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WWE NXT Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT before TakeOver 31 (30th September 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 01, 2020 02:31 GMT

What will happen when Balor and O'Reilly will come face-to-face before TakeOver 31?


02:08 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

So, this Sunday, be ready for Takeover! Until then, I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your night and thank you for following along with us. Keep an eye out for full results here in a bit and I'll see you all soon.

02:07 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Candice Larae and Johnny Gargano defeated Damien Priest and Io Shirai
Kayden Carter defeated Xia Li
Adam Cole defeated Austin Theory
Kushida defeated Tony Nese
Cameron Grimes defeated Ridge Holland (DQ)
Shotzi Blackheart defeated Dakota Kai

02:04 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

So... what do you say we run down the actual match results? 

Well, too bad. I'm going to do it anyway.

02:03 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

02:03 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Io comes back to the ring to check on Damien and confronts Gargano about his wicked, wicked ways... and Candice nails her with a backstabber. OUCH

02:01 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Both teams have been playing to their own - and each other's - strengths. As well as using the rules to the match to their advantage (to tell a story)

For example, Io hits a moonsault on Gargano, but the ref won't count the pin because of the rules (women can't fight men in the match, vice versa). Candice sneaks in and hits Priest with a low blow while Io is distracting the ref unintentionally, and Gargano with The Final Beat and....

RESULT; Johnny Gargano and Candice Larae defeat Damien Priest and Io Shirai 

01:48 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

And Priest and Io hit the ring and don't wait for the bell and just start pounding away at NXT's Power Couple

01:47 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

After that... well, I may have to write a piece on how that segment went down, but I didn't like it... segment, we get our main event for the night.

01:43 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

01:41 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

01:40 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

01:39 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Finn tells Kyle that he's charismatic and "really, really good" and has everything it takes to be NXT Champion.... but not at the expense of Finn Balor.

01:39 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Kyle says that the fact he's considered the "underdog" in their match is "bull****". 

01:37 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

01:37 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

01:37 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Shawn Michaels is the moderator between this conversation between Kyle O'Reilly and Finn Balor. He points out that there's no real animosity between the two and gets them to shake hands. Both competitors do that, then verbally express said respect.

Shawn calls Kyle a "best kept secret" and Finn states that he's always known that Kyle was great.

Kyle, on the other hand, jumps into full on smack talk heel mode. 

01:31 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

01:31 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Carter and Catanzao attempt to help Li up and be good sports, although it feels disingenuous in that way that WWE good guys but they're also good guys in a really super arrogant way and, anyway, Li knocks them both down and storms off to the backstage, probably to write in her journal or listen to The Cure or something.

01:28 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Carter with a slick roll-up on Li and gets the W

RESULT: Kayden Carter defeats Xia Li

01:27 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Li with the upper hand - fighting very intensely, and Kacy Catanzaro yelling at Carter to get up which is hilarious and adorable because it's Kacy Catanzaro and she's awesome but she is also tiny.

01:25 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

01:24 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Kayden Carter vs Xia Li is next.

01:23 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Io Shirai and Damien Priest are backstage being interviewed. Priest says that Candice and Johnny can keep their "Power Couple" moniker, as the two of them will be keeping their titles on Sunday. Then he says they're the "rockstars" of NXT. Then, Io says something in Japanese, but it's Io so it doesn't matter if you don't speak Japanese because it just sounds awesome. 

01:21 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

01:18 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

01:18 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Theory goes for his finisher, hits it, but only gets a two count.

Cole gets in the Last Shot and...

RESULT: Adam Cole defeats Austin Theory

01:13 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Well, he did. Until he got hit by that enziguri. 

01:12 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Uh oh, Theory now has control of the match....

01:09 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Theory manages to build a comeback, into a vicious flapjack dropkick (I don't know if it's called that but it's a good name for it so shut up), which leaves us in suspense as we go to yet another commercial.

01:06 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

01:04 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Apparently, Cole watched Kushida squash Nese and thought "Hey, that looks fun"

He's just destroying Theory.

01:03 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

01:03 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Cole has a problem with what Austin Theory had to say about Kyle O'Reilly so he's calling him out.

Theory comes out and acts like a tool. Cole tells him to either face him in the ring or he and the Undisputed Era will beat him up.

We have a match.

01:00 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Adam Cole is in the ring as we come back from the ads, and he's got something to say.

00:59 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

00:57 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Velveteen Dream pops up on the main screen and talks about bright lights and how he'll see Kushida at their match on Sunday.

Speaking of seeing and seeing people, Grimes is walking backstage, covering his eye, and runs into - aka seeing - Dexter Lumis. Yikes!

00:55 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Kushida with a... well, I don't know what it was, but it looked like it hurt... which it did, because Nese gives up.

RESULT: Kushida defeats Tony Nese

00:53 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Nese goes for a pumphandle slam but Kushida grabs his wrist, twists it, and then travels back in time to a few minutes to where he was kicking Nese's ass.

00:52 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

The two square off and Nese takes a moment to flex and brag, but Kushida just kicks him in the head and from the looks of it, Kushida may just murder Tony Nese.

00:51 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Kushida is here and he looks as intense as Marty McFly did when he was pretending to be his son in the future and told Griff he wasn't going to be a part of his proposed criminal activity and he's taking on Tony Nese, who apparently still works here.

00:48 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

I hate to say it, but even Jason Jordan could have delivered that promo better than Austin Theory did.

00:47 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Right before the break, we get a backstage promo with Austin Theory trash talking Kyle O'Reilly and... the fact it took me a minute to actually post about it is because I forgot it happened.

00:45 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

00:44 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

00:43 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Holland beats down Grimes like Robert Pattinson did to that gang member in that trailer for the new Batman film and loses by DQ but he clearly doesn't care

RESULT: Cameron Grimes defeats Ridge Holland by DQ

00:41 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

First guy comes out and there's a Cave In and Grimes wins

Yeah, I'm not counting these as real results....

The second guy comes out and Ridge Holland attacks him, hits the ring, and after a headbutt, we have Grimes vs Holland

00:40 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Cameron Grimes is here and he's holding himself an "invitational" and... OK, this has potential.

00:38 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

00:38 (GMT)1 OCT 2020

Back from break, and the announce team informs us that Tegan Nox has a torn ACL. We jump to an interview with NXT's "Power Couple" - Nox's injury was blamed on an attack by Candice Larae - who justify the whole thing as fair because Nox broke Johnny Gargano's television.
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