Perth Scorchers 183/4 (20 ov)
Sydney Sixers 97/10 (16.4 ov)
Scorchers won by 86 runs
Player of the match: Mitchell Marsh
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Mitchell Marsh is the man of the match for his innings of 57(27)* and for match-winning figures of 1/12 in 2 overs
Perth Scorchers win the match by 86 runs

A comprehensive victory for the home side. Everything went their way and they skittled out Sixers cheaply to win the match and go up top to the 6th position on the table. A really good all-round team performance and a morale-boosting win for them 

Sydney Sixers had a rather shaky start. They were off to losing an early wicket in the form of Josh Phillipe. Vince too followed suit as he got a little tickle behind the keeper, Josh Inglis. Daniel Huges stuck out in the middle for quite some time, but he too departed after handing Roy a straight forward catch.

Jack Edwards stayed out strong there in the middle and almost looked like he was going to take his side home, but ran short of partners. Jordan Silk and Dan Christian fell for ducks and Carlos Brathwaite too, couldn't stick around for long. In the end, hoping against hope, Edwards looked to take the aerial route but was caught by Roy, who was exceptional out in the field today after having a bad day with the bat in hand.

The tail was cleaned up cleanly by the pacers as they ended Steve O'Keefe's resistance and dismissed Pope and Ball out cheaply and winning the match, their third win in a row

The Scorchers bowling unit put together a really good effort with the ball in hand. Andrew Tye picked up 4 wickets and Jhye Richardson took 3 wickets as they were instrumental in skittling out Sydney Sixers for a paltry score 97 all out
16.4 Andrew Tye to Lloyd Pope, OUT! CAUGHT! ALL OVER FOR SIXERS! Full delivery into Pope on the leg stump line as he backs away to give some room and hits it straight up in the air and Tye says it's mine and holds on to it.

What a comprehensive victory for Scorchers as they completely outplayed the Sydney Sixers tonight and beat them by 86 runs!
16.3 Andrew Tye to Jackson Bird, a yorker on the middle and leg. Bird does well to get in line to tuck it away on the on-side towards fine-leg for a single
16.2 Andrew Tye to Jackson Bird, back of a length delivery outside off. Bird once again goes for the drive on the up and is beaten this time
16.1 Andrew Tye to Jackson Bird, FOUR! SHOT! Full delivery outside off as Bird gets to the line of the delivery and drives it on the up, between the gap of mid-off and extra cover for a boundary
A cracker over and the end of a spectacular spell from Jhye Richardson. Got Jake Ball in the over and was whiskers close when he could have got Llyod Pope twice in the over.

Andrew Tye to bowl his last over of the spell
92 /9 score
cricket ball icon Jhye Richardson
15.6 Jhye Richardson to Lloyd Pope, OH MY WORD! How did that miss the stumps? Comes around the wicket and bowls another smearing yorker on the leg stump line as Pope been completely deceived by it and it misses the stumps as well, through to the keeper!
15.5 Jhye Richardson to Lloyd Pope, OH! A bouncer now as Pope sways away from by ducking under it and it goes through to the keeper's gloves
15.4 Jhye Richardson to Lloyd Pope, OH! Another yorker on the middle and off as Pope successfully digs that one out to deny another wicket for Richardson
Ball is dismissed the same way as Steve O'Keefe. Gets the ball full and straight at the stumps and the ball dislodges his middle peg on that occasion. 9th wicket falls

Llyod Pope, RHB, walks out in the middle
15.3 Jhye Richardson to Jake Ball, OUT! CLEANED HIM UP! Full delivery into Ball who had no clue about that one as he fails to get any bat on that and that goes through to crash into the stumps. Sixers are in fear of getting bowled out here!
15.2 Jhye Richardson to Jackson Bird, back of a length delivery into Bird as he tucks this one on the on-side, scampers through for a quick single
15.1 Jhye Richardson to Jackson Bird, back of a length delivery, climbed onto Bird as he moves across to play it but ends up dabbing it on the off-side as he was surprised by the bounce of that
Another wicket falls for Sixers as a yorker from Andrew Tye seals the deal for the Scorchers. Jake Ball gets a boundary off the edge in the over, but that's not enough as the Sixers now need 93 runs in 30 balls

Jhye Richardson to bowl the final over of his spell
91 /8 score
cricket ball icon Andrew Tye
14.6 Andrew Tye to Jake Ball, full toss, almost a yorker but Ball hits that one on the full toss towards mid-wicket region, no run
14.5 Andrew Tye to Jake Ball, short delivery, a bumper from Tye as Ball goes for the hook shot and misses it completely, through to the keeper's gloves
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