RAW Results: Charlotte and Belair steals the show; Top Champions laid out

Bianca Belair stole the show on RAW
Bianca Belair stole the show on RAW

RAW kicked off with Charlotte Flair coming out to greet the crowd at Sacramento, CA. She said that there was a conspiracy against her and that WWE was favoring Bianca Belair over her. She said that Bianca could not beat her and called her EST gimmick nonsense before Belair walked out.

Bianca fired back at the RAW Women's Champ and said that after tonight, she won't even be on the red brand anymore after losing to her. Belair told Flair that she would take the title to Crown Jewel before Charlotte attacked her.

Belair managed to fight her off and sent The Queen out of the ring before Flair retreated.

The New Day were backstage and Woods was confident about making it to the King of the Ring Finals. Kofi said he would be there at ringside to make sure that Woods' dream of winning the tourney comes true.

Xavier Woods vs. Jinder Mahal - King of the Ring Semi-Final on RAW

Jinder got control of the match early on and hit a big boot in before taking an elbow strike from Woods. Xavier got some big kicks in and laid Jinder out with a dropkick before The Modern Day Maharaja took him out with a back suplex.

Jinder locked in the Cobra Clutch but Woods fought out of it. Jinder hit a side slam before Woods tried to go up top and fought Veer and Shanky off but dived straight into the Khallas.

Jinder hit the Khallas and wiped Woods out but he got hold of the ropes and broke the pin. Jinder tried for a move from the middle rope but Xavier sent him down and went up top for an elbow drop before picking up the win!

Result: Xavier Woods def. Jinder Mahal

Grade: B+

Austin Theory was backstage on RAW and challenged R-Truth to a match. Truth accepted the challenge and told him to get permission from his mommy to stay up late for the match.

Back on RAW after a break, Theory walked out for the match with R-Truth, but Truth came out and said that he accepted the challenge, not for himself, but his friend Jeff Hardy.

Austin Theory vs. Jeff Hardy on RAW

Theory got the first takedown but Hardy nearly rolled him up off the counter. Jeff hit a dropkick and sent Austin outside before going for a kick from the apron. Theory countered the move and dropped Hardy outside before we headed for another ad break.

Back on the show, Hardy got a near fall in the ring before sending Austin back out again. He hit a big dive and drove Theory into the barricades before going up top for the finisher. Theory pulled the ropes and took Hardy down before hitting his own finisher for the win.

Result: Austin Theory def. Jeff Hardy

Hardy attacked Theory after the match while the rookie was taking selfies in the ring and hit the Twist of Fate before taking a selfie with Austin.

Grade: B

Backstage, Big E and Drew McIntyre decided to put aside their differences from last week before the WWE Champ headed out to the ring.

Charlotte was backstage on RAW and screamed at Pearce and Deville for not treating her like a queen. She said that they could never replace her with Bianca before storming out.

Big E & Drew McIntyre vs. The Dirty Dawgs on RAW

Big E and Ziggler kicked off the match and Drew got the early tag but was isolated in Roode and Ziggler's corner. Drew fought back and hit a big suplex before tagging Big E back in.

Outside the ring, E tossed Ziggler into the timekeeper's area before Roode came in and sent him into the ring post. Back on RAW after a break, Ziggler got a dropkick on Big E before hitting a splash on the corner and Roode came in with a neckbreaker.

The Dawgs hit a double team flying Famouser before getting a near fall. Big E hit the Big Ending shortly after to pick up the win.

Result: Big E & Drew McIntyre def. The Dirty Dawgs

Drew was walking out when Big E was about to attack him but they stopped and yelled at each other in the ring for a bit.

Grade: B

The Street Profits were backstage on RAW and hyped Crown Jewel, especially RK-Bro's Tag Team Title match.

AJ and Omos walked in and trashed on RK-Bro before offering The Street Profits a future title shot if they took out RK-Bro. The Profits laughed at them before walking out.

Mansoor vs. Cedric Alexander on RAW

Mansoor started off strong and took Cedric down for a Standing Moonsault before sending him to the corner. Cedric came back with a Backbreaker before taking him to the corner for some big strikes.

Cedric laid him out and got some big strikes on Mansoor for a near fall. He was caught in a crossface but managed to fight out of it. Mansoor countered a big move and hit a neckbreaker on the ropes before getting the win.

Result: Mansoor def. Cedric Alexander

Ali was out next and called Mansoor pathetic for still having a smile on his face after last week's beating. He said that he would beat Mansoor in his hometown before the young star fired back. Mansoor called Ali a 'piece of trash' before saying that he will beat his former partner senseless on Thursday.

