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Mumbai Indians 208/5 (20 ov)
Sunrisers Hyderabad 174/7 (20 ov)
Mumbai Indians won by 34 runs.
Player of the match: Trent Boult
SRH 174-7 at the end of 20 overs

Mumbai Indians win the match by 34 runs

Mumbai Indians' famed bowling attack is able to come through yet again as they defeat the Sunrisers Hyderabad by a margin of 34 runs in the end. Sunrisers had started the chase on a positive note with Jonny Bairstow looking in great touch before Boult got him out in the powerplay. Manish Pandey and David Warner stabilized the chase as they hit the MI bowlers around continuing to get runs in quick time. Pandey departed towards the end of the 10th over as James Pattinson produced a crucial breakthrough for the defending champions.

Kane Williamson and Priyam Garg were quick to depart as well with Warner holding the fort by his own. Mumbai Indians bowling unit had managed to overturn the pressure on the SRH side with their disciplined bowling. Warner succumbed to it in the 16th over as a brilliant fielding effort from Ishan Kishan sent him back to the dugout after a fighting knock of 60 runs in 44 balls peppered with seven boundaries and two sixes. 

From this point, it was all Mumbai Indians till the end as the SRH chase weakened despite the efforts of the youngster Abdul Samad who managed to get two sixes against his name. In the end, SRH fell short by 34 runs as MI picked up their second win on the trot to climb atop the IPL 2020 standings on account of better NRR than Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

That's all from the first match today as the double-header day action continues with KXIP taking on CSK in Dubai. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the live updates. 

This is me, Gaurav Kadam and my colleague, Shashwat Kumar signing off for the day. Stay safe and enjoy the cricketing action!
Over: 20 | Summary: 2 0 0 0 0 0 Bowler: Kieron Pollard Score: 174/7
19.6 Kieron Pollard to Rashid Khan, loopy slower delivery on a full length outside off stump. Rashid waits on it and then dabs it towards extra cover. Another dot. Surely could have run a few singles?
19.5 Kieron Pollard to Rashid Khan, slightly quicker on a full length on leg stump. Rashid looks to whip it away but the ball squirms through his legs. Nutmegs anyone?
19.4 Kieron Pollard to Rashid Khan, slower delivery on a length outside off. Rashid swings like a rusty gate and misses the ball by a country mile. Even the NRR is taking a hit now but Rashid can't!
19.3 Kieron Pollard to Rashid Khan, slower delivery that is banged into the track outside off stump. Rashid comes down the track and swats it to deep mid wicket. No run taken again there by the Afghan
19.2 Kieron Pollard to Rashid Khan, full delivery that is speared into the pads. Rashid prods it down the ground to long on and then refuses the single. NRR time, folks!
19.1 Kieron Pollard to Rashid Khan, slower delivery on a back of a length outside off. Rashid goes deep into his crease before carving it over the cover region for a couple
The young man Abdul Samad begins on a bright note heaving Bumrah over square leg to put the pressure on the bowler but the MI ace strikes back on the next ball itself getting him out with a high catch to Rohit Sharma after getting the leading edge. Abhishek Sharma has to depart for 10 as he tries a cheeky shot but Bumrah in on target to castle his stumps.

Kieron Pollard is here to bowl the final over for MI
Over: 19 | Summary: 6 W 3lb 1 W 0 Bowler: Jasprit Bumrah Score: 172/7
18.6 Jasprit Bumrah to Samdeep Sharma, sharp yorker on leg stump. Sandeep backs away and looks to access the off side. But, in truth, he is lucky to jam his bat down in time and keep the ball from hitting the stumps
18.5 Jasprit Bumrah to Abhishek Sharma, OUT! CASTLED! Searing yorker on middle stump and Sharma tries to use the pace on the delivery and scoop it over fine leg. However, he is just a shade late on the shot and fails to make contact, meaning that the ball pegs middle stump back! Surely all over for SRH now here!
18.4 Jasprit Bumrah to Rashid Khan, yorker on off stump. Rashid goes deep into his crease and whips it away to deep square leg for another single as Chahar bolts in from the rope to get the throw in time to the keeper.
18.3 Jasprit Bumrah to Abhishek Sharma, sharp yorker at the boot on leg stump. Sharma gets inside the line and sees the ball rattle into his shoe before running past short fine leg for three. Ishan Kishan chased that ball down and saved one run for MI with a brilliant fielding effort.
18.2 Jasprit Bumrah to Abdul Samad, OUT! BUMRAH DOES THE TRICK, AS ALWAYS! Another length delivery just outside off stump but this time, Samad can't get hold of it. He swings wildly and slices it way up into the air. Rohit settles himself under the air ball at cover and completes the catch with ease. That could be it for SRH!
18.1 Jasprit Bumrah to Abdul Samad, SIX! GREAT START! Slower delivery on a back of a length and that just sits up to be hit! He waits on the back foot and thrashes it over square leg for a maximum! What a start to the over by the young man Samad! Pressure on Bumrah now!
Boult comes in for his final over as Mumbai aim to put a dent in the chase and contain the run flow. The Kiwi pacer is bang on with his change of pace and length outfoxing the batsmen and not allowing them room to attack. Just 4 runs off that over as Boult finishes with figures of 2-28

SRH need 47 in 12 balls

Jasprit Bumrah comes in for the crucial 19th over
Over: 18 | Summary: 2 0 1 0 1 0 Bowler: Trent Boult Score: 162/5
17.6 Trent Boult to Abhishek Sharma, full delivery outside off stump. Sharma walks across his crease and shapes up for the scoop. The only problem though, is that he fails to make contact
17.5 Trent Boult to Abdul Samad, half-volley on leg stump and Samad ought to have deposited that into the stands. However, he is again late into the stroke and gets an inside edge to fine leg for one
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