WWE NXT WarGames Live Results: WarGames Updates & Highlights (5th December 2021)

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Which team will reign supreme at WarGames?


03:52 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Thanks for following along with Sportskeeda for the first true PPV type show for NXT 2.0. Everyone brought their best, from the newbies to the veterans. 

03:51 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Full Results for NXT WarGames 2021.

Io Shirai, Raquel Gonzalez, Cora Jade, and Kay Lee Ray defeat Toxic Attraction and Dakota Kai by pin.

Imperium defeats Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner by pin.

Cameron Grimes defeats Duke Hudson by pin.

Roderick Strong defeats Joe Gacy by pin.

Team 2.0 (Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Tony D'Angelo, Grayson Waller) defeats Team Black and Gold (Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, LA Knight, and Pete Dunne) when Breakker pins Ciampa.

03:48 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

03:47 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

03:46 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

03:46 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Ciampa goes for the Fairytale Ending on Hayes but Breakker stops it by driving both men into a table in the corner. Breakker picks up Ciampa and lands his finisher to give Team 2.0 the win.
Result - Team 2.0 defeats Team Black and Gold by pin when Breakker pins Ciampa.

03:44 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

We're left with Breakker and Ciampa in the other ring. They bash each other until Breakker hits a Frankensteiner. Gargano stops Bron from hitting more offense. Ciampa and Gargs hit their DIY finisher on Breakker but Hayes breaks up the pin. Hayes then rakes the eye of Ciampa before hitting Gargano with a low blow.

03:42 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Oh yeah, Waller's move was through a table. After that, D'Angelo retrieves a pry bar but can't use it as Dunne hits him with a kendo stick. Dunne stomps on Hayes with a trash can and then goes to the turnbuckle. D'Angelo hits him in the gut with the pry bar. He takes Dunne's mouthpiece out and puts it in his pocket. D'Angelo hits his finisher off the top with the pry bar in Dunne's throat. 

03:40 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Ciampa hits an Air Raid Crash on Breakker on a trash can. He gets a two-count. Waller goes to the top of the cage and hits an elbow on Knight. D'Angelo goes for the pin but Dunne breaks it up.

03:38 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Knight sends Breakker into the cage head first. He bounces his head off the cage several times. He goes for BFT but Tony D'Angelo stops it. He and Breakker stomp on Knight. Breakker sits on a turnbuckle ready for a move but Ciampa tosses a trash can lid his way.

03:37 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

We get a Tower of Doom suplex. Right after, Knight hits his finisher on D'Angelo and gets a near fall. I'm almost expecting Roman Reigns to show up and pin everyone so they'll acknowledge him.

03:36 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

03:36 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Gargano sends Hayes into a trash can with a Lawn Dart. Ciampa puts Waller on a turnbuckle. Tony stops him by hitting him with a trash can lid. D'Angelo holds Ciampa but Knight comes into the frame and suplexes Waller from the top through the table. Insane.

03:34 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Team Black and Gold sits beaten between the rings as 2.0 waits to attack. 

03:32 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Gargano gives a crutch to Ciampa and he hits everyone with it. We get a brief reunion of DIY. Bron Breakker catches Gargano and plants him onto the back of Ciampa. Hayes gets in on the action while Tony and Waller work on Knight and Dunne in the other ring.

03:30 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

03:29 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Ciampa hits Waller and tosses both he and Hayes into the cage. he does the same to Tony Italian before landing a knee with a trashcan lid to both D'Angelo, Waller, and Hayes.

03:28 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

With his team down, it's time for the NXT Champ to enter the match. Here comes Daddy Ciampa!!!

03:27 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Dunne works on Breakker's chest but gets suplexed from one ring to the next. He then Gorilla Presses Gargano onto his old guard teammates in the second ring.

03:27 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Breakker cleans house by landing powerslams and other offense on everyone. 

03:26 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Dunne continues to abuse Waller's hands with any weapon he can get his hands on. Time for Baby Steiner to rip house on everyone. Like most of the stars in NXT 2.0, Breakker rushes to cut the lock off of the door but whiffs. No patience these guys.

03:25 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

03:24 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Knight drops Waller and powerslams D'Angelo onto him. The crowd chants for LA Knight for the first time ever. Dunne and Gargs toss weapons to Knight and he utilizes each one. He puts a trash can on Waller and whacks him with a kendo stick. Dunne and Gargs hit stereo dropkicks on Waller while he still wears the can. It's the best Waller has looked in all of his time in 2.0. Dunne then takes off one of Waller's gloves and twists his fingers.

