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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW before TLC 2019 (9th December 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 10, 2019 10:06 IST

Will Styles end Mysterio's US title reign quickly?


10:06 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Thanks for coming by! I've been Kevin Sullivan of Sportskeeda. I'll see you guys for NXT on Wednesday.

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09:38 (IST)10 DEC 2019

09:38 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Drew McIntyre defeated Matt Hardy
Raw Tag Champs The Viking Raiders defeats The Street Profits in an open challenge title match
Aleister Black defeated Akira Tozawa
Humberto Carrillo defeated Andrade
Buddy Murphy defeated Zack Ryder
Becky Lynch defeated The Kabuki Warriors by DQ
US Champion Rey Mysterio defeated AJ Styles

09:34 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Let's get you fine people a match listing... One mo'....

09:34 (IST)10 DEC 2019

So, that was your Raw! All and all, not a bad show. I'm not exactly wringing my hands excited for TLC this Sunday, but I'm not dreading it, either.

Glowing praise, I know.

09:31 (IST)10 DEC 2019

AJ with the Styles Clash!

Orton hits the ring! But doesn't... do anything... but wink?

Again, enough of a distraction for Rey to small package him up and get the win!

RESULT: Rey Mysterio defeats AJ Styles

09:29 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Rey has AJ on the ropes for the 619!

Anderson and Gallows block it and Rey kicks them out of the way!

it's enough of a distraction for AJ to nail him with a backbreaker.

09:27 (IST)10 DEC 2019

09:26 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Aj is now on the floor and Rey leaps through the ropes and nails him with a sunset flip powerbomb into the security railing.

There's probably a name for that?

09:25 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Back from break and AJ still has the advantage in the match. Rey's now on the arena floor, with Anderson and Gallows stalking him like hyenas.

Rey makes it back in before the 10-count.

09:24 (IST)10 DEC 2019

On a side note, I wish Doctor Strange had used the line "I didn't go to four years of Strange Medical School to be MISTER Strange" in his movie...

09:21 (IST)10 DEC 2019

09:21 (IST)10 DEC 2019

09:21 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Looks like Anderson and Gallows are heading to the ring, which is enough of a distraction that AJ is able to slam Rey so hard into the ring post that it sends the show into commercial.

Man, I love that joke.

09:20 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Both of these guys are as old as I am and I'm lucky if I can walk to my car without tripping over a sidewalk crack, much less do a springboard moonsault.

09:19 (IST)10 DEC 2019

If you think I'm going to be able to keep up with an AJ Styles/Rey Mysterio match, you give me way more credit than I do to myself. 

09:17 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Rey looks like a normal short guy next to AJ as opposed to a really short guy.

09:16 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Action figure found. Match begins.

09:13 (IST)10 DEC 2019

09:13 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Both AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio make their entrances for their US Championship match, as Raw heads to a commercial and I run upstairs to help my daughter find her Finn Balor action figure she refuses to go to bed without.

09:12 (IST)10 DEC 2019

09:08 (IST)10 DEC 2019

09:08 (IST)10 DEC 2019

"Monday After Weekend Update" with the Street Profits. A SNL Weekend Update parody.

It's as hilarious as you think it is.

09:02 (IST)10 DEC 2019

09:02 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Asuka tells Becky and Charlotte that they challenge them to challenge them to a match on Sunday.

I think that made sense.

09:01 (IST)10 DEC 2019

09:00 (IST)10 DEC 2019

09:00 (IST)10 DEC 2019

08:53 (IST)10 DEC 2019

08:52 (IST)10 DEC 2019

The OC is backstage, talking smack about the Viking Raiders.

AJ follows that up with smack talk about Rey Mysterio and then threatens Randy Orton with a career-ending beating if he interferes in Styles' match.

08:50 (IST)10 DEC 2019

08:49 (IST)10 DEC 2019



08:49 (IST)10 DEC 2019

The champs have Becky on a table outside of the ring

08:48 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Asuka nails Becky with a chair and gets her team DQ'd.

RESULT: Becky Lynch defeats The Kabuki Warriors

08:48 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Lynch with the Dis-Arm-Her! But Asuka pulls her partner out of the ring in time.

08:47 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Kairi with the Insane Elbow, but Lynch gets her leg up!

08:47 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Doomsday Device-like move by the Warriors but STILL only get a count of two!

08:46 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Sane tries to keep Lynch from getting in the ring to beat the 10-count, but The Man breaks free just in time.

Asuka with a running knee, but only gets a 2.

08:44 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Lynch with a second rope legdrop THAT MISSES and Asuka has the Asuka Lock (or, as she calls it, the Me Lock) on her. Becky reverses!

But Kairi breaks it up.

08:43 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Lynch goes to the top rope, but Sane tosses her to the mat after a distraction by Asuka

08:42 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Scorpion Death Drop/DDT combo on the Warriors by Lynch, but still only gets a 2-count out of it.

08:41 (IST)10 DEC 2019

08:41 (IST)10 DEC 2019

We come back from break and, SHOCKINGLY, the Kabuki Warrior and their 2-on-1 advantage have the, er.... you know... advantage.

08:38 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Do you like haikus?
Tweet me your thoughts on the show
And I'll write you one.


08:36 (IST)10 DEC 2019

Their music sounds like the theme song to a Bond film set in Japan.

I know there was already a Bond film set in Japan. Shut up.

08:35 (IST)10 DEC 2019

08:34 (IST)10 DEC 2019

The WWE Women's Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors - along with their dang awesome new theme music - make their own entrance, as well.

08:34 (IST)10 DEC 2019

08:33 (IST)10 DEC 2019

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