, good length ball outside off, this skids on and goes under the bat as Nurse misses the punch on the back foot! Dot ball. 
18.2 Joginder Sharma to Rajat Bhatia, full on off, yorker, and drilled out to long-on from the crease, for a single. 
18.2 Joginder Sharma to Rajat Bhatia, short and slow over the fourth stump line and this too gets called WIDE for height! 
18.2 Joginder Sharma to Rajat Bhatia, short, slow and WIDE outside off this time as Bhatia misses the cut! 
18.1 Joginder Sharma to Rajat Bhatia, FOUR! Over the wicket, full outside off and hit straight down the ground for an on-drive off the slap, on the front foot, for a boundary down to long-on! 
Joginder Sharma (3-0-33-0) is back into the attack
145 /4 score
cricket bat icon Rajat Bhatia
6 (11)
cricket bat icon Ashley Nurse *
11 (10)
cricket ball icon Ajantha Mendis
2 /26
17.6 Ajantha Mendis to Ashley Nurse, good length ball on middle, paddled round the corner to short fine-leg, for no run this time. 
17.5 Ajantha Mendis to Ashley Nurse, good length skidder outside off and a play and a miss on the back foot! Dot ball. 
17.4 Ajantha Mendis to Rajat Bhatia, short on off and hit down to long-on again off the back foot, for a run. 
17.3 Ajantha Mendis to Ashley Nurse, short outside off, this slides on to the bat as Nurse tries to pull it, it gets sliced up in the air to the right of point for a single! 
17.2 Ajantha Mendis to Rajat Bhatia, short outside off, it turned back in and got pulled flat, down to long-on off the back foot for a single.