LSG vs KKR Live Score Updates IPL 2024, 54th Game

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23:50 (IST)5 MAY 2024

That's all from us for now. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. It will be Monday blues tomorrow, but the IPL will ensure that you can get back home to some entertainment. Mumbai Indians will hose Sunrisers Hyderabad at the Wankhede Stadium tomorrow. Do join us for that. Until then, this is Bala and Rajarshi signing off. Goodnight!

23:48 (IST)5 MAY 2024

Right then. It was a dream night for the Knight Riders, with everything they did turning into gold. They have had two victories around the 100 runs margin, which means that the net run rate is stupendous compared to the other sides. They have the same points as Rajasthan Royals at the moment, though they have played an extra game. This is yet another step in the right direction for them, to finish in the top two.

The same cannot be said about the Super Giants though. They have dropped behind Sunrisers Hyderabad who still have a game in hand. With the pounding that their net run rate has taken, they would need to qualify on the basis of points and it would be a tooth and nail fight for them from hereon.

23:45 (IST)5 MAY 2024

Sunil Narine (Player of the Match): The most important in batting is starting well. We have the backing of the team and that's really important. Hoping to continue it for the rest of the tournament. You have to pick your strengths, the balls you might take on or those you wouldn't. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. It is going very well, Varun is picking up wickets, and my job easier. He is a hard worker, always trying to do better. The boys are up and running, anxious and eager to play cricket. They are ready to take on any situation and come out on top of it.

23:43 (IST)5 MAY 2024

Shreyas Iyer (Kolkata Knight Riders captain): For the last 6 matches, the boys in the dressing room have created havoc. They were asking why we haven't been winning the toss, but we have been winning matches, haven't we. We don't assess the wicket in first 6 overs. If we have got good start, we go according to that. Sunil said in the timeout that anything close to 200 is a good score. Anything more is an icing on the cake. The way they have been continuing to contribute has been phenomenal. We have to be flexible in the batting order, with the left-right combination. The bowlers have to change their plans and it affects their composure. You will see that everyone is padded up in the dugout. There is no pressure at all, the intent and mindset of the team will be positive. Sometimes it doesn't happen, but most of the time it has. The starts that they have giving us, magnificient. The strokes that they play, it's pure bliss. Hope that they keep this continuing and we are at the back to see to it that we get to a good total.

23:28 (IST)5 MAY 2024

Harshit Rana (Kolkata Knight Riders): We didn't want to leave anything behind, and had a clear idea of qualifying from here itself. We played our cricket accordingly. Our coaches told us to hit hard lengths, try nothing extra. I focused on that and received benefits from it. I've concentrated a lot on improving on my bowling, had talked to quite a lot of people about it. (On Russell the bowler in those middle overs) Helps a lot, because once he picks up wickets in the middle overs, the momentum shifts towards us.

23:26 (IST)5 MAY 2024

KL Rahul (Lucknow Super Giants captain): It was a lot of runs to be scored, when you chase a big total you try to go too hard and lose wickets. Just a poor performance overall. Poor performance with bat, ball and field. We've seen how Sunil Narine and Phil Salt bat in the powerplay, they put a lot of pressure. The young bowlers couldn't handle the pressure - he hit some really good shots. That's the IPL, you come up against some great players, your character is tested, and we just weren't up to the mark today. The wicket was really good, felt like a true wicket. Was a bit of bounce, but nothing out of the ordinary. 235 was probably 20-30 runs above par. Our batting was really poor, but that's what happens when you are up against a tall total. We prepare well in advance and talk about opposition batters, spend time talking to the players and see what kind of plans we can come up. We went wrong with our execution. The sooner we learn, the better it is. We made a couple of mistakes coming up against batters like Sunil (Narine). Try and move on from this game, see where we went wrong, try and get better, we're on the road for the next three games. We have to win all three games to be in the top four, that will give us a bit of freedom and be a bit more fearless.

23:19 (IST)5 MAY 2024

Kolkata Knight Riders beat Lucknow Super Giants by 98 runs!

