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WWE NXT Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT on USA Network (13th November 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 14, 2019 03:42 GMT

Will Team Baszler or Team Ripley get the advantage?


03:18 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Anyway, thank you again.... thank you to Alan for providing the news updates and outside links. Thank you to those of you who interacted with us on Twitter. Thank you to the person who didn't really like me making fun of Aliyah and sending me incomprehensible Tweets. Thank you to Disney+ for keeping my daughter busy for most of the night. 

And, again, thank you to ALL OF YOU for coming by and following along. I mean it when I sat that these play-by-plays are some of the most fun I've had as a professional writer and you guys help make it that way.

See you guys on Monday!

03:14 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush defeats Angel Garza
Xia Li defeats Alyiah
Keith Lee defeats Roderick Strong
Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeats Bronson Reed
Io Shirai defeats Mia Yim in a ladder match

03:13 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

What did you think about the brutal main event and tonight's matches? Rate and let us know here!

03:11 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

That's the show, my friends! 

I have had a very, very long day today but I have had a TON of fun watching NXT with you. 

Before I call it a night and hand it over to the in-house guys, here are the actual match results....

03:09 (GMT)14 NOV 2019


RESULT: Io Shirai defeats Mia Yim

03:09 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Shayna Baszler comes to the stage to celebrate with her team....


03:08 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

03:07 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

03:06 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

The NXT UK Women's champion pushes Mia off the ladder, to the floor and helps Io get the briefcase and the advantage at War Games.

Was I wrong?

03:05 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Kylie Rae is here!

03:05 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Io starts heading up the ladder, but Kai knocks her off and pushes Mia back into the ring.

03:04 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Dakota Kai comes to ringside to check out Mia, and Io with a moonsault onto both of them.

03:03 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

03:03 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Io back up and suplexs Mia off the ladder.

Io is going nuts.

03:02 (GMT)14 NOV 2019


03:02 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Io is attempting to set up the ladder as medical personnel tend to Mia. 

03:01 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Mia picks up the ladder, but Io springboards off the ropes and dropkicks the ladder right into her!

Mia is busted open.

03:00 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

02:58 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

With Io down, Mia sets up the ladder. Starts to head up, but Io grabs her by the foot.

02:57 (GMT)14 NOV 2019


02:56 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Back from break and Io has the upper hand, choking Mia against the ropes with a head scissors - followed by a 619 (aka Tiger Feint Kick)

02:52 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Mia suplexes Io into the ladder and it's so powerful, it sends the show into commercial break!

02:51 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Mia slams Io's injured hand into the ring steps.

02:51 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

02:50 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Shirai charges with a ladder but Mia dodges, sending Io crashing into the side of the ring with... you know... the ladder.

02:49 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Io gets her hand smashed inside a ladder and Yim goes for the attack..

Io drags her outside, anyway, and grabs a ladder.

02:46 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Bell rings, both competitors rush in and start punching.

02:45 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

MAH GURL Mia Yim heads to the ring for her ladder match against MAH OTHER GURL Io Shirai for the advantage at WarGames.

It's like it's my birthday or something.

02:43 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

I love Pete Dunne because he has that Stone Cold Steve Austin mindset. He doesn't change whether he's a face or heel. He's still the same monster no matter what.

02:42 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

02:40 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Mia Yim being interviewed by Cathy Kelley about everybody being beaten up.

Dakota Kai comes in and tells Mia that she has Mia's back.

Gee. How's this gonna play out?

02:38 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Dain gets back up and the three are going at it. Here comes security.

Priest grabs a security guard and tosses him out of the ring into.... everybody else. Then jumps over the top rope into... well... those same people.

02:37 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Damien Priest attacks Dain from behind. Dunne hits the floor to meet him halfway. They're punching each other! POW!

Sorry, that was silly.

02:36 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Pete Dunne vs Killian Dain. English vs Northern Irish.

This won't get weir..... oh, hey, hi Damien.

02:35 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

What did you think about tonight's matches till now? Rate and comment right here!

02:34 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

We get a video package for the Forgotten Sons because, might as well keep trying, right?

02:33 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

02:32 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

02:31 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Since we're in a commercial.... tell me this... is the HBO Watchmen show any good?

Tweet me. @HeyImKevinSully.

OK, back to business....

02:30 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

02:29 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Cathy Kelley here with some breaking news!


So, Dijakovic will take Riddle's place and..., who's their fourth dude?

02:28 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

The two Breakout Tournament competitors shake hands in the middle of the ring. I love that.

02:27 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Swerve goes for a Sunset Flip! Reed tries to sit on him! Swerve ain't about to let that happen. 

Swerve with the House Call kick to the back of the head!

RESULT: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeats Bronson Reed

02:26 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Reed nails Swerve with a Deadeye (they don't call it that) but Swerve kicks out.

02:25 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

02:25 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

02:25 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Reed tries to get Swerve into position to do a second rope Tombstone, but Swerve fights his way out and nails a DDT out of the corner.

Gets a 2.

02:24 (GMT)14 NOV 2019

Reed's going to the top rope, but Swerve hits his feet and kicks him to a sitting position.
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