166/4 (20)
163/10 (19.2)
PAK won by 3 runs.
Player of the match: Haris Rauf
And that's about all she wrote for this contest. We witnessed quite a lot of action and drama and the 5th T20I promises to produce more. Do join us for our coverage of the same on Tuesday while keeping yourselves updated with all the cricketing news and action from around the globe in the meantime here on Sportskeeda. Thank you for tuning in today - wishing you a fabulous week ahead is the duo of Pratyush Rohra and Sooryanarayanan Sesha. Good night!
Have you caught your breath just yet? What did we witness in those last 15 minutes or so? I guess it's going to take a while for us to recover from this - a penny for the players' thoughts in that case?

But jeez, a 7-match T20I series is as rare as they come and with the series leveled at 2-2, things couldn't have been set up any better from a neutral's point of view. The caravan now shifts to Lahore for the last three games and if tonight was anything to go by, we should be in for more thrills and spills!
Babar Azam (Pakistan Captain): Shadab had also once said, people will get heart attacks at an early age (because of us). The way we started was okay but he felt 15-20 runs short. Asif saved us in the end with a few big hits. (Middle order) Our middle order is flexible and depends on the situation. We know we can execute our plans and assess our options depending on the situation. (Haris Rauf) He is our key bowler and only improving day by day. The way he's performing as the leader of the bowling unit is great for me as a captain.
Moeen Ali (England Captain): Amazing game of cricket. It went both ways and kept swinging. The crowd was electric here throughout the four games and it was an amazing game. We should have chased it down. We didn't do well losing wickets up top but we were hanging in there. Brooky did well in the middle and Daws batted brilliantly today. He'll be disappointed he couldn't get us over the line but he played unbelievably well. With three wickets in hand we should have done it. But they held their nerve and did well to get over the line.
Haris Rauf is the Player of the Match. Here is what he has to say: Thanks to god we won the match. We've got plenty of confidence from the first three matches. (What was going on in his mind) I just knew I can't give up and have to keep looking for wickets. Thanks to god, we got the wicket and the result came in our favor. (How he deals with pressure) The situation is such, you have to handle the pressure. That's what international cricket is all about. I just try my best to execute my deliveries and they come off. (Teaching Mark Wood a slower one?) Will definitely talk to him. He balls quick and I have a decent slower one, so we can learn a few things off each other. I'm a big fan of him as well. 
In case you missed it, here's the wild ending that helped Pakistan level the series.
Pakistan beat England by 3 runs to level the series 2-2!

Mohammad Rizwan 88 (67) | Haris Rauf 3/32 (4)
Liam Dawson 34 (17) | Reece Topley 2/37 (4)

β€œPakistan cricket at its best: one minute down, next minute up.” - Nasser Hussain might as well secure royalty for these words, for they rarely cease to transpire otherwise. These last 10-15 minutes of pandemonium in Karachi have justified it like never before.

It was a crawl of some kind that saw the hosts put up 166. But with Mohammad Nawaz striking early and Mohammad Hasnain landing a double-punch in the second over of the innings, England were left reeling at 14/3 with their top three of Phil Salt, Alex Hales and Will Jacks failing to make an impact.

Harry Brook led a charmed life, with Nawaz shelling a sitter and the ball kissing the off pole without dislodging the bails. At the other end, it was smooth sailing for Ben Duckett as England got to 50 by the end of the Powerplay to put the chase back on track. The southpaw was trapped in front soon after but skipper Moeen Ali came out batting like a million dollars.

With Brook starting to find his groove, England were in the mood to saunter towards their target. Usman Qadir wasn't used by Babar Azam owing to what clearly has to be an injury. But a quick double-whammy sent both set batters back into the hut, leaving the visitors struggling for momentum.

It came down to 45 off the last 4 overs and 33 off the last 3 with David Willey castled in between. But a shocker of an over from Hasnain that saw him lose the plot and spear it all over the place turned the contest around in incredible fashion. Liam Dawson was the protagonist of the turnaround, using the pace on offer and playing the field to brilliant effect. With 5 needed off 10 deliveries though, who'd have thunk that things would unfold in the manner it did...

...but that is T20 cricket for you. You can never rule anything out. Literally nothing is impossible and Dawson's wicket came at the worst possible juncture for England. Haris' missile launching arm then castled Olly Stone and it went down to the wire with Reece Topley trying to run for his life. With four deliveries still to be bowled, he could have been wiser but that's what pressure does in clutch moments. And it was Pakistan who dove from pole position into the deepest of trenches before vaulting themselves back to get out of jail. Phew! Stick around for the presentations...
Liam Dawson buries his face in his palms! Oh the heartbreak and the agony on one side, the sheer joy and ecstasy on the other with the Pakistan fielders swamping each other. This is a match that had everything. Drama of the absolute highest order and in the end, Pakistan prevail by 3 runs to square the series 2-2!
19.2 Mohammad Wasim to Reece Topley, RUN OUT! ABSOLUTE BEDLAM IN KARACHI! Back of a length delivery angled into Topley, who nudges it towards straight mid-wicket and blindly takes off for a single. He had no need to do that. No need! The fielder swoops in, picks up the ball for an under-arm throw, and hits the target at the non-striker's end to find Topley well short of his crease despite the desperate dive. Pakistan win by 3 wickets and level the series 2-2 as they bid farewell to Karachi with a thrilling game!
Reece Topley run out (Shan Masood) 0 (3b 0x4 0x6)
19.1 Mohammad Wasim to Reece Topley, back of a length delivery angled into Topley, tucked to a straight-ish mid-wicket. Rashid had to hurry back in his crease, no run in the end
Mohammad Wasim [3.0-0-30-1] to bowl the final over of the game. He will bowl over the wicket.
Haris Rauf! Jeez, check the speedometer to ensure it hasn't burst through the course of that over. Real gas from Haris and he bows out leaving this game as tightly poised as possible. Here's the situation - 1 wicket for a Pakistan win, 4 for an England win and 3 for a Super Over!
163 /9 score
cricket bat icon Adil Rashid *
3 (3)
cricket bat icon Reece Topley
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Haris Rauf
3 /32
18.6 Haris Rauf to Adil Rashid, BEATEN! Haris Rauf finishes off with a few thunderbolts in his final over to set up a thrilling final over. On the good length outside off-stump, whistles past Rashid's outside edge. He didn't know much about it but he sure was glad it wasn't stump-to-stump
Haris is confident here but it seemed to slide down leg. And it lands outside leg to boot.
18.5 Haris Rauf to Reece Topley, YORKER! It's crashed and into the pads, seemingly sliding down leg. Babar's opted for the review though. Brushes off the boot, comfortably sliding down the leg side. UltraEdge confirms no bat involved. This one's pitched outside leg, confirms ball-tracking. England pinch a single!
Reece Topley, RHB, comes to the crease. He will take strike and face the hat-trick delivery.
Karachi has found its voice again! Babar loves it as well! Who wrote this script? This is simply unbelievable and you've got to see it to believe it. Dawson is absolutely livid with himself in the dugout having failed to finish it.