85/10 (17.4)
89/2 (6.3)
India won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Ravindra Jadeja
That's all from our match center for tonight. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. We have two big games coming up for you tomorrow, which will decide who goes through to the semifinal from Group 1. England take on South Africa in the first game followed by the match between Australia and the West Indies in the night. Do join us for that. Until then, this is Shashwat Kumar and Bala signing off. Good night and stay safe!
India have leapfrogged over Afghanistan and New Zealand in terms of net run rate after this dominating performance. The game between New Zealand and Afghanistan has become all the more important now. If Afghanistan beats New Zealand on Sunday, India will have a great chance of going through to the semifinal. However, if New Zealand emerge victorious, it will be the end of the road for both India and Afghanistan.
Group 2 points table after the match between India and Scotland
Virat Kohli (winning captain): A dominating performance. After the last match, tt was something we were striving to. I don't want to say too much about today because we know how we can play. Few variables came into play. Toss can be relevant in T20 cricket. We are glad to be back in our mojo. We spoke about 100-120 runs max but we restricted them. The execution was spot on. That gave us an opportunity to leapfrog everyone else. We spoke about finishing in the 8-10 over bracket. You don't want to go in with six-over or seven-over mark because then you're doing too much. We gave that bracket and allowed them to get that momentum. If you look at our practice games as well, the guys have been batting like that. Two overs of cricket like that and the momentum of the tournament could have been completely different. We basically broke it down to the fact that we couldn't get away at all in those two games. Two overs could have made the difference. I'm just pleased everyone is getting into their own. My family, Anushka and Vamika are here and that celebration is enough. The family being here is a blessing in itself. So many wished me and sang for me. It's a special evening.
Kyle Coetzer (losing captain): Tough day in the office. We were outclassed in every department. But that's the only way we will improve. Going through games like that and taking it head on. Mark (Watt) has been excellent all through, he's got an array of skills. Great to see him learning from other spinners here as well and that's why these tournaments are important for us. Michael (Leask) has his own way. He is a good striker, free spirit on the ground. 
Ravindra Jadeja: I was enjoying bowling on this track. Odd ball was spinning, odd ball was turning. I think the first wicket was special. Whenever you get the batter out on a turning ball, it is special. We were looking to play a good brand of cricket. Everyone knows that we need to win by a big margin and we were looking to play our best. Everyone is happy. If we play like this, nobody can beat us. In T20 format, we have to play like this.
India win by 8 wickets with 13.3 overs remaining!

The only equation the team and the fans were bothered about was whether the Indian batters will chase the target down in 43 deliveries. Well, they have just managed to do it in 39 deliveries. The openers took the side to the brink of the victory and Suryakumar Yadav provided the finishing touch.

What an innings it was from KL Rahul. We have seen some special knocks from him, but it was just sublime hitting from the Indian opener. He hit six boundaries and three sixes on his way to 50 off just 19 deliveries. He also recorded the fastest half-century of the T20 World Cup 2021 so far.

Rohit Sharma supported him well with his quickfire 30 off just 16 deliveries. His knock included five fours and a six. The way the opening duo played around with the field was a sight to savor.

None of the Scotland bowlers could bring in any more control during the brief innings. Mark Watt started relatively well, but Coetzer did not persist with him. All the pacers traveled around the park and conceded plenty. Watt and Brad Wheal were the only successful bowlers in the end.
6.3 Chris Greaves to Suryakumar Yadav, SIX! THAT WILL BE THAT! Flighted into the slot on middle and off stump. Yadav plants his front foot and absolutely mousses that one over the bowler's head for a maximum to seal another dominant victory for India! Not sure Scotland would want to revisit this game too often though!
6.2 Chris Greaves to Suryakumar Yadav, back of a length delivery outside off stump that skids through. Yadav has a waft at it from his crease and sees the ball rip past the outside edge
6.1 Chris Greaves to Virat Kohli, dragged down on middle and leg stump. Kohli sits deep in his crease and heaves it into the leg side towards deep square leg for a single
Suryakumar Yadav comes out to the middle, but he will be at the non-striker's end. It will be Christopher Greaves with the ball. Right-arm leg-break, over the stumps.
KL Rahul finally falls while trying to take India home with a big hit. However, he has brought his team just a single hit away from victory with more than an over remaining to ensure that they get to the second place in the group at the end of this match.
82 /2 score
cricket bat icon KL Rahul *
50 (19)
cricket bat icon Virat Kohli
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Mark Watt
1 /20
5.6 Mark Watt to KL Rahul, OUT! WHAT AN ANTI CLIMAX! Tossed up into the slot on middle and leg stump. Rahul clears his front leg and looks to go downtown. However, he is too far away from the pitch of the ball, meaning that he toe ends it miles up into the air towards long on, where the fielder settles himself and completes a regulation catch! What a knock this has been though!
5.5 Mark Watt to Virat Kohli, length delivery on middle and off stump. Kohli gets forward and eases the ball into the leg side towards deep mid wicket for a single to get off the mark
FIFTY for KL Rahul. Comes off just 18 deliveries. It's the fastest fifty of the tournament so far.
5.4 Mark Watt to KL Rahul, yorker on middle and leg stump. Rahul comes onto the front foot and pushes the ball down the ground towards the sweeper at long on for a single
5.3 Mark Watt to KL Rahul, SIX! Right in the slot outside leg stump. Rahul gets down on one knee and smears that one way over deep backward square leg for another maximum!
5.2 Mark Watt to KL Rahul, full delivery just outside off stump. Rahul comes onto the front foot and drills the ball down the ground towards the fielder in the ring at mid off
5.1 Mark Watt to KL Rahul, FOUR! Low full toss just outside off stump. Rahul gives himself a bit of room and bashes it through the off side past mid off for another boundary!
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