Lucknow Super Giants 137/10 (16.1 overs)
Marcus Stoinis 36(21) | KL Rahul 25(21)
Harshit Rana 3/24 (3.1) | Varun Chakravarthy 3/30 (3)

That is a victory margin of humongous proportions for the Knight Riders. They win the game in style and propel themselves to the top of the table. On the other side of the result are the Lucknow Super Giants. They have had a massive humbling in their last home game, with the net run rate taking a massive dent. This could prove to be decisive if three teams end up with the same points at the end of the league stage.

It was Kolkata Knight Riders all the way, wasn't it. It never felt like LSG were in the game right from the word go. After the batters went berserk and scored 235 runs, they knew that it would take a stupendous effort from the LSG top-order to get anywhere close to the target. And that was not forthcoming tonight. The move to open with an inexperienced Arshin Kulkarni against the likes of Mitchell Starc was certainly questionable, but that was just the start of it.

Nobody apart from Marcus Stoinis got going in that LSG line-up. KL Rahul had a slow start and failed to convert it yet again, falling just when he was starting to open up. He might look back and feel that this has happened more often than a team can afford. Most of us expected Nicholas Pooran to walk in at #4 with the prospect of chasing this mammoth total, but the management decided to send Deepak Hooda in. He too did not survive long. By the time Pooran came in, wickets were falling all around him and the required rate was creeping up rapidly.

When you've got to play attacking cricket against the likes of Narine and Chakravarthy, you are bound to fail more often than not. And that's just what happened in the middle-overs. It was just a procession as the batters tried to go after them and fell to the fielders in the deep. Harshit Rana also reaped the rewards of some tight bowling at the other end, which ensured that the batters were forced to take their chances. And in between all this, Andre Russell bowled a valuable spell, dismissing the two key batters of the opposition - Marcus Stoinis and Nicholas Pooran.

It was a commendable performance by the Knight Riders. They were clinical with both the bat and the ball. The side just showed us why they belong to the top of that table.

23:15 (IST)5 MAY 2024

16.1 Harshit Rana to Ravi Bishno

APPEAL FOR LBW, AND THE UMPIRE'S FINGER IS UP! Rana does Bishnoi with the slower one, landing this on a fullish length outside off. Bishnoi, early onto it, misses, is struck on the front pad, and that might well be it! Bishnoi refers this one, though...

Nothing on ultra-edge as the ball passes the bat. All good on the pitching of the ball and impact... umpire's call as the ball clips the leg stump as per ball-tracking. The Kolkata Knight Riders have done the double over the Lucknow Super Giants in the 2024 Indian Premier League!

Ravi Bishnoi LBW b Harshit Rana 2 (3b, 0x4, 0x6)

23:12 (IST)5 MAY 2024

Time for Strategic Timeout!

Well, not sure what  LSG would be discussing during this strategic timeout. They are well and truly out of this now, and the net run rate is going to get a serious dent. Things never got going for them, the Knight Riders were just too good tonight.

23:11 (IST)5 MAY 2024

End of over 16 (7 runs), Lucknow Super Giants 137/9

Yudhvir Singh Charak 7(7)
Ravi Bishnoi 2(2)
Varun Chakravarthy 30/3

23:11 (IST)5 MAY 2024

15.6 Varun Chakravarthy to Yudhvir Singh Charak

THREE FOR CHAKRAVARTHY! He floats this one up generously as well, but this one was bowled much slower. Bit of away-spin as well as Charak goes for a slog, gets a top-edge, and Russell at cover-point makes no mistake!

Yudhvir Singh Charak c Andre Russell b Varun Chakravarthy Vinod 7 (7b, 0x4, 1x6)

23:11 (IST)5 MAY 2024

15.5 Varun Chakravarthy to Yudhvir Singh Charak

on a length wide of off, dabbed towards the man at cover

23:10 (IST)5 MAY 2024

15.4 Varun Chakravarthy to Yudhvir Singh Charak

SIX! Charak gets hold of this one! Tossed up generously outside off, Charak lines this one up, has a slog, and proceeds to find the seats wide of long on!

