WWE RAW Women’s Championship

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The WWE Raw Women's Championship has helped female superstars establish their standing and dominance in the industry and showcase their talent and wrestling acumen in the ring. This article explores the journey and impact of this championship on the industry.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
WWE Raw Women's Championship Belt

A Historic Milestone:

The WWE Raw Women's Championship made its debut at WrestleMania 32 on April 3, 2016. This historic moment empowered female athletes to showcase their incredible wrestling abilities on a grand stage. The creation of the championship marked a significant step towards gender equality in the industry, propelling women's wrestling to new heights of recognition and respect.

Trailblazers and Pioneers:

The early reigns of the WWE Raw Women's Championship showcased the extraordinary talents of trailblazers who shattered barriers and transformed the perception of women's wrestling. Charlotte Flair, daughter of wrestling legend Ric Flair, set a new standard for athleticism, charisma, and in-ring prowess as the inaugural champion. Her rivalries with Sasha Banks and Bayley ignited the women's division, delivering groundbreaking matches that captivated audiences and earned critical acclaim.

Becky Lynch, widely known as "The Man," became a transcendent figure during her historic reign as Raw Women's Champion. With her unwavering determination, Lynch became a symbol of empowerment, inspiring fans around the world. Her intense clashes with Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey propelled women's wrestling into the mainstream spotlight, proving that female performers could headline major events and draw massive audiences.

Defining Moments and Unforgettable Matches:

The WWE Raw Women's Championship has been the epicenter of unforgettable matches and pivotal moments that have shaped women's wrestling. From the groundbreaking first women's Hell in a Cell and Money in the Bank ladder matches to historic main events at WrestleMania, the championship has been the driving force behind groundbreaking milestones in the industry.

The intense clashes between Sasha Banks and Bayley for the title took the division to unprecedented heights. Their emotionally charged battles at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn and WWE Hell in a Cell showcased their resilience, exceptional storytelling skills, and unmatched chemistry as elite performers. These encounters left an indelible mark on the championship's legacy, solidifying its significance in women's wrestling history.

Continued Evolution and Global Impact:

The WWE Raw Women's Championship remains a dynamic and inclusive platform that welcomes talent from diverse backgrounds. Superstars such as Asuka, Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, and Alexa Bliss have showcased their distinct abilities and personalities, contributing to the championship's legacy as a symbol of excellence and a platform for women to excel in the industry.

Beyond its significance within the wrestling ring, the WWE Raw Women's Championship carries a broader impact. Female superstars have become influential figures of empowerment, shattering barriers and inspiring countless individuals worldwide to pursue their aspirations with unwavering courage. These women have proven that resilience, determination, and passion know no boundaries.

Current and Former Championship holders

ChampionsDateEventsDays (Rec. by WWE)
Charlotte FlairAPR 3, 2016- JUL 25, 2016Wrestlemania 32113
Sasha BanksJUL 25, 2016- AUG 21, 2016RAW26
Charlotte FlairAUG 21, 2016- OCT 3, 2016SummerSlam43
Sasha BanksOCT 3, 2016- OCT 30, 2016RAW27
Charlotte FlairOCT 30, 2016- NOV 28, 2016Hell in a Cell29
Sasha BanksNOV 28, 2016- DEC 18, 2016RAW19
Charlotte FlairDEC 18, 2016- FEB 13, 2017Roadblock: End of the Line57
BayleyFEB 13, 2017- APR 30, 2017RAW75
Alexa BlissAPR 30, 2017- AUG 20, 2017Payback111
Sasha BanksAUG 20, 2017- AUG 28, 2017SummerSlam8
Alexa BlissAUG 28, 2017- APR 8, 2018RAW222
Nia JaxAPR 8, 2018- JUN 17, 2018WrestleMania 3470
Alexa BlissJUN 17, 2018- AUG 19, 2018Money in the Bank63
Ronda RouseyAUG 19, 2018- APR 8, 2019SummerSlam231
Becky LynchAPR 8, 2019- APR 15, 2020WrestleMania 35398
AsukaAPR 15, 2020- JUL 28, 2020Money in the Bank78
Sasha BanksJUL 28, 2020- AUG 23, 2020Extreme Rules26
AsukaAUG 23, 2020- APR 11, 2021SummerSlam231
Rhea RipleyAPR 11, 2021- JUL 18, 2021WrestleMania 3797
Charlotte FlairJUL 18, 2021- JUL 19, 2021Money in the Bank1
Nikki A.S.HJUL 19, 2021- AUG 21, 2021RAW33
Charlotte FlairAUG 21, 2021- OCT 22, 2021SummerSlam62
Becky LynchOCT 22, 2021- APR 2, 2022SmackDown162
Bianca Belair (Current Champion)APR 2, 2022- PresentWrestleMania409+

The WWE Raw Women's Championship embodies the extraordinary journey of women's wrestling in WWE. The division has flourished, and this championship has been a catalyst for that while also providing the female superstars with the recognition they deserve. The establishment of this championship provides the industry with endless possibilities for the growth of women's wrestling in the future.


Q. Who was the first WWE RAW Women’s Champion?

A. Charlotte Flair was the first WWE Raw Women’s Champion.

Q. Who is the current WWE RAW Women’s Champion?

A. Bianca Belair is the current WWE Raw Women’s Champion.

Q. Who has the longest single reign as the WWE RAW Women’s Champion?

A. Bianca Belair currently has a reign of 409+ days which is the longest reign as a WWE Raw Women’s Champion.