5 interesting moments from UFC Fight Night: Volkov vs. Rozenstruik

UFC Fight Night interesting moments (Photos from @UFC and @UFCespanol via Instagram)
UFC Fight Night interesting moments (Photos from @UFC and @UFCespanol via Instagram)

The UFC returned to action this past Saturday and there's a lot to unpack. From Incredible finishes to the end of a career, UFC Fight Night: Volkov vs. Rozenstruik was a rollercoaster of excitement.

🎙 @AlexDragoVolkov gets on the mic after a quick night in the office! #UFCVegas56

It's not unlike a UFC event to have a little bit of controversy involved, whether it be the judges, the referees or, for this event in particular, fence grabs. All in all, this event was a success and very fun to watch. Many of the fights ended via stoppage and the ones that didn't were exciting battles all the way to the end.

With a card like this, there were many moments that stood out to the fans watching. Some really stood out more than others and these are the moments we'll delve into a bit more.

Here are five interesting moments from UFC Fight Night: Volkov vs. Rozenstruik:

#5. Jeff Molina reacting to his victory

Jeff Molina throwing a kick (Photo from @immortalsfightclub via Instagram)
Jeff Molina throwing a kick (Photo from @immortalsfightclub via Instagram)

Jeff Molina is a fan favorite and, especially after this recent victory over Zhalgas Zhumagulov, is well on his way to being a part of the flyweight division's top 10. The fight ended with Molina winning on two of the three judges' scorecards and many were in shock about it.

The scorecards for Jeff Molina vs. Zhalgas Zhumagulov.As expected, all over the place. Only R3 was consensus.Anyone wagering on decisions tonight, it could be a wild one with this batch of judges.#UFCVegas56

While everyone was caught off-guard by the decision, none looked more surprised than the winner himself.

After the two scorecards were read, one in favor of Zhumagulov and the other for Molina, the deciding score read "30-27". The final score prompted 'El Jefe' to begin walking off as he figured he did not win all three rounds. However, announcer Joe Martinez followed up by declaring Molina the victor.

Molina wholeheartedly believes that he won and this is by no means a terrible decision, but most watching would agree that giving him all three rounds is pushing it. Molina's reaction isn't the norm for a UFC event, although judging has been a hot topic for some time now.


#4. A pivotal point deduction

Joe Solecki wins (Photo from @UFC via Instagram)
Joe Solecki wins (Photo from @UFC via Instagram)

When Joe Solecki locked horns with Alex da Silva Coehlo, things did not look great for him from the jump. The opening minute saw Solecki get dropped and the Brazilian eagerly looking for a finish.

Solecki, ever the durable fighter, stayed composed and survived, even having a bit of success later in the round with a guillotine attempt.

The second round was the best for the American. He scored a takedown, secured a dominant position in taking his opponent's back, and continued to threaten with submission threats. In an attempt to get back to his feet, da Silva Coelho time and time again broke the rules by locking his fingers and toes in the fence, along with illegally holding onto his opponent's glove.

Entering the third and final round, it seemed that the Brazilian needed a finish on account of the point deduction from the previous round. The third round was close but two of the judges scored it for da Silva Coelho. The fouls in round two were the downfall of the Brazilian, who lost via majority decision (28-27, 29-27, 28-28).

#3. Alonzo Menifield is fired up after finishing UFC newcomer

Alonzo Menifield scores a first-round finish(Photo from @atomicalonzomenifield via Instagram)
Alonzo Menifield scores a first-round finish(Photo from @atomicalonzomenifield via Instagram)

As Alonzo Menifield entered fight week, things started to get a little weird with his opponent, Askar Mozharov.

From 25-7 to 21-11 and now, following his first-round TKO loss to 'Atomic', 19-13, Mozharov has the most tempestuous record that UFC fans have ever seen, for this is not a common issue. The fluctuation in his record comes from Mozharov fabricating his wins with fights that might've never really happened, and putting his losses under a different name.

This did not sit well with Menifield, and understandably so. It's only fair for a fighter to know his opponent's actual record and Menifield felt that Mozharov padded his record with faux victories.

1️⃣ and done for @AlonzoMenifield at #UFCVegas56

Regardless, the UFC-tenured fighter scored a first-round TKO victory. He didn't want to stop there, though. Menifield and Mozharov shared some trash talk in the cage and it boiled over to after the fight as well.

#2. Volkov vs. Rozenstruik: Early stoppage?

Alexander Volkov earns TKO victory (Photo from @UFC via Instagram)
Alexander Volkov earns TKO victory (Photo from @UFC via Instagram)

Both Alexander Volkov and Jairzinho Rozenstruik were desperately chasing a win in their most recent main event slot. Both heavyweights have been through ups and downs lately but have been perpetually in the conversation for future title contention.

(1/2) Hi everyone. I'm kinda confused on how the fight went and I'm disappointed that it was stopped. It definitly was a troubling situation, but I was far from giving up the fight. Did someone lay flat on the ground with his eyes shut? That's what we call a knockout. #UFCVegas56

Though the fight only lasted a little over two minutes, both participants looked great. 'Bigi Boy' seemed to be very fluid and eager to exchange shots, but it was Volkov who landed the concluding strikes first. Volkov wobbled his counterpart with a thunderous right hand that sent his mouthpiece flying, which turned out to be the beginning of the end for Rozenstruik.

Herb Dean stepped in to stop the fight, but not everyone viewed this as a great stoppage. Though it's better to be early than late in MMA, Rozenstruik was on his feet immediately after Dean stepped in and seemed to be on the upswing in terms of recovery.

#1. Felice Herrig calls it a career

UFC Fight Night: Felice Herrig vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz
UFC Fight Night: Felice Herrig vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz

When fans look back on Felice Herrig's career, they should look beyond the four-fight losing streak that ultimately closed this chapter of her life. Rather, fans should see the highs and lows, the wars won and lost, and the injuries overcome, mentally and physically.

Herrig arguably fought the best version of Karolina Kowalkiewicz this past Fight Night, which is a hard mountain to summit. Eventually, 'Lil Bulldog' was overwhelmed and despite her valiant efforts, was forced to tap from a rear-naked choke.

After the action was stopped, Herrig was seen taking her gloves off and setting them down in the octagon, which is known as a sign of retirement. She retired with a record of 14-10. In her post-fight interview, she said:

"I knew that, like, if I wasn't feelin it in the cage, that it was just going to be my last fight. Not in a bad way, I just-I just feel like, you know, there's something else for me. Like, it's time to close this chapter in my life..."

Felice Herrig's post-fight interview following her defeat to Karolina Kowalciewicz.


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