23:10 (IST)5 MAY 2024

15.3 Varun Chakravarthy to Yudhvir Singh Charak

quicker, on a length outside off, this one turns a touch away from Charak, who fends at it and is beaten

23:10 (IST)5 MAY 2024

15.2 Varun Chakravarthy to Yudhvir Singh Charak

floated up outside off stump, this one turned back in and crept past Charak's inside edge as he had a blind slog and missed. Salt did well to keep his eye on it and gather

23:09 (IST)5 MAY 2024

15.1 Varun Chakravarthy to Ravi Bishno

floated up outside off stump, Bishnoi looks to slog, doesn't get all of this. Just a single to the man at long on

23:09 (IST)5 MAY 2024

Harshit Rana certainly seems to have some wheels on him. He really hurried Krunal Pandya with that bouncer to take the edge. The young pacer has been quite a useful addition to this KKR bowling line-up.

23:08 (IST)5 MAY 2024

End of over 15 (5 runs), Lucknow Super Giants 130/8

Yudhvir Singh Charak 1(2)
Ravi Bishnoi 1(1)
Harshit Rana 24/2

23:08 (IST)5 MAY 2024

14.6 Harshit Rana to Yudhvir Singh Charak

short ball on off stump at pace, Charak moves away and looks to pull, is done for pace

23:07 (IST)5 MAY 2024

14.5 Harshit Rana to Ravi Bishno

full, just outside off stump, Bishnoi has a heave across the line and gets an inside edge past leg stump. Just a single to the man at deep fine

23:07 (IST)5 MAY 2024

Ravi Bishnoi, RHB, comes in at #10

23:05 (IST)5 MAY 2024

14.4 Harshit Rana to Krunal Pandya

GONE THIS TIME! The pacy short ball works for Harshit Rana - very similar to the Raghuvanshi wicket from earlier today. This one decked into Pandya, who looked to dab it over third, the ball went finely off the bat, and Salt did well to leap and grab this safely!

Krunal Pandya c Phil Salt b Harshit Rana 5 (6b, 0x4, 0x6)

23:04 (IST)5 MAY 2024

14.3 Harshit Rana to Krunal Pandya

in the air... put down! Rana did Pandya in for lack of pace - this was the off-cutter pitched up outside off, Pandya looked to hoist this down the ground but got far too much height. Shreyas at mid off pedaled back, got under this one but failed to latch on!

23:04 (IST)5 MAY 2024

14.2 Harshit Rana to Yudhvir Singh Charak

back of a length outside off, steered past the left of a diving backward point for a run

23:03 (IST)5 MAY 2024

14.1 Harshit Rana to Krunal Pandya

back of a length outside off, Pandya looked to have a heave at it, got it behind square off the inside half of the bat. Just a single

23:02 (IST)5 MAY 2024

Yudhvir Singh Charak, RHB, comes out to the middle.

It will be Harshit Rana [2.0-0-19-1] with the ball.

23:02 (IST)5 MAY 2024

During the Knight Riders' innings, Shreyas Iyer was starting to look dangerous towards the death overs. It took a mesmerising take by KL Rahul diving to his wrong side to dismiss his opposite number. Watch how KL Rahul pulled off this blinder!

23:02 (IST)5 MAY 2024

When it's not your day, it's just not your day, isn't it? How many times do you see such a dismissal? But it just defines the kind of day LSG has had today.

23:00 (IST)5 MAY 2024

End of over 14 (14 runs), Lucknow Super Giants 125/7

Ashton Turner 16(9)
Krunal Pandya 2(3)
Varun Chakravarthy 23/2

23:00 (IST)5 MAY 2024

13.6 Varun Chakravarthy to Ashton Turner

is this a legitimate return catch? This was bowled quicker on a length outside off, Turner looked to smash this over the off side, got an inside edge, the ball lobbed back towards Chakravarthy, who gathered it having gotten low. We'll be going upstairs for this...