03:22 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

LA Knight is the next man into the cage, even though it's locked. He can't find any bolt cutters, so up the cage he goes. Waller meets him at the top but Knight bounces his head off of it. 

03:20 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Trick Williams goes under the ring to retrieve more weapons but struggles to get out. It's the return of ol Dexter Lumis. He gives Gargs a thumbs up before chasing Trick away from the ring. Meanwhile, D'Angelo tries to lock the cage with a chain.

03:19 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

03:19 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Trick Williams gives Tony some kendo sticks and tables as he enters the ring.

03:18 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Hayes lands a flipping slam on Dunne. He also goes for a springboard move but is caught by Dunne. Waller then hits a few rolling cutters before Tony D'Angelo enters the fray.

03:17 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Dunne stuffs Grayson Waller's hands in the cage and pulls on them. Hayes goes for a move on Dunne but Dunne moves. He catches him and hits a German Suplex. The good guys then lock Waller and Hayes in a Crossface and a GargaNoEscape.

03:16 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Pete Dunne is the next person to join the match. Looks like Williams is hurt after getting hit with the chair. The ringside doctors were checking on him as Dunne ran into the cage. Dunne goes on a rampage upon entering.

03:14 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Waller and Hayes try to mock the veterans by hitting DIY's finisher. They miss when Gargano moves out of the way. Gargano lands a move on both men. Trick Williams, who shouldn't be ringside, tosses a chair into the cage. Gargs knocks him off the cage by hitting Trick with said chair.

03:13 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Waller calls Gargano over the first cage. He lands a few moves but gets hit with a pop-up Hurricanrana. Hayes joins the fray in the first ring and they both pound on Johnny Wrestling.

03:12 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Hayes sits atop a turnbuckle and kicks Gargano away. He then climbs the cage sideways but Johnny catches him. They both fall off the cage as Grayson Waller makes his entrance.

03:10 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Gargano goes for a spear but gets caught in the ropes between the rings. Hayes goes for a move but whiffs. Gargs lands a slingshot spear into the second cage. 

03:09 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Hayes and Gargs go toe to toe early on, exchanging moves and counters. 

03:06 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Looks like Gargano and Hayes will start off for their teams. Makes sense since both guys are cardio monsters.

02:53 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

02:51 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Gacy stops him and avoids a move from Roddy. He hits a tilt-a-whirl powerbomb for a near fall. Roddy hits the End of Heartache for the win.
Result - Roderick Strong defeats Joe Gacy by pin.

02:50 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Strong locks in the Stronghold but Gacy counters into a Crossface. Roddy reaches the ropes to break it. Gacy clotheslines Roddy into the feet of the Diamond Mine. Gacy lands a spinning corkscrew on the Creeds for good measure. Ivy Nile stands up to Gacy but Harland comes over and picks Ivy up.

02:49 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Roddy regains control and lands a knee to Gacy in the corner. He then lands a Superplex. It leaves both men out of it. They stand up and Roddy lands a gutbuster and an Olympic Slam for a near fall.

02:46 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Strong rips Garcy's shirt open and lands some thunderous chops. Gacy turns the tides and decks Roddy outside of the ring. He drops Roddy with a backbreaker.

02:44 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Gacy tries to hug Strong but Roddy obviously rebuffs it. Gacy then slaps Strong before Roddy goes off.

02:42 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

02:41 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Up next is Roddy Strong vs. Joe Gacy. With the Diamond Mine and Harland ringside, there most definitely will be interference.

02:36 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

WarGames 2021 has certainly delivered up to this point.

02:32 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Hudson tries to evade his fate but Grimes tosses him into the ring with the barber's chair. Hudson clotheslines Grimes and then puts HIM into the chair. He grabs the razor but Grimey kicks him in the face. He lands the Cave-In and puts Hudson in the chair. Bye-bye, hair of Hudson!!!

02:30 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Grimes plays to the crowd shortly and gets caught in the Winds of Change move by Hudson. He gets a two-count. Hudson lifts Grimes up for a Razor's Edge type move but gets countered into the turnbuckle. Grimes takes advantage, rolling him up for the win.
Result - Cameron Grimes defeats Duke Hudson by pin.

02:29 (GMT)6 DEC 2021

Grimes goes for a Sunset Flip but Hudson catches it and counters. He grabs the ropes and is caught by the ref. After the pin attempt, Grimes land a Poison Rana on Duke and a kick to the corner. He then lands a flying crossbody for another near fall.
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