165/9 (20)
148/10 (19.3)
Scotland won by 17 runs.
Player of the match: Richie Berrington
Well, that's all we have from this match. We've got another cracking contest coming your way. The home side Oman take on Bangladesh in this must-win match for the Bangla Tigers. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for that one. That's it from me, Pratyush Rohra, and my friend, Soorya Sesha. See you around!
Klye Coetzer (Scotland captain): I think it was probably around how PNG play actually., We know PNG with their attack can squeeze us if they have a good score on the board. Getting the win was most impressive. I feel they put us under a lot of pressure in the second half of the innings. Excellent innings from Cross and Berrington but the way Norman came out and hit the ball, it was dangerous. 
Assad Vala: As you could see, Norm, Cheddi, showed they like to hit the ball. Norman, he loves playing against Scotland. I think he was on again today. Probably getting the exposure has been the biggest challenge. Testing ourselves out against these teams more often will be helpful for us. More exposure would be great. We bowled really well in the end. We believed we could chase down 160 but we crumbled under pressure early on. 
Richie Berrington (Player of the Match): I think we did well as a team to get that score on that wicket. Their bowlers did well to put pressure on us early on and we needed a partnership. I think we got a score just above par. We (Matthew Cross and I) wanted to give ourselves some time on that wicket before going for the boundaries towards the end. We were lucky to get that big partnership going. I try to keep it simple and leave the funky shots to some of the other boys who can hit 360 degrees around the ground.
Scotland won by 17 runs.

Associate nations aren't good enough for the big stage, you say? Think again! Papua New Guinea were down and out in this contest. At 35-5, one thought they're going to be brushed aside with Scotland inflicting a heavy defeat. Nope! The PNG tail wagged and some. To make a contest out of that match when no one gave them a chance was a respectable feat. Perhaps with a bit more experience and playing time on their side, PNG might have been able to get over the line. As for Scotland, they've all but sealed their place in the Super 12. Two wins out of two for them, as they march along in the tournament.
Well, that's how the cookie crumbles for Papua New Guinea. They are winless in the two games but they can be proud of what they've done tonight. They were down and out at 35-5 and looked set to be on the receiving end of a heavy defeat. Fighters don't back out though. Scotland won by 17 runs.
Kyle Coetzer has gone for the review. Scotland are convinced there was an edge there. Soper is standing his ground. Clever bowling though!
19.3 Josh Davey to Chad Soper, STIFLED SHOUT! Referred upstairs! Deceptive slower bouncer from Davey as he lands it just around the off-stump corridor, Soper backs away looking to scythe it over backward point but he cannot middle it. Scotland think there is a nick as the ball lobs into the gloves of the keeper. Fair delivery.

Oh yes, there is a slight spike as the ball passes the bat so that will be all! PNG have fought hard but Scotland prevail by 17 runs. OUT IT IS!
Papua New Guinea not going down without a fight!
19.2 Josh Davey to Chad Soper, SIX! THERE'S A BIG ONE! The yorker goes wrong for Davey as he angles a slot delivery into the stumps, Soper clears his front leg and launches it a mile over mid-wicket as the ball goes towering over the stands!
19.1 Josh Davey to Chad Soper, length delivery slanting away from the batter outside off, Soper backs away and throws the kitchen sink at it aiming for the cover fence but he only connects with the thin Al Amerat air around him.
Josh Davey to bowl the final over.
Papua New Guinea need 24 runs in 6 balls. Remember the name?
142 /9 score
cricket bat icon Chad Soper
10 (8)
cricket bat icon Kabua Morea *
6 (1)
cricket ball icon Brad Wheal
1 /41
18.6 Bradley Wheal to Kabua Morea, SIX! WELL WELL! The yorker goes wrong and Wheal spears it right into the slot at the stumps, Morea hangs deep in his crease and clears his front leg before a neat swing of the blade sees the ball soar well over long on!
18.5 Bradley Wheal to Chad Soper, full length delivery angled away from the batter outside off, Soper hangs deep in his crease and squeezes it out with an open bat face towards cover for one.
Kabua Morea, right-hand bat, comes to the crease
18.4 Bradley Wheal to Chad Soper, RUN OUT! POKANA IS A MILE SHORT! Full in length outside off, Soper reaches out and drills it towards wide long off before turning back for the second. Evans in the deep swiftly runs in, collects the ball and fires an accurate throw at the bowler's end before Wheal does the rest to catch Soper well and truly short! Nosaina Pokana run out (Evans/Wheal) 1 (1b 0x4 0x6) 
18.3 Bradley Wheal to Nosaina Pokana, fired into the blockhole just around off, Pokana brings his bat down to jam it into the covers as he races across for a run.
18.2 Bradley Wheal to Chad Soper, pulls his length back outside off this time, Soper reaches out and drags it through mid-wicket for a single into the deep.
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