498/4 (50)
266/10 (49.4)
ENG won by 232 runs.
That's that from this first ODI, England completely demolished the Dutch here in Amstelveen and the hosts have plenty to worry about when they come up against the same side on Sunday, they need to pull up their socks and come up a better side to surprise England. There's plenty of cricketing action coming your way, switch tabs to the West Indies vs Bangladesh first test that's on going. Until next time, this was Pradeep and Rajarshi Das signing off, take care and stay safe!
Eoin Morgan (Captain, England): It's the last couple of days has been good, having majority of the senior has helped, not necessarily having played a lot of ODI cricket, Dawid Malan, Phil Salt and then Jos Buttler played on his own zone today, probably the best white ball cricketer at the moment. It's great to see the hunger within the squad, the proudest thing for us no body takes it granted when they play for the country. It's not always easy to, playing consistently well for the past six or seven years now. The ODI cricket is a completely different animal, better to get under the belt and in the field for 50 overs, come back and bowl as well, coming next year World Cup India, we're looking forward to it. We don't take days like this for granted, we've earned the right to give the nudge today, Sunday or Wednesday we will be up against them again but not taking anything granted at all.
Pieter Seelaar (Captain, Netherlands): Well, getting Jason Roy early was a good one (chuckles). On a serious note, you can't drop the best batter in the world twice in the same over, wouldn't have been completely different but definitely wouldn't have let England to reach 498. It was a nice wicket, not saying that would've contained them inside the 50 overs but if we had taken wickets, we could've restricted them to a respectable total. If we get those wickets in the 20 overs, I think we can put the pressure on the them but it's great learning for us, this will make us better cricketers in the future. I think the intimidation factor was there, the barmy army were quite loud, the experience was good but in the longer run this is good for us. It's hard to take right now but give it couple of months and see it'll be a good learning for us, if people are scared to play now then there is no tomorrow. 
Jos Buttler has been adjudged the Player of the match for his blistering 162 off just 70 deliveries!

Jos Buttler (England):
Certainly feels so, the IPL couldn't have gone better for me and that certainly gives you hell of a confidence, coming here and obviously feeling in good touch, it was a good wicket, we got a good start and I had a good cushion to attack at the end. The World T20 went well, the Ashes was tough, I thought the it was quite refreshing in the IPL, enjoyed the cricket over there and got the best out of myself. The environment has been solid for the number of years now, clear cut style of play, I don't think he wants to change a lot, he'll look to sit back and watch us play, need sharpening up in certain areas, this trip is a great opportunity for certain guys, nice to see Curran back, exciting times ahead for us. I think, like I said, trying to work out the condition, what feels right on the day, I'd like to back my six hitting skills lot more in the last one or two years, that was really the plan today.
Match summary:
Toss: Netherlands, opted to bowl

England 498/4 (50 Overs)
Jos Buttler 162*(70), Pieter Seelaar 2/83 (9 overs)

Netherlands 266 all out (49.4 Overs)
Scott Edwards 72*(56), Moeen Ali 3/57 (10 overs)

England win by 232 runs.

The game was more or less decided in the first innings itself. As much as they have shown promise in the past few years, a Netherlands side without the presence of some of their key players were never ever going to get anywhere near what the England batting order mounted. The intent shown by the Dutch top-order was uninspiring as well, it was as if they just wanted to get some batting practice in.

Max O'Dowd was the only one to play with some purpose, despite having started off slowly. He played with the field, made Eoin Morgan rotate his bowlers and got to a fine half-century before being cleaned up by Reece Topley. 

The boundaries dried up significantly after that. Barring O'Dowd, the top-order of Netherlands hit a combined total of 3 boundaries, one six in it. Sam Curran, Moeen Ali, and Reece Topley got in among the wickets, as the Netherlands batting line-up started to wilt. 

Scott Edwards, though, stuck in the middle. He dug in, ran hard between the wickets, showed a bit of intent, and got an ODI half-century against England. Moeen Ali turned out to be the pick of the bowlers, despite having gone for 57, he took three wickets. 

The Netherlands won't be having too long to reflect on what happened today, it can happen to the best of teams. They need to re-group and put up a fight against this world-class England side. The visitors, on the other hand, will be please with the further depth that they have unearthed in white-ball cricket, Phil Salt the latest entrant in it. A fine 100 for the Lancashire man, he and Dawid Malan set things up beutifully for the carnage later on. 
49.4 Dawid Malan to Philippe Boissevain, OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! Fittingly Buttler takes the catch and Malan has his first wicket in the ODI's. Top day for England in the office, they blew away the Dutch completely and a clinical performance both with bat and ball for England. Plenty to ponder for the hosts in the next two games. Drops it short over the stumps, Boissevain makes room to cut but gets a thick outside edge and Buttler clings on to it.

Philippe Boissevain c Jos Buttler b Dawid Malan 5 (9b 1x4)
49.3 Dawid Malan to Philippe Boissevain, good length on the outside off, Boissevain really looking to thump that one away with the sweep shot but misses.
49.2 Dawid Malan to Scott Edwards, length delivery but strays it down the leg-side, Edwards sweeps it even more finer than the last delivery, they run three this time.
49.1 Dawid Malan to Scott Edwards, good length on the middle and leg, Edwards sweeps that one fine down to fine-leg, they come back for a brace.
Dawid Malan, right-arm leg-break, comes into the attack
261 /9 score
cricket bat icon Scott Edwards *
67 (54)
cricket bat icon Philippe Boissevain
5 (7)
cricket ball icon Sam Curran
2 /46
48.6 Sam Curran to Scott Edwards, short on the outside off, Edwards on the backfoot plays a controlled pull shot towards long-leg for another single.
48.5 Sam Curran to Scott Edwards, short on the outside off, dug into the track as Edwards pulls it to deep square-leg as they come back for another brace.
48.4 Sam Curran to Scott Edwards, FOUR! Length delivery on the off-stump, Edwards smacked it straight down the ground, races away and picks up another boundary.
48.3 Sam Curran to Scott Edwards, short on the off-stump, Edwards walks down the track and pulls it to deep square-leg as they come back for  a brace.
48.2 Sam Curran to Scott Edwards, FOUR MORE! Takes the pace off again, bangs it short on the outside off, Edwards gets on top of the bounce as it cuts it over the man at short third-man and picks up another boundary.
48.1 Sam Curran to Scott Edwards, change of pace from around the wicket, length delivery on the wide of off-stump as Edwards trying something to different to reverse sweep and misses it by a mile.
248 /9 score
cricket bat icon Scott Edwards
54 (48)
cricket bat icon Philippe Boissevain *
5 (7)
cricket ball icon Reece Topley
2 /46
47.6 Reece Topley to Philippe Boissevain, FOUR! Yorker length on the off-stump, right up in the blockhole as Boissevain on the backfoot opens the blade at the last second and eases it down to third-man for a boundary.
47.5 Reece Topley to Scott Edwards, back of a length on the leg-stump line, Edwards swipes it to deep square-leg, they finish the single and Boissevain takes for the second but then sent back in time.