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WWE SmackDown Live Results: SmackDown Updates & Highlights (3rd December 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 04, 2021 03:23 GMT

Who will feel the wrath of The Beast Incarnate tonight?


02:58 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Just like that, it's over. 

Roman stands tall over Zayn. 

Thanks for joining us today. Now, join us for AEW Rampage.

02:57 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Charles Robinson starts the match for some reason.

Roman Reigns vs Sami Zayn for the Universal Championship

Reigns hits the spear and then chokes out Sami with the Guillotine. 

That's it.

Roman Reigns defeats Sami Zayn

02:56 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

02:53 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Roman Reigns now makes his way out to the ring to face a destroyed Sami Zayn. 

02:51 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

02:50 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

02:49 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

It seems the Universal Championship Match won't be happening tonight?

Oh, it will. 

Brock stands Zayn up in the corner and leaves him there, propped up.

02:49 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Brock hits him with another F5. As he looks on at Sami. 

02:49 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

02:49 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

02:49 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Sami Zayn is outside and says that he owes Brock Lesnar for giving him the confidence to face Roman Reigns tonight.

However, Zayn loses it and says that it would help Lesnar if he was facing Zayn instead of Reigns at Day 1. He would be better off facing Zayn as he has a bad record against Reigns. 

Lesnar hears enough and hits Sami with three German Suplexes and an F5. 

02:28 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Sheamus shouts at Cesaro and says that he held him back too long, while Cesaro fights back saying that Sheamus was a brother to him.

Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick.

Sheamus defeats Cesaro

02:27 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

He sends Sheamus into the timekeeper's area with the uppercut and continues to keep the upper hand as he smashes Sheamus' head off the table. 

Sheamus hits the knee. 

02:26 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

02:26 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Sheamus takes the punishment to Cesaro, but Cesaro fights back and takes Sheamus to the corner and then out of the ring.

02:25 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

02:25 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

He hits the ten beats of the Bodhran on Cesaro. Sheamus hits the Kamikaze for a near-fall. 

02:25 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Sheamus has the advantage early on. He hits Cesaro with the Irish Curse. 

02:24 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Sheamus vs Cesaro

The two former best friends face each other in the ring. 

02:17 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

As Charlotte walks up the ramp, Toni comes out and throws a pie in Charlotte's face. Yep, this is a feud that's happening.

02:16 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Charlotte says that she considered Toni's challenge, but she knows what the answer is - No. 

02:14 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Charlotte says that she knows what Toni Storm is doing. She feels like she does not need to acknowledge Toni anymore. 

02:07 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

02:07 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

02:05 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Woods with some devastating chops to Jey, as he fights back with everything. Woods avoids a couple of strikes from Jey and takes him out.

Jimmy Uso attacks Woods, and the match ends in DQ.

King Woods wins via DQ

Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise on Jey, and they beat down Jimmy as The Usos are forced to beat a hasty retreat. 

02:02 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

02:02 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Woods and Jey start the match and Jey has the advantage following the Irish Whip. 

02:01 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

02:01 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

King Woods makes his way out and now it's time for the match. Before that, Woods says that he knows that The Usos don't like surprises. 

Woods says that he has a surprise as well. He reveals that The Hand of the King, Sir Kofi Kingston, is out here. 

He's back. 

01:59 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Jey says that Sami Zayn is stupid to challenge Reigns tonight. He says that Zayn was afraid of Lesnar and that was a stupid decision. 

01:54 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

01:54 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Jey Uso vs King Woods

01:50 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

01:50 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

The Vikings were distracted but they then dance with Shinsuke and Rick Boogs. I mean why?

01:49 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

The Viking Raiders vs The Los Lotharios

Ivar and Erik work together to take out Angel. Erik dumps Ivar on him. They hit him with the double team in the corner. Humberto is dragged into the ring as well, but they take advantage and use the double team on Erik and Ivar. 

Suddenly, there's guitar music as Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura causes a distraction.

Angel with the roll up and that's it.

Los Lotharios defeat The Viking Raiders

01:38 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Corbin says that Drew McIntyre also has to stop worrying and being happy, while Moss calls him a Scottish Worrier. 

Drew comes out with his sword. 

Moss faces him outside the ring, but Jeff Hardy hits Corbin with the Twist of Fate. He does the same to Moss. 

Drew then hits Moss with the Claymore. 

01:37 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

01:37 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Corbin and Moss make fun of Jeff Hardy on their talk show. They call Hardy a Swanton Mom. This is horrible. 

01:30 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Happy Corbin is out now with Madcap Moss.

01:30 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Adam Pearce tells Sonya that he's going to be staying away from SmackDown tonight. Drew confronts Sonya and says that since Pearce made the list for the Battle Royal last week, he will be looking for him. 

01:29 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

01:29 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

01:28 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

01:28 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

Banks is caught in the Kirafuda Clutch out of nowhere, but she turns it into a pin, forcing it to be broken. She goes for the Bank Statement, but Baszler hits her with a knee. 

Sasha rolls up Baszler, and that's it. 

Sasha Banks defeats Shayna Baszler

01:26 (GMT)4 DEC 2021

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