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WWE NXT Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT (18th March 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 19, 2020 02:15 GMT

Will The Dream wreck Cole's party plans?


02:01 (GMT)19 MAR 2020

That's our show folks. No matches, so no need for a recap. Hope you all enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with next week.

Until then, everybody stay healthy and safe!

01:48 (GMT)19 MAR 2020

Now... a very special look at Rhea Ripley.

01:35 (GMT)19 MAR 2020

We're now getting a look at NXT TakeOver: Portland's Johnny Gargano vs Finn Balor match (man, we're getting a lot of Gargano tonight)

(Not complaining)

01:27 (GMT)19 MAR 2020

Finn calls the 2019 Royal Rumble match he had with Brock Lesnar the moment that "saved [his] life" and convinced him he needed to be back in NXT.

01:15 (GMT)19 MAR 2020

We're teased a segment on the NXT Women's Championship match, but first we're getting a look at The Prince, Finn Balor.

01:12 (GMT)19 MAR 2020

Now that we're nearly at the end of this Gargano/Ciampa saga, who knows how they'll fill the rest of this last hour.

00:41 (GMT)19 MAR 2020

We're now getting clips of the Gargano/Ciampa "unsanctioned" match where Gargano would have to leave NXT forever if he lost.

You can probably guess how that match ended.

00:24 (GMT)19 MAR 2020

Over on Dynamite, AEW has wrestlers where the crowd would normally be.

Normally, I don't like one company stealing ideas from another, but if NXT did this for their show next week, I wouldn't hold that against them. It's a great idea.

00:08 (GMT)19 MAR 2020

Right now we're getting a really good, extensive look at the relationship between Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa - starting with their days at the Performance Center. Quality stuff.

00:04 (GMT)19 MAR 2020

Hey guys. Kevin C. "I'm socially isolating myself but what else is new?" Sullivan here, and we're getting started with tonight's NXT episode.

And we're starting out with Tom Phillips and Triple H in the "WWE World Headquarters", and it looks like we're getting a pretty lengthy clip show tonight. So... hey. Easy night.

12:05 (GMT)18 MAR 2020

Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano destroyed the Performance Center last week. The former teammates and NXT Tag Team Champions wanted to tear each other apart and did just that when they broke whatever they could find.

The chaos ended when Ciampa drove Gargano through the announcer's desk with an Air Raid Crash.

Would we see a repeat of this brutality this week as well?

Mia Yim and Tegan Nox joined Chelsea Green in the No.1 Contender's Ladder Match at TakeOver: Tampa Bay with the winner facing Charlotte or Rhea Ripley. All the women will be eyeing for a chance at the top prize and will look to put themselves on the throne of the NXT Women's division.

Who will book their place in the match next? Guess you will have to tune in to find out!

12:04 (GMT)18 MAR 2020

It is a celebration on NXT this week as Adam Cole has become the longest-reigning NXT Champion in the brand's history. The Panama City Playboy has broken Finn Balor's record and has been thwarting all threats to his title till now.

Cole and The Undisputed Era were having a dream run and even though Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O'Reilly lost their respective championships, the faction was running riot on the Black and Gold brand. That was until a certain Velveteen Dream returned.

His Purple Highness has been one step ahead of the Undisputed Era and has trumped the faction with his actions two weeks ago when he targeted Cole and made his intentions crystal clear.

Will The Undisputed Era and Cole's dream run come to an end?
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