300/9 (50)
305/9 (49.5)
NZ won by 1 wickets
Player of the match: Michael Bracewell
Right then. Let this be known as the Michael Bracewell game from this day forward. The all-rounder pulled off the ultimate heist for his side to lead them to an improbable victory. However, New Zealand know they'll have to be much better in all departments come the second ODI. Ireland, on the other hand, will need to put this one behind them and take the positives out of it. The two sides will meet for the second ODI in a couple of days' time, and we'll of course be back for that. Until then, this is the team of Bidipto, Soorya, Lavil, and myself (Pratyush), signing off. Goodnight!
Andrew Balbirnie: It's a bitter-sweet moment. We got to a great total courtesy of Tector. Bracewell played an outstanding knock there. It is tough. It all happened very quickly. The bowlers had a clear plan and the fielders did well too. It's a shame that the game was taken away from us in the end. Pretty proud of the boys. We had a crushing loss in our last T20I here. It's a results business.

Tom Latham:
It was a difficult weekend. It's one of those games when someone plays an innings like that, you take your hat off to them. The way he played with the tailenders, hats off to him. We've seen how hard it is to defend total on this ground. We didn't build partnerships throughout the innings but an innings like that got one out of the bag. We'll hopefully recover well and go again for the next one. 
Michael Bracewell is the Player of the Match: Certainly. To do it for New Zealand, was brilliant. I don't have words to describe it but it feels amazing. We lost a few wickets in the middle but needed rebuilding at that point. When Ish (Sodhi) came in, we needed a partnership there and that steadied it up a bit. We bat all the way down and can take games deep and that's what he did today. We pride ourselves on that. 
New Zealand won by 1 wicket

Michael Bracewell - 127* (82) | Lockie Ferguson - 2/44
Harry Tector - 113 (117) | Curtis Campher - 3/49

And, breathe. Do you have any nails left? Thank god I've got to type out live updates, otherwise, I'm sure I wouldn't have left any myself. Take a moment to sink in what we've just witnessed. Michael Bracewell with one of the best ODI knocks you will ever see. After digging themselves a hole, New Zealand had no business winning this game from where they did.

After Tector's century put Ireland in the driver's seat, Mark Adair got the break start for the hosts as he dismissed Allen early on. Young perished soon after, while Latham didn't stick around for too long either. Guptill was the lone batter from the top order who can hold his head high after his half-century, but things seemed really grim when he was dismissed by Campher.

Glenn Phillips managed to hang in there alongside Bracewell as the two steadied the ship for the visitors. Once Phillips was dismissed, not many gave the Blackcaps a chance. Bracewell was having none of it though. He put in an exhibition on how to bat alongside the tailenders, biding his time to take the game deep before taking the Kiwis over the line eventually in dramatic fashion.

With 20 required off the final over, the nerves got the batter of the Ireland players. The Bracewell juggernaut continued as he dispatched Craig Young all around the park to seal the deal for his side in a memorable contest. New Zealand will feel like they've got out of jail with that win but they'll have to be much better in the second ODI. Stick around for what the captains have to say.
49.5 Craig Young to Michael Bracewell, SIX! BRACEWELL IS THE HERO FOR NEW ZEALAND! Full length delivery on the line outside the off stump, Bracewell again gets good hold of that one and pumps it long and deep into the stands for a maximum to take New Zealand over the line. New Zealand win by 1 wicket and take the series 1-0
2 runs needed in 2 balls now. Ireland are shell shocked!
49.4 Craig Young to Michael Bracewell, FOUR! Back of a length delivery outside the off stump. Bracewell sets himself up for that delivery and pulls it away towards deep square leg for a boundary. New Zealand need 2 runs in 2 balls now!
New Zealand and Bracewell are just one hit away now. The nerves getting the better of Ireland here. Nerves of steal from Bracewell though!
49.3 Craig Young to Michael Bracewell, SIX! NEW ZEALAND NOW NEED ONLY 6 RUNS IN 3 BALLS! Young failed to learn from his mistakes and bowls a full length delivery yet again, Bracewell gets hold of that one and launches it a long way over the boundary ropes for a maximum
He's done it again! Predictable from Ireland and Bracewell's taking full toll. Now, do Ireland stick with their plans or look to change things up? Same field, it is.
49.2 Craig Young to Michael Bracewell, FOUR MORE! Low full toss outside the off stump, Bracewell gets under that delivery and paddle sweeps it away towards deep fine leg for a boundary. 12 runs needed off 4 balls now. Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen!
49.1 Craig Young to Michael Bracewell, FOUR! Length delivery outside the off stump, Bracewell walks down the track to that one and ramps it over deep fine leg for a boundary. 16 runs need off 5 balls now
Blair Tickner, RHB, comes to the crease. He won't be on strike.
Well, well, well. If you didn't think this contest have enough drama already, here's some more! Ferguson departs and New Zealand are nine down now. 20 needed off the final over. 
281 /9 score
cricket bat icon Michael Bracewell
103 (77)
cricket bat icon Lockie Ferguson *
8 (13)
cricket ball icon Mark Adair
2 /43
48.6 Mark Adair to Lockie Ferguson, BOWLED! ADAIR STRIKES FOR IRELAND! Full-length delivery on the line of the middle and the off stump, Ferguson walks down the track to that delivery and misses it with the stumps going out of the ground
This one is basically a free-hit for Ferguson. Can he find the ropes? He needs to!
48.5 Mark Adair to Michael Bracewell, low full toss on the line of the middle and the off stump. Bracewell hits it towards deep midwicket and gets only a single
48.4 Mark Adair to Lockie Ferguson, LEG-BYES, AND EVERY RUN COUNTS NOW! Length delivery on the line of the middle stump, Ferguson looking to pull it away is rapped on the pads and scampers across to the other end and gets a single in the form of a leg bye