3 Alistair Overeem knockouts that explain why his kickboxing return with Glory is a big deal

Images via Instagram @alistairovereem
Images via Instagram @alistairovereem

Following his parting ways with the UFC, Alistair Overeem is returning to his roots. The former Strikeforce, Dream and K-1 World Grand Prix heavyweight champion is returning to kickboxing, having signed a multifight deal with Glory.

Overeem's recent performances in MMA have been somewhat mixed. The heavyweight veteran has gone 2-2 in his past four fights, with wins over Augusto Sakai and Walt Harris, and losses to Jairzinho Rozenstruik and Alexander Volkov.

However, Overeem still retains that kickboxing pedigree and will pose a threat to any opponents he faces at Glory. The following list details three KO's by Overeem that prove he will be more than competitive in his return to kickboxing.

#3 Alistair Overeem vs. Junior Dos Santos

Overeem's KO finish of Junior Dos Santos is one of 'The Demolition Man's cleanest finishes to date. Dos Santos was still in his prime and had picked up a win against Stipe Miocic in his last UFC appearance.

However, this made little difference to Overeem, who laid Dos Santos out with a clean left hook before the end of the second round. The only reason this KO isn't higher on the list is due to Dos Santos recovering enough to get to his feet and complain to the referee, thus making the stoppage slightly controversial.

#2 Alistair Overeem vs. Brock Lesnar

Alistair Overeem's introduction to the UFC was against one of the biggest stars the sport has ever seen. Brock Lesnar's sheer size, combined with his legitimate wrestling credentials and pro wrestling fan base, saw him become one of the biggest pay-per-view draws the organization had access to.

Once again, Overeem rose to the occasion. He used his kickboxing skills to force Lesnar back to the cage before landing a brutal liver kick that folded his opponent to the mat.


#1 Alistair Overeem vs. Mark Hunt

Whilst Lesnar was always a wrestler at heart, Mark Hunt was one of the greatest kickboxers ever to compete in the UFC's heavyweight division. Overeem's win against the 'Super Samoan' is testimony to how skilled a striker he truly is.

The fight was a ferrocious back and forth which came to a head in the third round. Overeem caught Hunt with a viscous elbow and then landed two of his clinch knee strikes that have become such a staple of his game. Hunt fell to the ground unconscious, with there being no requirement for follow-up strikes.


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