Replays suggest that Turner inside edged this onto his own boot. The ball lobbed off it, and there was no doubt about the catch in the first place. Chakravarthy has his man!

Ashton Turner c & b Varun Chakravarthy Vinod 16 (9b, 0x4, 2x6) 

22:59 (IST)5 MAY 2024

13.5 Varun Chakravarthy to Ashton Turner

SIX MORE! This one's gone longer! Floated up outside off stump, this one drifted into Turner as he got on one knee and slogged this into the first tier at cow corner!

22:58 (IST)5 MAY 2024

13.4 Varun Chakravarthy to Krunal Pandya

short of a length outside off, Pandya rocks back, cuts and finds the man at deep point. Just one

22:58 (IST)5 MAY 2024

13.3 Varun Chakravarthy to Krunal Pandya

on a length outside off, Pandya has a swipe across the line from his crease, but finds the man at mid wicket with it

22:58 (IST)5 MAY 2024

13.2 Varun Chakravarthy to Ashton Turner

full outside off, Turner stays deep in his crease and dabs this towards cover. Just one

22:57 (IST)5 MAY 2024

13.1 Varun Chakravarthy to Ashton Turner

SIX! Turner's going to go down swinging! Floated full outside off, Turner gets on one knee, has a slog and clears deep mid wicket with it

22:57 (IST)5 MAY 2024

Varun Chakravarthy [1.0-0-9-1] comes back into the attack. LSG will be eyeing to minimize the damage to their net run rate now.

22:56 (IST)5 MAY 2024

End of Sunil Narine's spell. He just takes his cap back and goes to his position in the field, no emotions, just another day at the office for him.

22:56 (IST)5 MAY 2024

End of over 13 (4 runs), Lucknow Super Giants 111/6

Ashton Turner 3(5)
Krunal Pandya 1(1)
Sunil Narine 22/1

22:56 (IST)5 MAY 2024

12.6 Sunil Narine to Ashton Turner

on a length outside off, Turner steers this one just behind point. Just a single to the man in the deep. Narine's done for the day

22:56 (IST)5 MAY 2024

12.5 Sunil Narine to Ashton Turner

on a length on middle, Turner made room but could only slice it towards the man at cover

22:55 (IST)5 MAY 2024

12.4 Sunil Narine to Krunal Pandya

length delivery just outside off, chopped just behind point for a quick run

22:55 (IST)5 MAY 2024

Krunal Pandya, LHB, comes in at #8. They have got a slip in place.

22:54 (IST)5 MAY 2024

It was just a matter of time. The required rate was going up and they had to take the chance.

22:54 (IST)5 MAY 2024

12.3 Sunil Narine to Ayush Badon

TAKEN! Well-judged catch by Mitchell Starc at long off! Badoni chose the wrong delivery to run down the wicket to - Narine landed this quickly on a length outside off, the ball turned away from Badoni a touch as well as he had a swing aiming for the area down the ground. The ball descended in front of Starc as he ran in from the ropes, and he got low to grab this safely with both hands

Ayush Badoni c Mitchell Starc b Sunil Narine 15 (12b, 0x4, 1x6)

22:53 (IST)5 MAY 2024

12.2 Sunil Narine to Ashton Turner

flatter on a length around middle and off. Turner made room, and turned this towards the leg side for a run

22:52 (IST)5 MAY 2024

12.1 Sunil Narine to Ayush Badon

on a fuller length around off, Badoni leans on top of this and punches it towards long on for a run

22:52 (IST)5 MAY 2024

At the end of 12 overs, half of the LSG batting line-up is back in the hut and the required rate is above 16 runs an over. They would be mindful of the fact that they would fall behind Sunrisers Hyderabad in case they lose this by a big margin.

22:51 (IST)5 MAY 2024

End of over 12 (7 runs), Lucknow Super Giants 107/5

Ayush Badoni 14(10)
Ashton Turner 1(2)
Andre Russell 17/2
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