Grade: B

Goldberg and Bobby Lashley were in a split-screen interview on RAW and the WWE Hall Of Famer said that he still planned to beat Lashley 'to an inch of his life.'

Lashley fired back and said that he was 'untouchable' and said that Goldberg was a bad example to his family. The two talked in circles about who would kill who before Lashley ripped his mic off and walked out.

RK-Bro was backstage and Riddle wanted to know what Randy's plan was for Crown Jewel. Randy said the plan was to win and they walked out to the ring.

RK-Bro vs. The Street Profits on RAW

Riddle and Ford kicked off the match and Montez hit a big dropkick before tagging Dawkins in, who got a dropkick of his own. Randy caught Dawkins on the outside and let Riddle hit the Floating Bro from the apron before Montez hit a dive over the ropes on both opponents.

After a break on RAW, Riddle lifted Montez and swung him around before hitting a Fallaway slam. Montez got a big kick in before tagging in Dawkins.

RK-Bro vs. The Street Profits on RAW (contd...)

Dawkins hit some big moves before Randy was tagged in on RAW and The Viper prepared for the RKO. AJ and Omos interrupted him with their entrance and Styles hit a Phenomenal forearm from the top rope, taking him out. Omos wiped out Riddle and Dawkins before coming into the ring and hitting a huge slam on Montez.

Result: DNF

Grade: B-

Shayna Baszler vs. Doudrop - Queen's Crown Semi-Final on RAW

Zelina Vega came out before the match to watch from ringside. Doudrop managed to hit a big suplex early on before Shayna countered the next one and locked in the Khirifuda Clutch but Doudrop countered it.

Baszler caught Doudrop again with the Khirfuda Clutch and brought her down to the mat. Doudrop looked like she was fading but managed to roll Bazsler over while the hold was still locked in and picked up the win.

Result: Doudrop def. Shayna Baszler

Grade: B-

Finn Balor vs. Mace on RAW

Balor was taken down early on before he came back with a dropkick out of the corner but was taken into the corner. Mace hit a big slam and got a near fall before Balor landed a double stomp off a counter.

Finn Balor vs. Mace on RAW (contd...)

Balor fought back with a slingblade and a shotgun dropkick before hitting the Coupe de Grace for the easy win on RAW.

Result: Finn Balor def. Mace

Balor and Woods got into it while Finn was walking out of the ring. Kofi had to step in and diffuse the situation before RAW continued.

Grade: C

John Morrison was backstage on RAW and told the Viking Raiders that he was looking for his inner 'chi'. The Vikings asked him if it would help him raid, but Morrison said that wasn't the point.

Charlotte (c) vs. Bianca Belair - RAW Women's Title match

Belair started off strong and Flair got an elbow strike in before Bianca took the Champ into the corner with a spear. Outside the ring, Belair was tossed over the announce desk before we headed for a break.

Flair got a big kick before hitting her trademark chops as we returned from the break. Charlotte hit a back body drop but Belair got her knees up for the following standing moonsault. Belair hit her own running moonsault and a vertical suplex before kicking the downed champ in the ring.

Charlotte (c) vs. Bianca Belair - RAW Women's Title match (contd...)

Charlotte lifted Belair on RAW with a hold locked in and slammed her on the mat before trying for another moonsault. Belair hit a pop-up powerbomb before Charlotte fled the ring to escape being pinned.

Belair chased after her and the fight spilled out to ringside where Flair was sent over the announce desk. Back after a break, Bianca took a big boot for a near fall before Charlotte hit a moonsault to the outside.

Belair dodged the Natural Selection and tried for a KOD. Charlotte escaped the move and hit a spear for another near fall!

Belair hit a massive suplex before going up top but Flair caught her. Belair blocked the superplex and hit a powerbomb before Flair went and got a steel chair and attacked Belair with it.

Result: Bianca Belair def. Charlotte via DQ

Charlotte retained after a DQ finish on RAW
Charlotte retained after a DQ finish on RAW

The match was called in a DQ finish before Belair grabbed the chair and beat Charlotte with it before RAW went off the air.

Grade: A

Episode grade: B+

We got a great Go Home show before Crown Jewel this Thursday with Charlotte and Belair facing off for the RAW Women's Title in the main event. Big E and Drew put on a great match as did RK-Bro and the Street Profits. Xavier Woods moved on to the King of the Ring finals and while Doudrop pulled off an upset over Baszler on tonight's RAW.

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