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WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results: NXT 2.0 Updates & Highlights (30th November 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 01, 2021 03:32 GMT

Who will gain the advantage for WarGames?


03:08 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Tune in with us this Sunday for WarGames!!! Will the new blood top the old guard of NXT? Can the former Champs beat the ladies with all the gold in their WarGames match???

03:08 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Full Results for NXT 2.0 for November 30th, 2021.
Kay Lee Ray defeats Dakota Kai by retrieving WarGames advantage briefcase.
Cameron Grimes defeats Andre Chase by pin.
Kyle O'Reilly/Von Wagner defeat Legado Del Fantasma by pin.
Joe Gacy defeats talent by pin before Diamond Mine interrupts All-Inclusive Invitational.
Solo Sikoa defeats Edris Enofe by pin.
Persia Pirotta/Indi Hartwell defeat Valentina Feroz/Yulisa Leon by pin.
Bron Breakker defeats Johnny Gargano by retrieving WarGames advantage briefcase.

03:02 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

03:00 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Before they can celebrate, the youngsters stand in the ring. Ciampa puts his title down and the "old guard" storms the ring. The show goes off the air with a brawl. 

02:59 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Bron puts Johnny on the top and hits a Frankensteiner to leave both men down. Bron sets up a ladder but Gargano counters into a spinning DDT. Both men get up and climb the ladder. They meet at the top and Gargano busts Breakker in the face with the briefcase. If knocks him off for a minute, but Bron pulls Gargs off and lands a power slam. He climbs the ladder and retrieves the briefcase.
Result - Bron Breakker defeats Johnny Gargano by retrieving WarGames advantage case.

02:56 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Gargano sets a ladder up on top of a turnbuckle. He suckers Bron into rushing him and Bron goes head-first into the ladder. Breakker regains himself and puts Gargano on top of a ladder. He carries both to the middle of the ring, but Gargs jumps off. He kicks Bron a few times, knocking him over. He goes for a superkick but Bron flips him off. Gargano lands a thunderous superkick to knock Bron down.

02:54 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Breakker shoulder blocks the ladder as Gargs is trying to set it up. It sends Gargano down. Breakker sends Johnny onto the ladder with a belly-to-belly suplex. Bron lays Gargano on the ladder and goes to the top turnbuckle. He attempts a side Senton onto Gargano but misses.

02:52 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

During the commercial, Gargano threw Bron through part of the announce table. They're both on the ladder before Gargano falls off. He knocks Breakker off the ladder by pushing it over. Bron falls out of the ring. 

02:49 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Breakker flies over the announce table just as we head off to the ad break.

02:48 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

The action heads back into the ring and Breakker comes out on top after catching Gargs for a snap body slam. Bron climbs the ladder but comes down when he sees Johnny on the apron. Gargs lands a slingshot spear but is pulled off the ladder quickly. Johnny hits Bron with the ladder.

02:47 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Breakker uses his size early on but Gargs lands a slingshot crossbody on the outside. He goes for a ladder but Breakker stops him. He puts him on his shoulders and drops Gargs face-first on the ring apron.

02:45 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Main event time!!! Johnny Gargs takes on Baby Steiner for the WarGames advantage. 

02:37 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

02:36 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Persia hits Snake Eyes on Leon before landing a spinning TKO for the win.
Result - Persia Pirotta/Indi Hartwell defeat Valentina Feroz/Yulisa Leon by pin.

02:35 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Persia Pirotta takes on Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz. I say Persia only because Indi's head is elsewhere. Feroz starts off with Indi and Feroz works on Indi's leg. Leon tags in and hits a nice dropkick off the top and a standing moonsault. She locks Indi in a single-leg crab but Indi crawls out to tag in Persia.

02:32 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

02:31 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

02:30 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

We then go backstage as Indi and Persia are preparing for a match. Hartwell gets a call from a doctor saying that Dexter is MIA from the hospital. Persia says "am I going to have to do this again like two weeks ago?", referencing how Indi is a space case without Dexter around.

02:29 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

As Sikoa raises his hand, Boa blindsides him. He attacks a bit before Enofe steps in. Boa turns his attention to Enofe until Sikoa sends him out of the ring. Sikoa helps Enofe up after the encounter.

02:27 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Sikoa hits a kick off the ropes and then lands some strikes in the middle. He lands a Senton for another near fall. Enofe lands a series of moves, including a flying crossbody. He hits a DDT before climbing the ropes. He whiffs on a 450 splash and Sikoa lands a pop-up Samoan Drop. He then hits the signature Uso splash for the win.
Result - Solo Sikoa defeats Edris Enofe by pin.

