5 greatest submissions in ONE Championship history

Yusup Saadulaev (top) produced one of the most inventive and brutal submissions in ONE Championship ever. (Image Credits: @saad_yusup on Instagram)
Yusup Saadulaev (top) produced one of the most inventive and brutal submissions in ONE Championship ever. (Image Credits: @saad_yusup on Instagram)

ONE Championship is home to some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspired submissions in MMA. The world of martial arts changed forever after Royce Gracie introduced submissions to mainstream consciousness at UFC 1. Today, the idea of strangling someone or hyper-extending someone's limb is considered as devastating as a KO punch.

The difference, however, is that a KO punch can sometimes be deemed a 'lucky punch' while submissions are completely different. One simply doesn't get lucky and catches their opponent with a choke. Submissions are calculated attacks that are set up and finished with masterful technique and precision. It's like chess; you don't get checkmated out of the blue with just one move.

Just look at how ONE Championship bantamweight champ Bibiano 'The Flash' Fernandes ingeniously evaded a punch to take the back and choke his opponent in one fluid sequence:

That's why MMA submissions are so fascinating to watch as we witness the beautiful confluence of many things. Attributes like athleticism, timing, speed, and most importantly, technique are on full display. Today we list down some of the most inventive, brutal, and amazing submissions in ONE Championship history. Submissions that are so slick you need to watch the replay so you can figure out how they did it.

#5. Joshua Pacio submits Pongsiri Mitsatit with a hammerlock from back control (ONE Championship: Reign of Kings)

ONE Championship strawweight king Joshua 'The Passion' Pacio pulled off a rare one against Pongsiri Mitsatit back in 2018. It's rare enough to see a hammerlock submission finished in MMA. Doing so from the position Pacio was in, however, makes it all the more rare. We bet you won't find another submission win exactly like that.

Known mostly as a wushu practitioner, Pacio showed he can also be a force on the ground. After catching a kick, Pacio wrapped his arm around Pongsiri's hip and slammed him hard on the mat. From there, 'The Passion' dominated the bout from mount until Pongsiri gave up his back.

Not wanting to get choked, Pongsiri trapped Pacio's left arm under his armpit. Using this entanglement as a way to manipulate his opponent's arm, Pacio pulled Pongsiri's wrist behind his back and cranked it hard. It was nasty and Pongsiri tapped right away. The submission even got its own name now: The Passion Lock.

Watch the full fight and submission below:

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Edited by C. Naik
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