No result - Due to rain
Both captains share the trophy and pose for the cameras as a rather enthralling series comes to an anti-climactic end with weather having the final say. Nevertheless, there was never any dearth in terms of the quality of cricket right through the series - one that sets it up for an exciting one-day series to follow. Do join us for our coverage of the one-dayers with the first game set to begin on the Sunday (April 4). You've been a very patient audience through this stop-start game - thank you so much for tuning in to our coverage. The action continues across the world of cricket though and do switch tabs to keep yourself up to date with that. For now though, on behalf of my colleague Rishab, this is Sooryanarayanan wishing you a good day. Take care and stay safe folks! Bye-bye for now!
Time for the series presentation starting with the Player of the Series, Jess Kerr.

Jess Kerr (Player of the Series):
(On her preparations this summer) I was actually back teaching at home so I was just practicing with my dad at my local club. Just practicing bowling to the left-handers. Definitely coming off a summer of cricket is great practice especially with a World Cup next year. Really exciting to be playing some of the best in the world. Australia are the World Champions and winning off the last ball in the previous game was amazing. We couldn't seal it today but were ready to go.

Meg Lanning (Australia Captain): We were looking forward to the challenge and it was a great opportunity to challenge ourselves against New Zealand who are a really good side. We haven't played much at the Eden Park either so its disappointing. (On the previous game) They bowled really well upfront. One of those games that could have gone either way but credit to New Zealand for the way the came back. We both are quite aggressive with the kind of cricket we like to play especially in T20s. The Big Bash as well showed the same when they (the Kiwi players) were there. We have a lot of respect for each other. Looking forward to the ODIs. coming up. The contest with New Zealand is always strong and we're going to have to play really well to lift the trophy.

Amy Satterthwaite (White Ferns Captain): It was really pleasing, the way we started off. Getting in just the three overs today was disappointing. We turned up today looking forward to it. It's the place where we want to get to - where when you call upon anybody and they get into the game straightaway. To get players exposed to these games and put their hands up is great. We've been really proud of how we've stuck at it. Looking forward to the one-dayers. It is a format where I think we have struggled a bit off late but we are looking forward to it. It's always great to play on the main ground so it was disappointing that today had to end like this.
Rain has the last laugh then as the game is called off, a real shame considering it was the decider and we had a real exciting build up to this contest with a thriller in the previous game. None above the nature though and that means, the spoils will be shared 1-1!
The inevitable has happened - the match has officially been called off with no chances of getting in a 5-over contest too. A real pity considering the anticipation around this game.
Alyssa Healy looking to get a move on now! Charged down the ground to take the attack and that is what Australia will need as well. They haven't had the greatest of starts and they will have to look to get some quick runs with the rain coming down again. Although, play continues and we hope we do not have another delay in here. Uh oh! We do have the delay again as it has become heavier and the umpires have called for the covers!  Not a great scene this!
2.5 Jess Kerr to Alyssa Healy, OOH! Sharp in-decker outside off, back of a length and Healy is pushed back in her crease before she punches it towards mid-off. The bottom hand comes off the blade in the process
2.4 Jess Kerr to Alyssa Healy, seaming in off a good length outside off, Healy dabs it late towards third man. She looks for a single but the ball goes straight to the fielder
2.3 Jess Kerr to Alyssa Healy, FOUR! SMOKED! That's more like Alyssa Healy! Full and in the slot around off, shimmies down the pitch just a touch and smothers it over the bowler's head!
2.2 Jess Kerr to Alyssa Healy, short and wide, just inside the tramline and nips back in as Healy looks to heave it over the covers; beaten!
2.2 Jess Kerr to Alyssa Healy, WIDE! Back of a length outside the tramline, left alone and called a wide!
2.1 Jess Kerr to Alyssa Healy, shortish length with a lot of width outside off, Healy misses out in piercing the gap as she cuts straight to point
Jess Kerr to continue
A brilliant first over from Rosemary Mair this! Getting the big wicket of Beth Mooney and an early blow in the innings for them. Pressure on Australia to start well, which they haven't and they will need to get a decent score on the board. Great start for White Ferns this! 
Over: 2 | Summary: 2 2 0 W 1w 0 0 Bowler: Rosemary Mair Score: 9/1
1.6 Rosemary Mair to Meg Lanning, on a good length around off, taps it to point with soft hands
1.5 Rosemary Mair to Meg Lanning, APPEAL TURNED DOWN! Full and shaping in on a full length on leg-stump, thuds into the front pad but it would have gone down leg. They decide against the review and wisely so
1.5 Rosemary Mair to Meg Lanning, WIDE! Short and straying down leg, goes down past the pull and Mair has to reload!
Meg Lanning, Right-Hand bat, walks to the crease.
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