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WWE SmackDown Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Friday Night SmackDown before Clash Of Champions (25th September 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 26, 2020 02:24 GMT

What will happen on the final SmackDown before Clash Of Champions?


02:04 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

That's all from me, folks! Don't forget about Smack Talk here on SK and everyone have a great weekend!

I'll see you on Wednesday!

02:03 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Lacey Evans defeats Alexa Bliss via DQ
King Corbin defeats Matt Riddle
Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Gran Metalik
Sami Zayn defeats Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles

02:00 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

That.... was a pretty good SmackDown, to be honest. Let's take a look at the match results....

01:58 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Saw that coming... Roman heads to the back and then runs back out and attacks him.

Boy, Roman is a good heel, who would have predicted THAT? /s

01:57 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Jay is essentially "Why NOT me, Uce?"

This match has just gotten extra intense.

01:55 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Roman is in the ring, and Jay Uso comes out to confront him.

Reigns tells Jay that he would give him the Universal Championship if he could, but Uso can't handle the responsibility. 

Look up Reigns's promo up on YouTube when WWE posts it. It's INCREDIBLE.

01:53 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

OH YEAH! Don't forget to check out Sportskeeda's awesome post-show tonight, Smack Talk, with my fellow Cincinnati native Rick Ucchino and Denise Salcedo! It's going to be.... dope? That's what the kids say, right?

01:51 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

01:50 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

01:49 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

As Alexa heads to the back, Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman come out. While Roman stops to show everybody that he has a belt, Alexa stops and stares at him. FORESHADOWING!

01:47 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Bliss attacks Evans without remorse to the point where the ref has to call the match

RESULT: Lacey Evans defeats Alexa Bliss via DQ

01:46 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Evans has been, as Michael Cole just put it, putting on a clinic - she's had almost total control in this matchy although Alexa has clearly been selling her distracted state of mind as part of the angle she's in.

Evans goes for a moonsault and MISSES!

And suddenly The Fiend's music plays. AND BLISS IS NOW GOING CrAZy

01:40 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

01:39 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Evans vs Bliss really does put into sharp relief just how not tall Bliss is.

uh oh. Bray Wyatt laughter fills the arena and Alexa is scared. 

So, let's, you know, go to a commercial.

01:36 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Bliss and Evans kick things off, and Alexa goes for two roll-ups. 

01:35 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

01:34 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Talking Smack tonight features AJ Styles, Bayley, and Lucha House Party.

01:32 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

01:31 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Coming up next, Riju Dasgupta's secret girlfriend Alexa Bliss vs Alan Jose John's landlady Lacey Evans.... after the break!

01:30 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

01:29 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Riddle is being interviewed and lets us all know that losing sucks but he's not gonna lose that much anymore! YEAH!

01:27 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Corbin goes for End of Days but Riddle flips out of it and hits a knee!

Riddle then goes for a moonsault but Corbin gets his knees up. END OF DAYS!

RESULT: King Corbin defeats Matt Riddle

01:26 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Corbin with a DEEP SIX on Riddle... but STILL only gets a 2 count!

Is Baron Corbin in.... a good match?

01:24 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Corbin hits the ropes, readying himself for a clothesline but Riddle collapses to the mat.

But he's FAKING! Corbin picks him up and knees him right in the head.

01:22 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Ad break over and Riddle's got Corbin in a triangle arm lock, but the King turns it into a powerbomb and gets loose.

01:20 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

01:19 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Corbin nearly gets a pinfall on Riddle after taking full control of the match for the past few minutes.....

But Riddle isn't having it, and tosses Corbin into the announce table.... and it's commercial time.

01:17 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

01:16 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Here comes King Corbin.... and Riddle charges him into the corner before the match even begins! Don't tick off the Bro.

01:09 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

01:09 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Match time! Here comes Matt Riddle, the Original Bro - that's right, there were no other bros ever before Matt Riddle came around - as magic giant CGI flip-flops hover over the ring.

01:07 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Following the Jay Uso/Paul Heyman "confrontation", we get into the Matt Riddle/Baron Corbin feud.

01:06 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

01:03 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

01:02 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Jay Uso - who takes on his cousin Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship this Sunday - comes to the ring to discuss said match

01:00 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

00:59 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

00:55 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

00:54 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

After Cesaro attacks Lince Dorado while Dorado is checking on Metalik, Dorado shoves Kalisto to the mat and helps Metalik to the back. Kalisto is incredulous. 

That's a word. I looked it up before I typed it.

00:52 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Kinshasa on Grandma and Shinsuke gets the win.

Result: Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Gran Metalik

00:51 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

I hear "Gran Metalik" and I just think of some British person's grandmother who happens to be named Metalik.

00:50 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Shinsuke has held the advantage since the bell, presumably because Metalik has been distracted by Shinsuke's stupid outfit.

00:48 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

00:47 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Gran Metalik will be facing Shinsuke Nakamura in just a moment here. But, before we get into that...

Shinsuke... seriously... what are you wearing? Just.... honey, no.... just don't.... don't do that

00:43 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

00:43 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

Bayley wraps up her promo - she's taking on Nikki Cross this Sunday - and before we get to an ad break, we're getting prepared for some Roman Reigns/Jay Uso footage.

00:40 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

00:40 (GMT)26 SEP 2020

We get a video segment catching us all up with the Bayley/Sasha Banks feud so... now we're catch up. So, now we're all set to listen to what Bayley has to say.
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