Rajasthan 154/9 (20 ov)
Tamil Nadu 158/3 (18.4 ov)
Tamil Nadu won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Arun Karthik
As for Tamil Nadu, they will be proud of the effort again as they continue to march on undefeated! They do have a certain areas to look into as well, with all those risky singles and troubles at the top with the new ball for the batsmen. However, they have been getting the results so they will be high on confidence to go on and win that Trophy! Who of Baroda or Punjab will they face? We'll find out in the second-semifinal as the day progresses. That is it from this game as this is Rishab and my partner Vashist taking your leave! 
Rajasthan have only themselves to blame for. They had their share of opportunities in the middle, which had they taken, could have made a huge difference to the result! Sloppiness in the field costing them the game and a potential place in the finals. That run-out of DK which was missed became the game changing moment. Even towards the end, two chances off two consecutive deliveries being put down off Khaleel's bowling and that showed that they had pretty much accepted defeat already, with that sort of a body language! Poor cricket that and they will be disappointed, but have a lot of thinking to do. They could have finished much better with the bat as well and the extra runs would have been of some real help! 
Rajasthan started really well picking two early wickets with that swinging new ball, that troubled the Tamil Nadu batsmen yet again. But they needed to continue to maintain the pressure which they failed to as Tamil Nadu kept scoring the runs. They got important partnerships that eventually took them through, a good mix of attacking and sensible batting. 
Tamil Nadu continue to be invincible! Yet another comprehensive victory and yet another final for them! A fantastic knock from Arun Karthik! unbeaten on 89! He came in when Tamil Nadu were in some early trouble. But he batted so sensibly and played some great shots throughout his innings, setting the tone of this chase with an important partnership first with Jagadeesan, and then with his skipper DK! Brilliant batting that, and they did have a lot of luck going their way in the chase, but you still cannot take anything away from them for the way they have gone about their business! 
Tamil Nadu will continue their unbeaten run once again! Into yet another final in style! Way too easy in the end there and what a knock it has been from Arun Karthik this! Anchoring the chase and quite convincing for them in the end! 7 wickets and 8 deliveries to spare. So they will be the first finalists of this year's SMAT! 
18.4 Aniket Choudhary to Arun Karthik, FOURS TO RECKON WITH IS KARTHIK! short on leg and pulled late and with timing behind the wicket! Tamil Nadu win by 7 wickets.
18.3 Aniket Choudhary to Arun Karthik, full on middle and loses shape on that slog, no run 
18.2 Aniket Choudhary to Arun Karthik, short and pulverised through the cover after making some room! Four! He's made it a habit now. A good habit. 
18.1 Aniket Choudhary to Arun Karthik, wide, pacy yorker that misses Karthik's steering blade, through to the keeper 
Another opportunity gone down there and looks like Rajasthan have given up already! Two misses again in two deliveries! Simple opportunities and it could have been a twist in the tale! Tamil Nadu have been very lucky in this chase! No luck for Khaleel though and that is disheartening as a bowler. And quite clearly, it's affected his lengths! Back to back boundaries and Tamil Nadu and Arun Karthik having some fun there! Just 5 needed off 12 now

Aniket to continue
Over: 18 | Summary: 0 1 1 4 4 1 Bowler: Khaleel Ahmed Score: 150/3
17.6 Khaleel Ahmed to Arun Karthik, banged in on middle and worked away smartly into the leg side for one 
17.5 Khaleel Ahmed to Arun Karthik, FOUR! Again! goes wider with the cutter into Karthik who simply hops and helps it along its way with some West Indian flair 
17.4 Khaleel Ahmed to Arun Karthik, FOUR! touch short and uses the angle with a guiding pull shot fine of square leg. Not the best timing but placement is on point. 
17.3 Khaleel Ahmed to Dinesh Karthik, slower one on middle, turns it away with no fuss for a single 
17.2 Khaleel Ahmed to Arun Karthik, Dropped again! bangs it on off, tries to guide it over third man who jumps and drops a fairly easy chance
17.1 Khaleel Ahmed to Arun Karthik, length ball outside off from wide of the crease, Karthik goes for the booming loft over cover, edges it to the keeper who drops it! 
Nothing silly to do now and this is sensible from Tamil Nadu. They don't need to do much and good rotation of strike there. Missed opportunities have cost Rajasthan this game! 

Khaleel to continue
Over: 17 | Summary: 0 1 1 1 1 1 Bowler: Ravi Bishnoi Score: 139/3
16.6 Ravi Bishnoi to Arun Karthik, googly outside off, takes the inner half of Karthik's blade in that drive, one run
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