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WWE NXT Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT (16th September 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 17, 2020 02:34 GMT

Will the NXT North American Championship change hands tonight?


02:07 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Hey everyone! That was a LOT of fun! I hope you all enjoyed it as well. I will see you all next week for what looks like an amazing show leading up to TakeOver.

And my daughter, Emily, wants to tell you all, 'KEEP ON ROCKIN'!"

Until next week everyone! Have a great night!

02:05 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

NXT North American Champion Damien Priest defeated Timothy Thatcher
Drake Maverick and Killian Dain defeated Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish by DQ
Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro defeated Xia LI and Jesse Kamea
Breezango defeated Imperium
Kushida defeated Austin Theory
Tomasso Ciampa defeated Desmond Troy
Io Shirai defeated Shotzi Blackheart

02:01 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

That was a fun show! Let's take a look at the match results

02:00 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

01:59 (GMT)17 SEP 2020


Result: Damien Priest defeats Timothy Thatcher

01:58 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Priest with a Flatliner! 

01:58 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Thatcher has a single leg crab on Priest, but Priest fights his way out... only to fall into a UFC style back armbar.

Priest still gets a break.

01:56 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Thatcher and Priest are putting on a clinic

01:46 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

01:45 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

NXT North American Champion Damien Priest defends said championship against grumpy guy you see on the bus Timothy Thatcher

01:44 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

01:43 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

OK.... Regal introduces a new match called the Gauntlet Eliminator - kind of like a Gauntlet Match mixed with the Royal Rumble - to determine who faces Finn Balor at Takeover.

Man, this brand is awesome.

01:41 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

01:41 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

01:39 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Meanwhile, Jake Atlas is interviewed backstage about his challenge against Tomasso Ciampa... when the Black Heart attacks him from behind. As the fight is broken up, who comes to Atlas's defense but... Kyle O'Reilly?

That's interesting.

01:37 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Strong takes a chair shot to Dain, and Dain and Drake get the DQ win.

Result: Drake Maverick and Killian Dain defeat the Undisputed ERA

01:36 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Killian tosses Maverick into the ring to "help" him, telling him to take the loss "like a man"

As the Irishman walks to the back, the UE insults him and Dain hits the ring to take them out.

01:34 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

William Regal approaches Killian Dain backstage and apparently talks Dain to head to the ring to support his tag partner.

01:32 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

01:29 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

01:29 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Kain is shown backstage, laughing at the beating Maverick is taking by UE

01:28 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

01:27 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

How much you wanna bet either Bobby or Roderick, which beating on Drake, say something mean about Killian and that makes him come out?

01:25 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Maverick comes out, but Dain isn't coming out.

01:24 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Roddy Strong and Robert Fish of the Undisputed ERA make their way to the ring to take on... well... I guess it looks like Drake Mericak, it seems.

01:22 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

01:21 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

01:19 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Kacy and Kayden offer some respectful fistbumps. Jesse returns the gesture but Xia Li ducks out, not having any of it.

Meanwhile, Drake Maverick finds Killian Dain backstage, but it looks like Dain wants nothing to do with him,

01:17 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Kacy and Kayden with the double-team move and get the win!

Result: Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro defeat Xia Li and Jesse Kamea.

01:14 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

01:12 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Kayden Carter and my friend Kacy Catanzaro!

01:11 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Jesse Kamea and Xia Li are teaming up to take on... well, I guess we'll find out

01:09 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

01:06 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

01:06 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Imperium goes for the European Bomb on Breeze, but 'Dango makes the save and after a hurricanrana....

RESULT: Breezango defeats Imperium

01:04 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

This match is incredible.

01:04 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Fandango goes for the Alabama Jam but misses! Imperium goes for the follow-up pin but Fandango kicks out!

01:00 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

We're back from break and Fandango manages to get free with a discus clothesline and gets the hot tag! Breeze is in!

00:59 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

00:58 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

00:56 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

00:56 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Fandango has been taking a TON of punishment from Imperium. Dango has managed to kick out of every pin attempt, but just can't take into Breeze.

Commercial time.

00:53 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

00:51 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Imperium are their opponents, but the Europeans aren't wasting any time and charge the ring.

00:50 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Breezango return as the Fashion Police as the prepare to defend their NXT Tag Team Championships!

00:45 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

00:44 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

00:44 (GMT)17 SEP 2020

Kushida needs to be convinced to let Theory go before he... you know.... lets Theory go.
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