02:25 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Robert Stone appears in the entrance area to "scout" Sikoa and Enofe. They have to stop releasing his stablemates, or, ya know, give him legit stars. Sikoa hits a spinning Uranage for a one count. Enofe hits a kick and then a standing moonsault for a one count. He gets another near fall.

02:23 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Solo Sikoa takes on Edris Enofe. Enofe calls him the Epitome of Excellence. There's a whole family in Canada that would like a word with you, Enofe. I think they like pink and black.

02:20 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

We also get another vignette for the spoiled Tiffany Stratton. Yay.

02:19 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

02:19 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Solo Sikoa cuts the usual Usos/Sikoa "tough guy" promo before he is interrupted by a rambling Boa. He walks off, saying that he can't help Boa cuz he doesn't "speak yo language."

02:18 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

The little guy lands a few kicks on Gacy before Gacy takes over. He hits a slam and a reverse uranage for the quick win. He picks the little guy up and hugs him. As Gacy tries to lock up with the lady, Diamond Mine interrupts him. He asks Bivens to let Strong talk, but Strong just decks him. This causes Gacy to fight back and hit his finisher on Roddy. The Creeds jump in the ring but Harland pulls Gacy out before the (trademarked) "damned numbers game" overtakes the Purveyor of Inclusivity.

02:12 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Gacy also calls WarGames "NXT's Conflict Resolution".

02:11 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Joe Gacy is out for his "Joe Gacy's All-Inclusive Invitational". In the ring are a smaller guy, a house of a man, and a lady.

02:04 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

02:03 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

02:03 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Wilde and KOR engage in a slugfest in the middle of the ring. After a series of counters, Wilde hits KOR with a DDT. Wilde slaps Wagner to distract the ref, but he pulls the ropes down as Mendoza goes for a move. Wagner and KOR hit a High/Low for the win.
Result - Kyle O'Reilly/Von Wagner defeat Legado Del Fantasma by pin.

02:01 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

KOR tags in the big man and he lands some power moves, including a power slam and flatliner. He hits an Olympic Slam for two. Mendoza turns the tides by hitting a rope-assisted missile dropkick.

01:59 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Quinn walks towards Santos Escobar but he puts Elektra Lopez in the way. He eyeballs Lopez before attacking Escobar. Mendoza distracts KOR, kicking him off of it. Wilde tags Raul in and they hit a series of tags before landing a suplex, springboard plancha combo for a two-count.

01:56 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

01:54 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Wilde gets a pin attempt on KOR before tagging Mendoza back in. Wagner hits a leapfrog on Legado before hitting a German Suplex pin attempt. As he does that, Xyon Quinn comes out. Could he be here to help or hurt Legado?? They'd be much more formidable with a heavy hitter. His nickname is the Samoan Ghost after all.

01:52 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Beth says that Barrett's opinion is "always skewed", unlike her obsession with InDex. Gross.

01:51 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Von Wagner and Raul Mendoza start things off. The crowd is chanting for Legado early on. Wagner lands a flying shoulder block before tagging in KOR.

01:49 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

MSK is still on the search for the Shaman. After the GPS calls Nash a "dip***t, they get out of the car to meet the person. Is this going to be a whole hallucination dream cuz of their, um, edibles??

01:46 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

01:43 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Up next is the match to determine the opponent for Imperium at WarGames. Will it be Legado Del Fantasma or Kyle O'Reilly and Cro Magnum Wagner????

01:42 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Gargs calls Breakker the "Big Bad Booty Nephew." Love it. The crowd starts to chant it too. Gargs dares Bron to leave his team in the back and he obliges.

01:40 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Bron Breakker will represent the new blood in the ladder match. 

01:39 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

01:39 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Edris Enofe will face Solo Sikoa in his debut match tonight. Both are "fighters" so this should be interesting . . .

01:31 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Johnny Gargano is revealed as the participant for the OG NXT Team. We'll find out who represents the new breed next.

01:30 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

01:30 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

After Hudson is done with his promo, Grimes tosses Andre Chase back into the ring. He gets a razor from under the ring but one of the Chase U students pulls Andre out harm's way.

01:28 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Duke Hudson shows up in the random perch that NXT 2.0 stars show up on. He shows some pre-made graphics of Grimes with various haircuts. We get the Karen Grimes, Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber, and another one. The last one is Bald Grimes.

01:27 (GMT)1 DEC 2021

Andre Chase pulls Grimes down by his hair. He lands a swinging neck breaker for a two-count. Grimes turns the tables and lands a kick to the face of Chase. He hits the Cave-In for the quick win.
Result - Cameron Grimes defeats Andre Chase by pin.
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