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WWE NXT Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT (8th January 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 09, 2020 08:56 IST

Who will become the new No.1 Contender for Roderick Strong's NXT North American Championship?


08:44 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Well, that's tonight's NXT and a pretty high quality episode all around. I certainly enjoyed it.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter at both @SKProWrestling and @HeyImKevinSully and let us know what you thought of the show. I'd have you tell Steve, but I think he went home. It's late.

I will see you guys on Monday for Raw! Thanks again for following along!

08:42 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Keith Lee defeats Dominik Dijakovic, Cameron Grimes, and Damien Priest to become #1 Contender to Roderick Strong's NXT North American Championship
Mia Yim defeats Kayden Carter
The Undisputed ERA defeat Gallus to advance in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic
Austin Theory defeats Joaquin Wilde
Imperium defeat the Forgotten Sons and advance in the tournament
Rhea Ripley, Toni Storm, and Candice LaRae defeat Key Lee Ray, Io Shirai, and Bianca Belair

08:39 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Dang, that was a heck of a main event. 

Let's get the match results. Hold up a minute and I'll get them for you.

08:36 (IST)9 JAN 2020


RESULT: Keith Lee defeats Dominik Dijakovic, Cameron Grimes, and Damien Priest

08:35 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Grimes goes for a double stomp off the top rope, but Lee swats him down like a moth.

08:34 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Keith Lee rising up onto the camera shot never gets old.

08:33 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Priest and Dijakovic basically kick each other in the face at the same time.

08:31 (IST)9 JAN 2020

08:30 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Lee is going to try... no, he actually SUPERPLEXES PRIEST FROM THE RING APRON! 

08:27 (IST)9 JAN 2020

08:26 (IST)9 JAN 2020

08:26 (IST)9 JAN 2020

08:25 (IST)9 JAN 2020

DIjakovic and Grimes are teaming up to beat up Keith Lee on the arena floor.

08:24 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Priest just knocks Grimes silly with a left hook... or right.... either way, Grimes flops to the mat and I'm no longer making archery jokes about Damien Priest.

08:23 (IST)9 JAN 2020

We're getting match started and... well, this is gonna be a tough one to cover. 

08:18 (IST)9 JAN 2020

08:16 (IST)9 JAN 2020

While we're in commercial, read this thing I wrote.

08:15 (IST)9 JAN 2020


Damien Priest makes his entrance first, probably because his "pretending I'm an archer" schtick takes longer.

08:14 (IST)9 JAN 2020

08:13 (IST)9 JAN 2020

08:13 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Robert Stone comes out (yeah, I don't know who he is, either. I'm clearly bad at my job) and claims Green is the first signing to the Robert Stone Brand. 

08:12 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Yim helps Carter to her feet and the two hug.

Chelsea Green rushes the ring and attacks them both!

08:11 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Carter leaps off the second rope, but Yim with PROTECT YA NECK! It's ovah!

RESULT: Mia Yim defeats Kayden Carter

08:10 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Handshake early on in the match, but Mia has control of the match very early on.

In fact, Yim has control throughout most of this, but Carter keeps reversing moves and getting Yim pretty flustered.

08:08 (IST)9 JAN 2020

08:07 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Kayden Carter is her opponent, and she has awfully dramatic theme music considering her perky demeanor. 

Her music is all, like, grrrrrr, and she's all, like, HI EVERYBODY! HAVE YOU SEEN MY NEW BACKPACK?!

08:06 (IST)9 JAN 2020

MAH GURL Mia Yim is heading out to the ring! 

I hope she wins.

08:05 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Kushida and Alex Shelly are teaming up again for the Dusty Cup!

08:02 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Hey, that guy you know named Steve called. Thanks for the compliment!

08:00 (IST)9 JAN 2020

07:59 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Cameron Grimes is backstage talking to himself. Or his hat. Probably his hat.

07:59 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Balor challenges Gargano to a match at Takeover: Portland - if he makes it that far.

Heeeeeeey... if I didn't know any better, I think Finn Balor just threatened Johnny!

07:58 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Prince Balor comes out with the sarcastic clapping and telling him that they should call him "Johnny Promo".

07:57 (IST)9 JAN 2020

07:56 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Gargano gives Balor his props. Then he starts ripping him about rushing out of NXT once he got the main roster call up.

Gargano claims he turned down the call-up.

Wait. No, he didn't. He was on Raw for, like, two weeks before Ciampa got hurt.

07:55 (IST)9 JAN 2020

"I've been waiting a very long time to get a live microphone to talk about the Brits!"


Oh. The Prince.

07:54 (IST)9 JAN 2020


it said so on the big screen and you're not allowed to lie on those.

07:52 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Are you enjoying tonight's coverage of NXT here at Sportskeeda? Let us know!

Just find any guy you know named Steve. He'll pass the word along.

07:50 (IST)9 JAN 2020

07:49 (IST)9 JAN 2020

We now take a Very Special Look at the feud between Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano.

Which is the set-up for the announcement that Gargano is going to be LIVE on NXT! NEXT!

Which is the set up for, you know, commercials.

07:48 (IST)9 JAN 2020

07:47 (IST)9 JAN 2020

I like to think that, in kayfabe, Bobby Fish is related to Abe Vigoda's character from Barney Miller.

07:46 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Adam Cole kicks Wolfgang in the head as the ref is distracted and The ERA hit their finisher.

RESULT: The Undisputed ERA defeat Gallus to advance

07:46 (IST)9 JAN 2020

All four men are face to face in the middle of the ring and now are just trading punches

07:44 (IST)9 JAN 2020

Nigel just called Coffey, as Mark is throwing some quick Europen Uppercuts, "fully caffeinated" 

He should be ashamed of himself. Bad puns like that are my schtick.

07:42 (IST)9 JAN 2020

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