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WWE NXT Results January 8th, 2020: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest NXT

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Published Jan 09, 2020
Jan 09, 2020 IST

What a way to begin the year!
What a way to begin the year!

NXT kicked off as the new NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley came out to celebrate. She was interrupted by Toni Storm who challenged her to a match for her belt at NXT Worlds Collide and Ripley agreed.

The UK Women's champ Kay Lee Ray came out followed by Io Shirai. Bianca Belair was out next and picked a fight with everyone before Candice LeRae joined the group.

Ripley got tired of the interruptions and started a brawl that eventually ended up as a match thanks to William Regal.

Rhea Ripley, Candice LeRae & Toni Storm vs Kay Lee Ray, Bianca Belair & Io Shirai

Team Ripley got the win thanks to Shirai
Team Ripley got the win thanks to Shirai

Shirai and LeRae were in the ring when we returned from commercials and Lee Ray tagged in followed by Belair as they kept the pressure up by keeping Candice away from her team. We returned from commercials to see Storm dominating against Kay Lee Ray in the ring.

Shirai was about to finish the match when Belair forced a tag from her and went for the finish herself. Shirai hit Belair with the missile dropkick, leaving her to get pinned by Ripley.

Result: Rhea Ripley, Candice LeRae & Toni Storm def. Kay Lee Ray, Bianca Belair & Io Shirai


Match rating: A

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Backstage, Keith Lee was confident he was winning the North American Championship this year.

Forgotten Sons vs. Imperium - Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic round 1

Imperium got the momentum early on with huge doubleteam moves. Blake hit a DDT and Cutler hit a backbreaker as the tides turned but only for a moment. The Sons hittheir finisher but the pin was broken at the last second.

The match could have gone eitherway but a swift European Uppercut - Powerbomb combo from Imperium ended the match in their favor.

Result: Imperium def. Forgotten Sons

Match rating: B

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