143/6 (19.2)
JMT won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Mohammad Amir
So another fascinating game in the Hero CPL comes to an end. The Guyana Amazon Warriors defeated the Jamaica Tallawahs by four wickets. For a while, it seemed like the Warriors were running away with the game owing to the spectacular bowling performances by Imran Tahir (1-22), Tabraiz Shamsi (1-24) and Gudakesh Motie (2-10). However, it was left to the skipper of the Tallawahs, Rovman Powell, to power his team to a spectacular victory against all odds. 

Hope you enjoyed this coverage as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. This is us- Mohul Bhowmick and Sooryanarayanan Sesha- signing off. Until next time, stay tuned! 
Shimron Hetmyer, captain of Guyana Amazon Warriors: I don't think that the loss of confidence is an issue in our team. The lads showed up and did their best. I am proud of the boys and the effort they put in.

Rovman Powell, captain of Jamaica Tallawahs: It was a good game. Took the momentum and pushed on till the end. We are confident; enjoyed this game right till the end. The shin is a bit sore, but the physio has taken a good look at it. 
Mohammad Amir: First of all we took a proper advantage with the toss. The toss was very important since it was raining yesterday and there was something with the new ball. I was trying to swing the ball and that was important. (Did they think it was chasable at the halfway mark?) I think it was since the wicket was getting better and better. Credit to Rovman - he played very well.
A fantastic game of cricket comes to an end. For a long time, it seemed like the Warriors were running away with the game. However, Rovman Powell played a captain's inning of 44 from 38 balls (1*4, 4*6) to take the game right until the end. The penultimate over of the match, bowled by Odean Smith, was what turned it in the favour of the batting side. Powell's knock was a very measured one, calculating and taking risks as and when needed. He took few chances against the spinners, for whom the pitch was favourable, and teed off against the seamers!
19.2 Romario Shepherd to Rovman Powell, VICTORY FOR THE TALLAWAHS! Length delivery angling away wide of off, Powell leans forward and pats it through extra cover before sauntering across for a single before punching the air in delight with his bat. He has seen his side through to victory after what was a real dicey chase where they were behind the eight-ball for large swathes. Jamaica Tallawahs win by 4 wickets!
19.1 Romario Shepherd to Rovman Powell, SIX! YOU'RE KIDDING ME! It's not the first time he's done this but this is an outrageous shot from the skipper! In the slot outside off and he sits on one knee to unleash a bottom-handed slog sweep over mid-wicket. Sends it towering into the afternoon sky before it drops over the fence as he levels the scores in the most audacious manner!
19.1 Romario Shepherd to Rovman Powell, WIDE! Pressure straight up on Shepherd! Goes around the wicket and slants a full one wide of the tramline. Powell sits on one knee looking to scythe it over the covers but fails to make contact. Called wide though!
Romario Shepherd will bowl the last over.
EVERYTHING TO PLAY FOR IN THE FINAL OVER! The Tallawahs need eight runs off six balls, and it is hard to say which way this game will end up going. One thing is for sure- the bowler- Romario Shepherd- will be under a lot of pressure!
135 /6 score
cricket bat icon Rovman Powell
37 (36)
cricket bat icon Chris Green *
17 (7)
cricket ball icon Odean Smith
1 /39
18.6 Odean Smith to Chris Green, FOUR! OH AGONY FOR KEEMO PAUL! Another well-directed short delivery at the stumps, angles in and tucks Green for room as he hops in his crease and fends a pull behind square with Paul pedaling back and leaping with an outstretched arm. He gets a fingertip to it as it drops in front of him as he falls over before the ball dribbles to make contact with the boundary cushions! Fabulous effort and a terrific delivery but alas, fortune doesn't favor the Warriors!
18.5 Odean Smith to Rovman Powell, very full at the stumps, Powell pushes forward to chip it past the bowler before mid-off sprints to his right and dives to keep it down to one. A bit of a drizzle in the air as well...
18.4 Odean Smith to Chris Green, FALLS SAFE! That's a brute of a bouncer at the stumps which surprises Green completely. Kicks off the deck as he takes his eyes off the ball while he brings out a short-arm jab of shorts to clough it off the top-edge behind square. Falls safe though as the batters switch ends.
18.3 Odean Smith to Chris Green, AHH! Off-cutter on a short length outside off, wobbles back in as Green waits quite a while before losing balance on his attempted hoick. Ends up beaten!
18.2 Odean Smith to Rovman Powell, very full and angling into middle and leg stump, Powell flicks it backward of square and well square of deep fine leg who intercepts it as the batters settle for a single.
18.1 Odean Smith to Chris Green, short of a length delivery outside off, Green stands tall and prods towards extra cover as he sprints across for a run. Powell back on strike!
Oh my word! This game has completely turned itself around. This massive over from Shepherd, in which Rovman Powell finally teed off, has brought things to a head. The Tallawahs are in this game, and HOW!
127 /6 score
cricket bat icon Rovman Powell *
35 (34)
cricket bat icon Chris Green
11 (3)
cricket ball icon Romario Shepherd
1 /40
17.6 Romario Shepherd to Rovman Powell, SIX MORE! GOODBYE BALL! He's been waiting for this as Ian Bishop rightfully mentions on air. Low full toss on the pads and that's an absolute no-no at this stage of the innings. Powell picks it up with a powerful swing of his blade behind square as it travels many a mile into the stands! Massive, massive over for the Tallawahs!