33rd Match, Bellerive Oval, Hobart
MR-W won by 5 wickets
Playing XI
Player of the Match Sophie Molineux
That's it from this low scoring encounter, switch tabs to follow the World Cup action between Pakistan and Bangladesh which is a qualifier in this group now as South Africa lost today. This is the duo of Divyansh and Bidipto signing off. Goodbye!
Sophie Molineux, Player of the Match: I think our bowlers set it up beautifully, Ella with the ball, Shabnim Ismail too, we were good in the bowling department. I am blessed actually to have the group of players that we have. We knew that something was going to come our way for sure, now, with quick turnarounds, we need to focus on the next game and look for the win. 
Match Summary-

Melbourne Renegades Women win by 5 wickets.

Melbourne Renegades Women: 122/5 (18.0)
Sophie Molineux 57* (45) | Courtney Webb 25 (27)
Hannah Darlington 2/22 (3.0) | Belinda Vakarewa 1/19 (4.0)

Sophie Molineux leading from the front and staying on till the end to make sure that they crossed the line, and comfortably in the end with 12 balls to spare. She stayed not out at 57 and hit a flurry of boundaries in the end to complete the chase. 

The Renegades were off to a poor start with 3 down for just 30 runs in the 5th over. After that Webb and Molineux got a 52 run partnership which was enough to keep them ahead of the game. 

Thunders got a good start and bowled well but just one partnership took the game away from them. Darlington took 2 wickets. Vakarewa, Smith and Bates with a wicket each. Vakarewa bowled really well but gave away 3 boundaries in her last over as Molineux finished the chase off in the 18th. 
122 /5 score
cricket bat icon Sophie Molineux *
57 (45)
cricket bat icon Carly Leeson
4 (2)
cricket ball icon Belinda Vakarewa
1 /19
17.6 Belinda Vakarewa to Sophie Molineux, MELBOURNE RENEGADES WOMEN WIN AND STAY ALIVE STILL! Short on middle, hit to cover off the back foot with a punch by making some room, and a quick run gets taken, to finish the match! 
17.5 Belinda Vakarewa to Sophie Molineux, short outside off, slow as well and tapped to point from the crease, for no run. 
She is in a hurry now, three boundaries in a row and the scores are tied now.
17.4 Belinda Vakarewa to Sophie Molineux, THREE IN A ROW! Full on leg-and-middle, lofted over mid-off this time from the crease, and this too goes away to long-off for FOUR! 
Molineux brings up her fifty with back to back fours. 2 poor deliveries from Vakarewa here. 
17.3 Belinda Vakarewa to Sophie Molineux, FOUR! Full on off and a lovely lofted drive over cover on the back foot by making room, for a boundary to bring up her FIFTY! 
17.2 Belinda Vakarewa to Sophie Molineux, FOUR! Short on the legs and this is helped around the corner to the vacant long-leg region, off the back foot, for a boundary! 
17.1 Belinda Vakarewa to Sophie Molineux, round the wicket, full on off, stroked away to cover off the front foot, for no run. 
Belinda Vakarewa, (3.0-0-6-1) is back into the attack.
Darlington gets a wicket as O'Donnell holes one out to long-on. But she bowls a poor delivery on the last ball, a full toss on the pads is hit for a four. just 13 required off the last 3 overs now.
109 /5 score
cricket bat icon Sophie Molineux
44 (39)
cricket bat icon Carly Leeson *
4 (2)
cricket ball icon Hannah Darlington
2 /22
16.6 Hannah Darlington to Carly Leeson, FOUR RUNS! Full toss on the legs and this is a gift, which gets helped away to the left of short fine-leg for a boundary! 
16.5 Hannah Darlington to Carly Leeson, over the wicket, fuller outside off, pushed to point off the front foot, for no run here. 
Carly Leeson, RHB, comes to the crease.
16.4 Hannah Darlington to Rhiann O'Donnell, TAKEN THIS TIME! Full and slow on off-and-middle, O'Donnell makes room and hits over the top to the right of long-on, where Tryon gets around to and takes a fine CATCH this time round!

Rhiann O'Donnell c Chloe Tryon b Hannah Darlington 10 (12b, 1x4, 0x6)
16.3 Hannah Darlington to Sophie Molineux, fuller on middle, a back away and a hit straight to mid-off, for a risky run that needed a direct hit! Molineux is home in the end.