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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Friday Night SmackDown (29th May 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 30, 2020 03:09 GMT

Who will qualify for the finals of the Intercontinental Championship tournament?


02:09 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

OK, so let's look at the match results for tonight...

Sheamus wins IC Title tournament battle royal
Sonya Deville and Lacey Evans fight to a double count out
Sasha Banks defeats Alexa Bliss
Shorty G defeats Cesaro
Daniel Bryan defeats Sheamus.

So, Daniel Bryan will go on to face AJ Styles in the tournament final. Meanwhile, we'll hopefully find out what exactly happened with Jeff Hardy next week.

I had a fun time with you guys tonight! Thanks for reading! The full results will be up soon!

01:59 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

OK, I'll have your match results in just a minute! 

01:57 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Jeff Hardy is here! Sheamus is distracted and gets pinned by Bryan!

RESULT: Daniel Bryan defeats Sheamus

01:53 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Sheamus, attack Bryan on the floor, demands Michael Cole chant "yes" for some reason.

Sheamus also brings up their 18-second match at WrestleMania years ago, taking credit for the "Yes Movement"


01:51 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Back from break and Bryan is working hard on Sheamus' arm. But, the Celtic Warrior manages to battle back once again.

01:45 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Remember when Sheamus held every WWE title at the same time in that WWE video game story?

01:44 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

01:44 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

It's time for our main event.... Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus to see who faces AJ Styles in the finals of the Intercontinental Championship tournament.

01:37 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

01:37 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Sheamus cuts a promo about his match with Daniel Bryan tonight. Bryan kicks him in the shin. He doesn't, however, call him a mean name.

01:33 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Kurt Angle is here to introduce Matt Riddle to SmackDown.

01:32 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

01:31 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Did WWE just do a Fast Times at Ridgemont High parody?

01:27 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

01:27 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

01:25 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Cesaro going for another powerbomb, but Gable flips behind him and rolls him up and gets the win!

RESULT: Shorty G defeats Cesaro

01:24 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Gable with an ankle lock on Cesaro! But Cesaro breaks free. Uppercut and a pin, but only gets a 2 again.

01:23 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Cesaro with a MASSIVE powerbomb and STILL only gets a 2-count.

01:22 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

01:22 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

01:21 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Cesaro is really good at clotheslines and uppercuts.

01:20 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Elias, after being taken to the pretend hospital, is in "stable" condition.

And now it's time for Shorty G vs Cesaro.

01:15 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

01:14 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

01:14 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

We're getting an update on the Elias/Jeff Hardy situation after the break. 

Oh, and some more Otis/Mandy Rose stuff.

01:13 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Nikki and Bayley leave the announce table and start fighting. Bayley pushes Nikki into Alexa, who is perched up on the top rope, and Sasha gets the pin.

Result: Sasha Banks defeats Alexa Bliss

01:11 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

01:08 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Plenty of back and forth between the two, as Michael Cole is really giving Bayley a hard time.

Remember when he was The Miz's biggest fan?

01:06 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Sasha and Alexa are facing off, with Nikki and Bayley on commentary.

01:06 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Tonight's Main Event is sponsored by Carl's, Jr.!

01:04 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

01:04 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Sasha challenges the champs "any time, any place", which Alexa accepts. Then Bayley challenges Alexa to a match... on Sasha's behalf. 

Sasha is wearing high heel boots. Bayley runs to "the bus" to get her some shoes.

Alexa dropkicks Sasha out of the ring as she does.

01:01 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Alexa attempting to rile Shasha up by pointing out that she doesn't have a championship when everyone else in the ring does.

00:59 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Kofi has some complimentary words for The Forgotten Sons.

And then Bayley comes out with Sasha Banks.

00:58 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

00:57 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Nikki Cross has a present for Kofi and Big E... SCOTTISH PANCAKES!

And The Day, in return, has brought them coffee beans.

00:55 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

It's a New Day, yes it is!!

00:55 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

The Women's Tag Team Champions are here!

I am genuinely happy that Bliss didn't turn on Cross when we all expected her to.

00:50 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

The Forgotten Sons: "I was in the military!" "I was ALSO in the military!" "I, uh, have the same vest as you!" 

00:49 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Evans still wants to fight but Sonya declares she'll fight her "on [her] terms, Blondie!"

00:47 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Evans using the banner on the ring apron as a weapon. I love it when wrestlers do that.

And both women are counted out.

Winner: Double Count Out

00:47 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

00:46 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Evans trash talks Deville, bringing up Mandy Rose, and Sonya just snaps and starts the punches. Evans is in trouble.

00:44 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Lacey Evans apparently took that edict to talk during matches seriously. 

Evans then offers Deville a chance to take her on in an amateur style match, who takes her up on it. 

00:43 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

And we're getting started. 

00:43 (GMT)30 MAY 2020

Sonya Deville arrives for her match with Lacey Evans wearing her Neo from the Matrix cosplay.
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