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AEW Dynamite Live Results: Dynamite Updates & Highlights (15th September 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 16, 2021 02:55 GMT

What message will The American Dragon have for Kenny Omega?


02:16 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

02:02 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

The show goes off the air with them still brawling. 

With that, the show is done and another AEW Dynamite show ended well for the fans. 

With that being said, thanks for joining us today, and stay tuned here for the full results from the night. Then be sure to join us on The Debrief, as we round up AEW Dynamite as well as NXT 2.0. 

02:00 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Jon Moxley and Minoru Suzuki brawl and things are just breaking down. 

01:59 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Lance Archer takes Kingston out and Moxley and Suzuki start brawling. 

01:58 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

01:58 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Suzuki makes his way down to the ring and it's clear that he's not happy with Jon. -

01:57 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

They are interrupted by Minoru Suzuki's music. He's not going to let them celebrate. 

01:56 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

01:56 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Daniel Garcia gets thrown out of the ring by Kingston, who takes out 2.0 and Moxley comes in. 

Moxley and Kingston hit the assisted German Suplex on Parker and that's it.

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston defeat 2.0

01:52 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

01:52 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

01:51 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Jon Moxley sends Garcia into the steps, but he is attacked by 2.0. 

01:50 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Jon Moxley and Eddie are attacked by 2.0, but Moxley fights them off and starts the match alone. He's looking strong as he beats them down. 

01:49 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston vs 2.0

01:41 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Danielson says that Omega has lost himself, and asks him to answer the challenge. 

Kenny Omega appears to hesitate and then asks if Danielson wants the Best Bout Machine and the God of Pro Wrestling.

Omega answers yes. 

01:40 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Bryan Danielson asks to give the fans what they want - Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson. 

Don Callis says no chance, but Danielson tells him to shut up.

He says he came to fight Kenny Omega, but all he's seen is someone who hangs out with goofy stooges and lets others talk for him. 

01:36 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Before Danielson can begin, he's interrupted by Don CAllis and Kenny Omega. 

01:35 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Bryan Danielson is here to address the crowd. 

01:33 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

They take out Sting and wipe down his face paint.

01:32 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Tully Blanchard attacks Sting with a steel chair.

01:31 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

FTR start brawling with Sting and Darby. 

01:31 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

01:31 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Spears looks for the Death Valley Driver on the steps, but Darby knocks him down on it and then hits the Tope Suicida and then the Coffin Drop.

That's it.

Darby Allin defeats Shawn Spears

01:30 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

01:30 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Darby hits the sudden Code Red, but Spears kicks out. Darby goes for the Coffin Drop, but Spears stops him.

Darby attacks the knee on the top rope, but Spears drops him down. 

01:28 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

01:27 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

01:26 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

01:26 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

01:25 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Tully causes a distraction as he stops Darby's dive. 

Spears takes out the knee of Darby on the apron and he lands on his head. 

Shawn puts some water on a cloth and tries to rub the face paint off of Allin. 

01:24 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

01:24 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

01:24 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Spears hits multiple knees to Darby's head against the steps. 

Spears charges, but Darby moves out of the way and Spears is hurt. 

01:23 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Sting is at ringside as he watches Shawn throw Darby into the steps. 

01:23 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Shawn Spears stomps down Darby Allin and things are already kicking off hard and fast. 

01:23 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Shawn Spears vs Darby Allin

01:16 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Hobbs chokeslams Punk through the announce table. 

Team Taz has sent a message. 

01:15 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Team Taz choke him out and destroy Punk. 

01:15 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

CM Punk is called out by Taz, but Powerhouse Hobbs attacks him from behind. 

01:14 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

01:14 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Andrade talks about how Chavo caused interruptions in his match that he didn't ask for, and says that Chavo was not the boss. 

Chavo was attacked by Andrade for that reason. 

01:13 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Jade hits the big boot after avoiding a dive and then hits the Jade Slam. 

Jade Cargill defeats Leyla Hirsch

01:11 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Leyla tries a sleeper hold, but Jade drops her down. She tries the Big Boot, but Leyla avoids it and hits the German Suplex. 

01:08 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Jade Cargill hits a powerbomb as the match continues. 

01:07 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

Jade Cargill vs Leyla Hirsch

Jade and Leyla begin to square off and Leyla is looking good early on before Jade takes her to the corner and starts an assault. 

Leyla assaults Cargill and hits the double knees and the dropkick in the corner. 

01:03 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

01:03 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

He said that he had a shoot fight with the "raging Bill" backstage months back. 

Jericho and Lambert agree to a fight in an upcoming match. 

01:02 (GMT)16 SEP 2021

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