Mumbai Indians 150/5 (20 ov)
Sunrisers Hyderabad 137/10 (19.4 ov)
Mumbai Indians won by 13 runs.
Player of the match: Kieron Pollard
That is all we have from Match 9 of the IPL, join us back tomorrow as we have a super Sunday double header awaiting us. Signing off for now is me(Prashanth Satish) on behalf of my partner Shashwat Kumar as well. Stay safe and stay home, take extreme care all of you. Good bye from us!
Kieron Pollard( Man of the Match): Think the situation of the game and what the management thinks, we have to be ready and padded up for when our turn comes(On how it is decided who among him or Hardik comes in first). We have to find a way and in the back end we got that extra runs. You have to decide your strong areas, we train for these stuff and what are going to encounter in these wickets. This team has to find a way, they did their roles to good effect today. Happy with my bowling, it is coming out well. Bumrah and Boulty very good at the death as well.
Rohit Sharma (Winning captain): Yeah it was a great effort from the bowling unit especially. We knew it was not going to be easy, the bowlers were great with their plans. Thought, we had a good score for that wicket. I still feel we can bat better in the middle overs, these guys have played on wickets like this. That is one area we can work at but again great team performance. I think it is because of the pitch getting slower and slower, when Rahul came into bowl the pitch was getting hard to bat. Important to not lose wickets and stick to the basics while batting on a wicket like that. Need to build partnerships and take the game deep, it is missing from all teams that is why we are seeing low scores. Polly has done it for us in the back end for so many years and again I thought out fielding was really good again. We pride ourselves on that and want to be the best fielding side in the competition.
David Warner: Yes, you are spot on. Don't know how to take that one, very disappointing. If you do not have the set batsmen in at the end, that is the story. Great piece of fielding by Hardik(on his run-out). It was a very chaseable total, it is just poor batting. Just need smart cricket. We have to tell the guys to keep their chin up and be smarter and take the game deep. The bowlers have adapted well so far. Kane is coming along well, we need to discuss with the physio and see where he is at.
They are the defending champions, they are the best team in the history of this tournament. Time and again they turn up and show the world why they are the best in this league. How do you stop this unit? They did not have a lot of runs to play with today but their character and skill well above the opposition and that means they have wrapped up another contest with mere professionalism.

SRH's winless run at Chepauk continues, they just cannot manage to hold their nerve in these run chases. They got off to the perfect start here today with Warner and Bairstow getting them away in the powerplay. They just fell apart after that, Bairstow getting out in a freak manner by getting out hit-wicket.

The bowlers kept chipping in with wickets at regular intervals to make constant inroads into SRH's hopes of getting the run chase done.

In the end, it was some of the finest death bowling you will ever see on display. Bumrah nailing the yorkers from one end and his partner Boult matching up to his brilliance from the other end. That partnership has always been a treat to watch and they continue to deliver when their captain wants them to.

Just how do you beat this side? If Boult doesn't, Bumrah will. If Krunal doesn't, Chahar will. If all of these guys don't do it big Kieron Pollard will come in and spark some brilliance.

They are probably the greatest side this competition has seen and every single game when they turn up out their, they show us exactly why.

Stay tuned as we have the presentation ceremony coming your way shortly.
19.4 Trent Boult to Khaleel Ahmed, OUT! CLEANS HIM UP! Searing yorker that zeroes in on middle and off stump. Ahmed goes away from the line of the ball and plays all around it as it thuds into the middle and off stump! MI win and SRH are still winless at Chepauk! Remarkable!
14 runs needed off 3 balls now, looks grim for SRH
19.3 Trent Boult to Mujeeb ur Rahman, yorker just outside leg stump. Mujeeb gets his front foot out of the way and edges that one towards the fielder in the ring at short third man for one
19.2 Trent Boult to Khaleel Ahmed, very full delivery just outside off stump. Ahmed just about manages to get his bat down in time and slices it towards backward point for a single
Full and straight. You miss buddy and I hit kind of stuff from Boult. Khaleel Ahmed, RHB, is the last man in for SRH
19.1 Trent Boult to Bhuvneshwar Kumar, OUT! CASTLED! Blazing delivery on a full length on middle and leg stump. Kumar is at least a week late into his stroke as the ball beats the bat and clatters into middle and off stump, sending the bails flying in the process! Another sorry ending to a promising game for SRH!
Class, that is all one can say about that 19th over. Bumrah executing his plans to perfection, what an outstanding bowler. Trent Boult to bowl the final over.

16 runs needed off 6 balls
Over: 19 | Summary: 2 0 2 0 W 1 Bowler: Jasprit Bumrah Score: 135/8
18.6 Jasprit Bumrah to Bhuvneshwar Kumar, slower delivery on a short length outside off stump. Kumar gets onto the back foot and dabs the ball towards backward point for a single
Mujeeb ur Rahman, RHB, is in at number 10
The GOAT at work, told you all earlier. Two Bumrah overs at the death, more often than not it ends up only in one way, what a legend of the T20 game.
18.5 Jasprit Bumrah to Vijay Shankar, OUT! THAT SHOULD BE THAT! Full delivery outside off stump and Shankar looks to go downtown. However, he does not get the timing he desires and hoists that one miles up into the air towards long off. Yadav comes in off the fence and takes care of the rest! SRH on the verge of their third successive defeat!
The perfect wide yorker does not exi....
18.4 Jasprit Bumrah to Vijay Shankar, very full delivery outside off stump. Shankar looks to open the face of the bat and glides the ball towards third man but fails to get any wood on it
17 needed off 9 balls, how much more can they squeeze out of these last three balls of the Bumrah over?
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