"I am in tears looking at those posts on the gallery" - When fans were in splits after Darren Till created website dedicated to trolling Mike Perry

Darren Till (right) once created an entire website to troll (Mike Perry) [Image Courtesy: @PlatinumPerry via X and @ufcontnt via X]

Mike Perry and Darren Till have a well-known feud. At times, it would shift, taking on the form of a friendly rivalry between frenemies. But in recent years, there seems to be more enmity between the two. One of the bolder moves Till himself made was the creation of a website designed to troll Perry and nothing more.

The website described 'Platinum' as a bum and was littered with unflattering pictures of him. Naturally, the website drew Perry's ire and appears to have been something of a turning point between both men. Till, however, thought nothing of it, and the fans adored the Englishman's antics.

An older Reddit thread of fans reacting to the website's content was filled with humorous comments. One fan praised the Englishman's skills as a mixed martial artist, before hailing his social media trolling as unrivaled:

"Darren Till is a great fighter but a GODLY troll!"

Another fan correctly predicted that Perry would be irate over the website, saying:

"I feel like this would actually really piss Mike Perry off lol. And isn't way Till way higher up than him in the rankings? What's his end game? Does he want to take a Mike Perry fight? Aren't they in different divisions now? Bet the house on Till lol."

Fans continued to find humor in Till's conduct, with one of them adding:

"I am in tears looking at those posts on the gallery. Jesus some of them are absolutely amazing"

Others pointed out how relentless Till was in trolling Perry.

"He is committed, he adds more and more daily."

A collage of fan reactions can be seen below:

Fan reactions to Darren Till's troll website of Mike Perry
Fan reactions to Darren Till's troll website of Mike Perry

Ultimately, the fight never materialized, and both men are no longer in the UFC. Till unexpectedly tumbled down the rankings, going 1-5 in the promotion before requesting his release. He hasn't fought since. Meanwhile, Perry went 1-4, before finding new life as a BKFC superstar.

Mike Perry has continued to call Darren Till out

Mike Perry has been calling for a fight with Darren Till for some time now. Unfortunately, the Englishman has not fought since his release from the UFC. Meanwhile, Perry has found a new life as a bare-knuckle boxer, and after recently knocking out Thiago Alves, called out the Englishman again.

However, Till has not expressed any interest in fighting, besides a mild interest in boxing with the likes of Jake Paul. He is only 31 years old but has not competed since Dec. 10, 2022.

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