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  • WWE RAW Live Results: Monday Night RAW Updates & Highlights (18th October 2021)

WWE RAW Live Results: Monday Night RAW Updates & Highlights (18th October 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 19, 2021 09:07 IST

Will Bianca Belair win the RAW Women's Championship?


08:32 (IST)19 OCT 2021

08:32 (IST)19 OCT 2021

08:32 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Well, that's it for tonight, thanks for joining us today. With that being the case, stay tuned here for the full results for the night and tune in tomorrow for NXT.

For now, follow along here for Legion of RAW. 

08:31 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Belair responds with a chair shot to Charlotte and that's it. 

She stands tall at the end of the night. She will look to become the champion at Crown Jewel. 

08:30 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Bianca tries to drag Charlotte in and Charlotte hits her with a steel chair.

Bianca Belair wins via DQ, but Charlotte remains the RAW Women's Champion

08:30 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Bianca goes to the top and Charlotte kicks her down. Charlotte goes for the Superplex. Bianca fights back. She hits Charlotte with the Avalanche Sunset Flip Powerbomb and that's a nearfall. 

08:28 (IST)19 OCT 2021

08:28 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Bianca manages to get out of Charlotte's pin attempts again and again and she's not happy. Charlotte pulls Bianca's hair and tries to take her out. Charlotte goes to the top rope and misses the moonsault. Bianca hits the German Suplex. She still kicks out. 

08:26 (IST)19 OCT 2021

08:26 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Bianca counters the Natural Selection and both start to reverse each other's moves. She hits Charlotte with Angel's Wings, but Charlotte kicks out. 

08:25 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Charlotte knocks Bianca to the outside and goes to the top rope and goes for the moonsault. She misses it, hitting Bianca with her arm, taking her out. 

08:24 (IST)19 OCT 2021

08:22 (IST)19 OCT 2021

08:18 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Belair nearly gets a win with a crucifix attempt. Belair hits the spinebuster, but Charlotte managed to get out of the way. 

08:17 (IST)19 OCT 2021

08:17 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Charlotte hit Bianca with a huge powerbomb nearly getting the win. Charlotte is bleeding at this moment and her mouth has been busted open. She goes to the top rope, and misses a Moonsault, but hits the standing moonsault instead. 

08:16 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Bianca Belair manages to take advantage of Charlotte, again and again, keeping Charlotte at bay. 
She hit a vertical delayed suplex, showing what she can do. 

08:15 (IST)19 OCT 2021

08:10 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Charlotte kicks the life out of Bianca Belair, and then drags her out of the ring and over the commentary table. 

08:10 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Bianca gets out of Charlotte's way and is looking good. 

08:09 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Both stars hit dropkicks and things are kicking off in a big way as the match continues. 

08:09 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Charlotte and Bianca are both ready to give this their all, as Charlotte and Bianca both lock up. 

08:07 (IST)19 OCT 2021

08:07 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Charlotte Flair vs Bianca Belair for the RAW Women's Championship

07:57 (IST)19 OCT 2021

07:57 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Balor and Woods exchange words and Kofi rushes out to mediate between the two. 

07:56 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Balor drops Mace and hits him with a double stomp. Balor hits the Slingblade and the Shotgun Dropkick.

He hits the Coup De Grace and that's it.

Finn Balor defeats Mace

07:55 (IST)19 OCT 2021

07:54 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Xavier Woods is at ringside to see what his Crown Jewel opponent will do. Mace takes out Finn Balor in the corner and looks to dominate. 

07:53 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Mace vs Finn Balor

Mace is running fast and hits Balor with an uppercut as he looks to dominate. 

07:46 (IST)19 OCT 2021

07:44 (IST)19 OCT 2021

07:44 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Doudrop turns the clutch into a pin, and that's it. 

Doudrop defeats Shayna Baszler

07:43 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Doudrop backs Baszler into the corner. She is still hanging on with the Kirafuda Clutch, but Doudrop gets out. She tries the crossbody, but Shayna locks in the Kirafuda Clutch again. 

07:41 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Zelina Vega is also out to keep a watch on her competition, wearing the crown and the cloak. 

07:40 (IST)19 OCT 2021

07:40 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Shayna Baszler vs Doudrop 

07:39 (IST)19 OCT 2021

07:31 (IST)19 OCT 2021

AJ and Omos have made a statement as they begin to leave but Orton gets up. Omos hits the high kick on Orton and that's it there. 

07:30 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Omos tosses Ford across the ring as if he weighed nothing. 

07:30 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Styles hits Orton with the Phenomenal Forearm. Omos hits Riddle with a chokeslam. 

07:29 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Dawkins tags Ford in again and Orton comes in. Orton with a few quick moves followed by the Powerslam and the Hanging DDT on Montez Ford. 

He gets ready for the RKO. 

Styles and Omos appear, causing a distraction. 

07:28 (IST)19 OCT 2021

RK-Bro have regained the momentum at the moment and isolated Montez Ford. 

Dawkins got the hot tag in and started to fly, taking out Riddle and Orton again and again. Dawkins hit an exploder suplex on Riddle and then a spinning vertical suplex. 

07:22 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Ford's athleticism gets the better of Riddle, who is in trouble. Dawkins hits Ford with a slam on top of Riddle. He's in trouble as it's clear that they have his number.

However, he escapes a double suplex and manages to send them both to the outside. He takes out Dawkins with a running kick and a spinning dive.

Ford takes out Riddle and Orton with a running plancha, 

07:20 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Ford and Riddle battle in the beginning as the match looks to get under way. 

07:20 (IST)19 OCT 2021

Street Profits vs RK-Bro

07:12 (IST)19 OCT 2021

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