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WWE NXT Results (September 16th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

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What a night
Greg Bush
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With a new NXT Champion, NXT is now moving onto their next big event. Earlier today on Twitter, WWE revealed that we'd be getting another NXT TakeOver event on October 4th, just a few short weeks away.

With that, NXT GM William Regal stated before the show that we'd have two major announcements tonight.

Tonight's NXT also featured two championship bouts, with both the NXT Tag Team Titles and the NXT North American Championship on the line.

We started the night off with the Women's Champion Io Shirai, who took on Shotzi Blackheart in an exhilarating non-title match.

Shotzi Blackheart vs Io Shirai on NXT

Shotzi Blackheart offered her hand, looking for a showing of sportsmanship before the match. Io Shirai slapped it away, kicking off a brief back-and-forth showing, with both women trading pinfalls.

Shirai kicked out of a powerbomb/jackknife pin combination and went in for the armbar. Blackheart broke away, and locked in a modified double armbar on the NXT Women's Champion. Shirai just barely made it to the ropes, but the damage was done. It took some time for Shirai to shake out the feeling in her arms.


Blackheart missed the wrecking ball dropkick and was caught with a springboard moonsault. Shirai brought Blackheart inside for a two-count. Throughout the break, Shirai worked to ground Blackheart, trying to drain the energy of NXT's Tank Girl.

Shirai missed a running attack in the corner and was hit with a shotgun dropkick. Blackheart followed up with a spinning bulldog and a knee to a kneeling NXT Champion. They traded blows, with Shirai getting the advantage, bringing Blackheart to the mat with a crossface

Like Shirai, Shotzi just barely made it to the ropes. She avoided the 619 and rocked Shirai with a step-up enziguri and the running senton on the ropes. Shirai held onto the ropes, trying to block a German suplex. Blackheart trapped her arms, turning it into a tiger suplex with a bridge.

Shirai kicked out but Blackheart held onto the arms, turning it into Cattle Mutilation. Shirai again broke away and planted Blackheart with a flapjack. The 619 connected this time, and Shirai moved up. The Genius of the Sky hit a missile dropkick, getting a near fall

As Shirai moved up top again, she was caught with a super hurricanrana. She nearly got a win over the NXT Women's Champion. They moved to the apron where Shirai was able to hit a nasty bridging German suplex, dropping Blackheart headfirst on the apron.

Back inside, somehow, Blackheart kicked out. She was unable to do so, though, when she was hit by the Over the Moon Moonsault.

Results: Io Shirai defeated Shotzi Blackheart via pinfall on NXT.

Grade: A+

After the match, Shotzi Blackheart and Io Shirai shook hands and praised one another. It was a star making performance by Blackheart and another incredible showing from our NXT Women's Champion.

We got a Tommaso Ciampa vignette, with the Psycho Killer watching the footage from his assault on Jake Atlas.

Next week, there will be a No.1 Contender Battle Royal to crown Io Shirai's newest challenger. Eleven of NXT's best Superstars will vie for the opportunity to dethrone the Joshi Judas.

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Published 17 Sep 2020, 08:04 IST
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