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Team Abu Dhabi 123/3 (10 ov)
Northern Warriors 124/2 (10 ov)
Northern Warriors won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Waseem Muhammad
That's it from this game. Switch tabs and join us for the third game of the day between Delhi Bulls and Deccan Gladiators. For now, I have been Ankit Sharma accompanied by Lavil Saldhana, as we bid farewell!
Abu Dhabi did really well, came back from losing three quick wicket in the first innings to put up a total of 123 on the board, but their bowlers just could not live up to the challenge today, and the misfields did not help their cause. They had a chance to pick up an important win today, but have failed to stay composed. Warriors on the other hand, have handled the chase well, especially with a new batsman in Waseem Muhammad at the top of the order, who was phenomenal throughout the innings. 
Nicholas Pooran (winning captain): Wonderful partnership and great to win and get two points. Not my day but not everyday can be my day, so just happy with the win. The moment from Rohan Mustafa were far too funny, so will definitely say that when I meet him. 
Player of the match: Muhammad Waseem
Magic moment of the match: Muhammad Waseem
Power Hitter Award: Luke Wright 
A fantastic nail biter of a game this one, that has gone down to the wire, to the very last ball. Warriors were smooth sailing with Waseem Muhammad in terrific touch accompanied by Lendl Simmons to put up a stand of 121 runs, but Abu Dhabi did strike late and had almost stolen a point right from under their opponents' nose. Overtan took two wickets off consecutive deliveries in the final over for a late turnaround, but it went in vain with one small fumble of the last ball. 
Late drama in Abu Dhabi, with Overtan striking twice, getting Waseem and Pooran off back to back deliveries. Warriors needing 2 off 1 ball, the shot was not that great, the game was going towards a tie, but Rohan Mustafa has fumbled the ball in an attempt to throw it fast for a runout, but he's just not having a good day today. Warriors win by 8 wickets. 
Over: 10 | Summary: 4 1w 1w 6 W W 1 2 Bowler: Jamie Overton Score: 124/2
9.6 Jamie Overton to Rovman Powell, TWO RUNS! TWO VITAL RUNS FOR A WIN! Low full toss on the middle stump, Powell thumps it away to the deep midwicket region. Runs across the first one hard and a misfield from Rohan Mustafa allows them to steal the second and it is the Northern Warriors win the match by 8 wickets and register 2 vital points on board
9.5 Jamie Overton to Lendl Simmons, nails the yorker on the middle stump line, Simmons safely negotiates the hat-trick delivery and runs across for a single. 2 runs needed off the last delivery now. The game ends in a tie, with no super over
Rovman Powell, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
9.4 Jamie Overton to Nicholas Pooran, CAUGHT! CHANGE IN THE GAME HERE!! Full toss delivery a bit wide outside off, Pooran looked to thump it down the ground, but Obed McCoy holds onto the catch really well. A rare, rare failure for the Caribbean southpaw as he departs for a golden duck. 3 runs needed off 2 balls now. Who's game is it here
Nicholas Pooran, left hand bat, comes to the crease. 
9.3 Jamie Overton to Muhammed Waseem, OUT! LBW! Full-length delivery, targetted at the stump from Overton. Traps Waseem ahead of the sticks and a loud appeal compels Nigel Llong to raise his finger. A late anti-climax in the game as the first wicket falls for the Northern Warriors
9.2 Jamie Overton to Muhammed Waseem, SIX! Back of a length delivery on the line of the off stump, Waseem gets on his backfoot and swivel pulls it all the way for a huge maximum. 3 runs required off 4 deliveries
9.2 Jamie Overton to Muhammed Waseem, another wide. The extras are frustrating as Overton yet again downs down the leg side and misses his mark
9.2 Jamie Overton to Muhammed Waseem, back of a length delivery going down the legside, the ball kept lower and went down the legside, Nigel Llong calls it a wide
9.1 Jamie Overton to Muhammed Waseem, FOUR! Back of a length delivery on the line of the off stump, Waseem swivel puls it away on the legside to deep midwicket to get a boundary. 11 runs needed off 5
Jamie Overtan, back into the attack. 
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