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  • WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (18th May 2021)

WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (18th May 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 19, 2021 02:47 GMT

Will The Colossal One dethrone Gargano?


02:11 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

This is Matt Serocki, signing off!!! Tune in next week for Balor/Kross 2 and the NXT debut match of Franky Monet!

02:11 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Full Results for NXT for May 18th, 2021
Toni Storm defeats Zoey Stark by pin.
Jake Atlas defeats Cameron Grimes by pin.
Killian Dain defeats Alexander Wolfe by pin.
Legado Del Fantasma defeats Tommaso Ciampa/Timothy Thatcher by pin.
Sarray defeats Aliyah by pin.
Hit Row defeats Tony Nese/Ariya Daivari by pin.
Bronson Reed defeats Johnny Gargano by pin to become NXT North American Champion.

02:08 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

02:08 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Reed is understandably emotional in the ring after his win. Whatta win for the Colossal One!!

02:06 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Reed tries to climb the cage and of course, Theory climbs up to stop him. Gargano regains his wits. Reed knocks both men off of the cage. Reed then hits a splash on Gargano's back. He then closes the cage door and hits another splash off of the top rope for the win.
Result: Bronson Reed defeats Johnny Gargano by pin to become new NXT North American Champion.

02:04 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Gargano climbs the cage and Reed gives chase. Reed sits on the top turnbuckle and Gargano climbs over him. Reed hits an Avalanche Power Bomb off the top rope.

02:03 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

The Champ goes for One Final Beat but is stopped by Reed. Reed goes for the door but Theory slams it into his face. Gargano hits a spinning DDT and gets a near fall. Things are heating up!!

02:03 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

02:02 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Gargano goes for the door after Theory opens it. He tries to pull his buddy out but Reed stops him. Reed hits a Yoko Bomb on Gargano's chest. Theory tries to stop Reed from leaving through the door.  The Champ hits a Poison Rana that takes out both men.

02:01 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

It takes a while but Reed makes a cover and gets a two count. Reed then attempts to climb the cage but is stopped by Gargs. He works on Reed's left knee and then climbs up. He slams Reed's face into the connectors of the cage. Gargano hits a Sunset Flip Bomb off the side of the cage and only gets a two count.

02:00 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Reed puts Gargs on his shoulders and then climbs to the second rope. He hits a Samoan Drop off the rope.

01:59 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Back from the break and Reed is sandwiched between Gargano and the cage. Johnny goes to the ropes to hit a move and outside the cage, Theory also hits Reed in unison. Near fall for the Champ. Reed fights on and powerslams Gargano. He then slingshots Gargano into the cage.

01:55 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Reed then attempts to climb the cage but Theory distracts him. As Reed is on the ropes, Gargano superkicks him and he gets crotched.

01:54 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

The Champ gets control and hits a moonsault off the side of the cage. He then attempts to climb out again but Reed pulls him down. Reed gets a near fall.

01:51 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Gargano tries to escape a few times but is stopped each time. Reed dominates early with his power.

01:51 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Gargs immediately goes for the door escape once the bell rings. With Austin Theory ringside, the odds are against Reed.

01:47 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Main Event time! Can Bronson Reed finally achieve Championship glory in NXT? He's ready!

01:41 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

01:41 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

After the match, Swerve says he's keeping his eye on the main event between Gargs and Reed. We go backstage and William Regal says MSK vs. Legado in two weeks. He also announces he's "bringing in several new names" to see who can hang with Kushida. He also announces Shotzi/Ember vs. Raquel/Dakota for next week.

01:40 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Top Dolla tags himself in before Adonis gets disqualified for overworking Daivari in the corner. Top Dolla hits an FU variant for the win.
Result: Hit Row defeats Nese/Daivari by pin.

01:37 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Looks like Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari get the honor. Haven't seen Top Dolla in action but he bullies the cruiserweights easily. After physically dominating the opponents, in comes Adonis.

01:33 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Hit Row's Ashante Adonis and Top Dolla are in action next! Who will they beat?

01:32 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

01:31 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

01:30 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Shotzi and Ember are "rebuilding" things after "stripping it down." Interesting choice of words.

01:28 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Sarray hits a German Suplex and then goes to the top rope. She hits a Missle Dropkick off the top and then another kick with Aliyah against the ropes. Sarray then hits her suplex for the win.
Result: Sarray defeats Aliyah by pin.

01:27 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Aliyah goes for a pin but Sarray hits a Matrix move to get out of it. Aliyah then tosses Sarray across the ring by her hair. She gets another near fall.

01:26 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Sarray goes for a handshake before the match. She doesn't have much luck as Sarray turns things around almost immediately. Kamea distracts Sarray as she goes to the ropes. 

01:25 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

01:25 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Robert Stone is in the ring in a fantastic maroon suit and hat. Aliyah is decked out in neon lime green. Jessi Kamea is in her usual black. Out comes Sarray for her win over Aliyah.

01:24 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

01:23 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Back to the spa with Indi and Candice.  A worker says Candice's credit card is declined. Says a florist charge put her over the limit. Indi puts it together that Candice bought the flowers. Indi is still excited that Dexter Lumis "still loves meeeeeeee!!!!!" Back at the CWC, Beth Phoenix is happy while Wade Barrett rolls his eyes.

01:18 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

After the match, Bobby Fish claims there is still a debt to be paid from his injury at WarGames. He wants Pete Dunne next week.

01:17 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Grizzled Young Vets come down and hit a move on Ciampa outside the ring. The ref doesn't see it and Legado hits their finisher for the win.
Result: Legado Del Fantasma defeat Tim Thatcher/Tommaso Ciampa by pin.

01:16 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Ciampa and Timmy tag in and out to control the action on Mendoza. He turns the tide briefly before Ciampa goes for his finisher again. Mendoza gets out of it and tags Wilde in before tagging himself back in. They hit some moves off the ropes for a near fall. They knock Thatcher off the ring apron. He pulls Mendoza out of the ring before getting hit with a torpe from Wilde.

01:13 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Mendoza goes for a flying shoulder block to Ciampa in the corner but misses, hitting the post. CIampa tags in Thatcher and he hits a lot of strikes before getting a near fall.

01:12 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Thatcher appears okay in the corner. Guess it was just a good sell job.

01:11 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

He goes for the Fairytale Ending but Wilde pulls him out. They get control on Ciampa and hits some tandem offense of the former NXT Champion. Earns a near fall.

01:10 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Ciampa is running wild in the ring, landing clotheslines on both members of Legado.

01:07 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

01:07 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Mendoza and Thatcher come in and exchange strikes. Mendoza kicks Thatcher in the chest hard three times before he catches the fourth kick attempt. He puts Mendoza in a leglock and Ciampa comes in and does the same. Some chaos ensues, leaving all four men on the ground heading into the commercial. Thatcher was grasping his wrist though. Hope he's okay.

01:03 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

In comes Thatcher and he puts Wilde into a Cravat. Wilde tags Mendoza in Timmy immediately locks in an armbar.

01:01 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Ciampa starts with Wilde and the action goes outside the ring immediately. He tosses Wilde into the plexi.

00:59 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

After getting into their faces, Gonzo slaps Matt Martel. Parker has to remind him what happened. 

00:59 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

Prior to Legado vs. Timmy/Tommy, we go backstage to interview Kai and Raquel about a disagreement with Merecedes after Gonzo's win last week. EverRise shows up to interrupt.

00:57 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

00:54 (GMT)19 MAY 2021

After Dain/Maverick leave the ring, Imperium poses. It doesn't take long before Aichner and Barthel turn on Wolfe and attack him. They hit their finisher and pose.
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