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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW (2nd December 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 03, 2019 09:40 IST

Will the RAW roster accept Rollins' apology?


09:39 (IST)3 DEC 2019

09:34 (IST)3 DEC 2019

That was quite the show. It definitely had its slow points, but also had some really high points as well! We will be posting our full results from the night here in some time!

Meanwhile, head over to our main page and rate the matches and let us know what you thought about them here!

09:30 (IST)3 DEC 2019

09:30 (IST)3 DEC 2019

09:30 (IST)3 DEC 2019

09:30 (IST)3 DEC 2019

09:30 (IST)3 DEC 2019

The OC celebrates but Orton comes out from behind AJ Styles and hits the RKO! Perhaps it's better that Styles is the one to watch out! 

09:29 (IST)3 DEC 2019

Randy Orton better watch out! The OC mean business!

09:29 (IST)3 DEC 2019

Styles hoists up Ricochet on the top rope before the Pelle Kick! Styles hits the enormous Styles Clash, and that's it! THE OC HAS WON AND THEY STAND TALL!

Results: The OC defeats Ricochet, Humberto Carrillo, and Rey Mysterio

09:27 (IST)3 DEC 2019

This match has been something else. Ricochet puts Styles in the corner and hits the Single-knee Code Breaker. Rey takes out Anderson with the 619 and Carrillo takes out Gallows on the outside! This match is extremely fast-paced! Ricochet rolls up Styles for another near-fall!

09:26 (IST)3 DEC 2019

09:25 (IST)3 DEC 2019

09:25 (IST)3 DEC 2019

09:25 (IST)3 DEC 2019

The 6-man tag team match is on and Ricochet cannot be stopped. He takes out Anderson and Gallows and hits  Styles with a Hurricanrana followed by a kick to the face. A standing Shooting Star sees him almost win!

09:13 (IST)3 DEC 2019

09:08 (IST)3 DEC 2019

AND it's time for our MAIN EVENT! US Champion Rey Mysterio is teaming with Humberto Carrillo and Ricochet and facing off against The O.C.

09:00 (IST)3 DEC 2019

Oh, so, The Viking Raiders beat the local talent. 

08:55 (IST)3 DEC 2019

Interviewer lady asks Charlotte if she regrets challenging the Kabuki Warriors after her loss and Charlotte says "no" and.... well... that was that.

08:52 (IST)3 DEC 2019

08:52 (IST)3 DEC 2019

08:51 (IST)3 DEC 2019

So, the Viking Raiders are up next?

This episode of Raw has been pretty good but nothing makes sense.

08:49 (IST)3 DEC 2019

Flair with the Figure 8 on Asuka but Kairi is the legal competitor and hits Charlotte with the Insane Elbow and gets the pin!

Result: Kabuki Warriors defeat Charlotte Flair

08:47 (IST)3 DEC 2019

Flair is attacking Asuka's knee like it owes her money.

08:47 (IST)3 DEC 2019

Flair hits both women with a spear! Could this be it?!

08:46 (IST)3 DEC 2019

Sane heading up to the top for her flying elbow, but Flair fights her way back.

Looks like Flair is about to Superplex both opponents , but it doesn't happen

08:45 (IST)3 DEC 2019

Asuka has Charlotte in a triangle armbar but Flair powerbombs her way out of it!

Sane breaks up the pin!

08:43 (IST)3 DEC 2019

Charlotte gets the advantage back and gets the Figure 8 on Kairi, nearly getting the tap out, but Asuka gets the save,

08:42 (IST)3 DEC 2019

Flair still manages to escape and get an advantage and tries to hit a moonsault on both Kabuki Warriors

And both Warriors get their knees up!

08:42 (IST)3 DEC 2019

We're back from ad break and the Kabuki Warriors have the advantage you'd expect in a handicap match.

Asuka and Sane are making a lot of quick tags and not letting Flair make any sort of comeback

08:36 (IST)3 DEC 2019

08:34 (IST)3 DEC 2019

08:33 (IST)3 DEC 2019

The Kabuki Warriors, enjoying their new theme music, hit the ring and waste no time in attacking Flair.

And the bell rings, but Charlotte doesn't care and she dives in and attacks Asuka.

But, the Warriors still overpower The Queen and have the advantage.

08:29 (IST)3 DEC 2019

08:28 (IST)3 DEC 2019

Charlotte Flair is heading to the ring for her 2-on-1 Handicap Match match.

So, let's enjoy.

08:19 (IST)3 DEC 2019

08:19 (IST)3 DEC 2019

08:19 (IST)3 DEC 2019

08:05 (IST)3 DEC 2019

08:01 (IST)3 DEC 2019

08:00 (IST)3 DEC 2019

As Andrade celebrates, R-Truth runs down to the ring, trying to get away from the usual crowd of guys trying to get his 24/7 Championship.

And NASCAR driver Kyle Busch wins the 24/7 Championship.

07:58 (IST)3 DEC 2019

Andrade hits the Hammerlock DDT on Eric Young just as I was about to say something about how much I miss SaNitY. :(

07:57 (IST)3 DEC 2019

07:57 (IST)3 DEC 2019

So... after dealing with a mess at home, totally unrelated to tonight's Raw, we have Andrade vs.... whoa... Eric Young?

07:42 (IST)3 DEC 2019

I mean, he hasn't murdered anybody yet, but... it's Tommy End. He does that.

07:41 (IST)3 DEC 2019

Randy appreciates the help, but he didn't need to - as he tells Rey and the other guys.

So, we instead watch Tony Nese get murdered by Aleister Black.

07:36 (IST)3 DEC 2019

The OC start attacking Randy, and Ricochet hits the ring to back him up.

Then so does Humberto Carrillo. And they still keep beating him up.

Thankfully, Rey Mysterio also comes down and finally evens the odds.

07:34 (IST)3 DEC 2019

AJ doesn't care what has to happen, but he wants to get his hands on Randy TONIGHT.

McIntyre decides he wants to part of this and heads out of the ring.
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