"For $8-10 million I'd fight a grizzly bear" - UFC heavyweight Tanner Boser gives his thoughts on Jon Jones' pay demands [Exclusive]

Tanner Boser has weighed in on Jon Jones' grievances with the UFC
Tanner Boser has weighed in on Jon Jones' grievances with the UFC
Harvey Leonard

Jon Jones' pay dispute with the UFC has been one of the most talked about topics across MMA in recent weeks.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, UFC heavyweight Tanner Boser gave his thoughts on the demands of the former light heavyweight champion.

After dominating the promotion's 205-pound division, Jon Jones announced his intention to move up to the heavyweight weight class last year for a fresh challenge.

After Francis Ngannou's crowning at UFC 260, many believe the Cameroonian should face Jones for his first title defense.

Jon Jones appeared keen for a fight against Ngannou
Jon Jones appeared keen for a fight against Ngannou

Despite not fighting at heavyweight before, Tanner Boser believes it's only right Jon Jones is the first choice for Ngannou's opening defense, given what he's achieved in the UFC. Boser told Sportskeeda -

"Sure he hasn't fought at heavyweight, but Jon Jones is the GOAT. He hasn't lost. If he wants to move up a division and get a title shot, power to him, he should get it, there's no one that should have it instead of Jon Jones. Yeah, there's now another guy at the top, but I mean, the heavyweight division has kind of been log-jammed at the top for a while, you know, Stipe (Miocic) and Cormier rematched like 17 times and took a year between each one. But if Jon Jones comes in and he gets a title shot, he absolutely should."

Jon Jones says $8-10 million would be too low for a fight with Ngannou

Over the last few weeks, Jon Jones has taken to social media to express his disdain for the UFC's fighter pay and his disappointment that his demands for an octagon-shaking bout with Ngannou aren't being met.

In one tweet, Jones suggested a fee between $8-10 million would be too low for a fight of this magnitude.

A heavyweight championship fight with 'The Predator' would undoubtedly be the biggest fight in MMA right now, so it's surprising the UFC hasn't gone above and beyond to make sure it happens.

Whilst discussing the stalemate between the two parties, Tanner Boser told us -

"I've heard the claim or the tweet where he said $8-10 million wasn't enough. I'm not in his position. Who am I to say what I think I would be worth at that time but f**k dude, for $8-10 million I'd fight a grizzly bear and take my chances of not dying..."

But despite some fans suggesting the sum is excessive, Boser pointed out how massive a fight between Ngannou and Jon Jones would be -

"But Jon Jones and Ngannou is the biggest fight that the sport could possibly have right now. There's not a bigger fight that can be made in my opinion. I think the UFC is probably using tactics like, 'look Jon Jones, your recent fights really aren't the big pay-per-view draws you're making it seem like they were', but it doesn't matter because Jon Jones and Ngannou, that's the fight, everybody'll watch that. Jon might even be the B side, everyone thinks Ngannou is a god right now, everybody wants to watch Ngannou."

Boser went on to reiterate why the matchup would be a must-watch affair and said he hopes - one way or another - that the fight happens.

"Jones is a guy who's never been beaten and who has found a way to beat absolutely everybody and then Francis Ngannou, a man who is built like an action figure and kills people with one punch, man that's a fight. Hopefully the UFC gets the fight made because I'd love to see it. Whether or not I stand behind Jones or stand behind the UFC, there's a lot of logistics there. But $8-10 million is a f*****g lot...take it and get that damn fight done."

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