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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW (23rd December 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 24, 2019 04:08 GMT

Will Rey Mysterio be able to fight off Seth Rollins and AOP?


04:08 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Well... that was actually kind of fun. Not a GREAT episode of Raw, but still a good one and it was pre-taped and it was GOOD for a pre-taped show. Plus, we got to see Samoa Joe start his return back to competition. I'd say that was worth sitting through that whole Lana/Lashley nonsense, don't you?

04:04 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Rey Mysterio defeats Seth Rollins via DQ
Rusev defeats No Way Jose (on Rusev Day!)
Erik Rowan defeats JT Energy
The O.C. defeat The Viking Experience and Randy Orton
Charlotte Flair defeats Chelsea Green
Ricochet defeats Tony Nese
Both Buddy Murphy and Aleister Black defeat.... some guys
Drew McIntrye defeats Zack Ryder
Bobby Lashley defeats Cedric Alexander
Kevin Owens defeats Mojo Rawley

04:01 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

So, that was.... a show. Let's see who won which matches...

04:00 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Crowd is chanting "we want Kevin" and I'm all like "sorry, I'm doing live coverage of this very show at home!"

03:59 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

"Finish him" says Seth and AOP lays into Samoa Joe!

03:58 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

AOP is dragging Mysterio up to the commentary booth, right in front of Samoa Joe, who has been talking bad about Seth and his buddies all night,

03:57 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Mysterio hits the 619 and heads to the top rope, but AOP attacks Rey before he can fly, and there's the DQ.

RESULT: Rey Mysterio defeats Seth Rollins via DQ

03:56 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Rollins hit Mysterio so hard with that Turnbuckle Bomb that Sting had to retire a second time.

03:55 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

03:53 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Apparently, USA Network is giving away $5000 during NXT on Wednesday.

Hey! I'll be covering NXT! Maybe I'll win $5000!

I probably won't!

03:51 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

03:51 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Not relevant to the match at hand, but since it's a commercial...

03:49 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Rey nearly gets the 619 on Rollins, but Seth gets out of the way and tosses the US Champion into the ring post.

He throws him into it so hard that it sends the show into a commercial.

Yeah, I'm going to keep making that joke. Deal with it.

03:45 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Man.... Samoa Joe really doesn't like Seth Rollins and AOP.

03:39 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

03:39 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

03:39 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Coming up next.... Rollins vs Mysterio for the US Championship!

03:37 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Rusev helps Jose get back up and dances - a spinaroonie! - with him and his conga line.

That's fun.

03:36 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Superkick to Jose and...

RESULT: Rusev defeats No Way Jose

03:35 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Rusev points out that Lana's wedding is going to be on Rusev Day!

And he's taking on No Way Jose? They should be hanging out!

03:32 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Rusev is now on his way to the ring and the crowd, who is obviously tired because they've been sitting through basically TWO whole episodes of Raw when this taping happened, STILL is all about Rusev Day.

03:30 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

03:30 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

R-Truth gets the 24/7 championship back from Santa. Tozawa tries to fight Truth, but John Cone, the ref, is sick of it and storms off. 

Truth and Tozawa decide to call a truce and go hang out in NYC.

No joke - that was friggin' adorable.

03:26 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

03:26 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Well, we're back and Rowan's opponent, @DJClickNPlay on Twitter, tries to bribe him with candy canes, but makes the mistake of moving towards the cage and pays the price. And the price is more than just candy canes.

03:20 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

03:20 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

03:19 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

03:19 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

03:17 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Ugh. Erick Rowan and Bad News Brown's Sewer Rat is up next. 

03:14 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

03:12 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

03:11 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

AJ Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm on a limping Orton and gets the pin.

RESULT: The O.C. defeat Randy Orton and the Viking Raiders

03:09 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Raiders hit the Viking Experience on Anderson and go for the pin, but Gallows breaks up the pin.

03:07 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

We're back from break and... yep... The OC is attacking Randy's knee.


03:03 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Erik gets the hot tag! Here comes Randy Orton and his weird looking clotheslines!

And then he takes a shot to his injured knee. Commercial time!

03:01 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

The O.C. gain the advantage and now it's AJ and Erik in the ring. And Erik isn't doing too well.

03:00 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

02:59 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Erik slams Ivar onto Anderson, then goes for the pin but he doesn't get it because it's only 9 pm.

02:58 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Anyway, this match is on and the Raiders are beating the Charles Dickens out of Karl Anderson.

02:57 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Look, if you're not going to let Jerry Lawler tell his dad jokes, why do you even have him out there?

02:51 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

02:51 (GMT)24 DEC 2019


02:50 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

02:50 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

02:49 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Aw, the Raiders get snow as part of their entrance! Happy holidays, Viking Raiders!

02:48 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

Randall Kenneth Orton heads to the ring or his 6-man tag team match with The Viking Raiders against The O.C.

02:48 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

02:47 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

I'm kind of hoping this Liv Morgan stuff is a swerve, kind of like Brodus Clay's re-debut was.

02:46 (GMT)24 DEC 2019

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