Joe Rogan reacts to hilarious video of Savannah Bananas baseball team's choreographed pitch

UFC 249 Spann v Alvey, Joe Rogan
UFC 249 Spann v Alvey, Joe Rogan
Will Miles

Joe Rogan has reacted to a hilarious video that the Savannah Bananas baseball team has shared. Based out of Savannah, Georgia, the team competes in the Coastal Plain League in the Western division.

Savannah Banana's motto is "Fans first, entertainment always," which couldn't be more true, judging by the video. They were founded in 2016 and play home games at the Grayson Stadium. In their inaugural season, the 'Bananas' won the Pettit Cup championship and captured it again in 2021.

The video includes the pitcher preparing to throw before breaking out in a dance routine. The players behind him also break into a clearly choreographed performance on the pitch. Miraculously, the routine works as the batter becomes distracted.

Reacting to the hilarious clip, Joe Rogan wrote:

"They just made baseball better."

Watch the video below:

The unbelievable part is that for 'Bananas' fans, a routine like that is an everyday occurrence. The team is routinely known for pushing the boundaries of the norm. With every point scored, fans aren't sure what happens next. Will they break into song? Or run heard first into the crowd? According to their website, you never know.

As per the 'About us' on their official website, this is what fans can expect each time they watch Savannah Bananas play:

  • We only sell one ticket in Savannah and it’s all inclusive.
  • Our players perform choreographed dances every game – Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Toby Keith – You name it, they’ve danced to it.
  • We are the only baseball team to play in kilts. That’s right, kilts.
  • Our players perform in over-the-top music videos like Old Town Road and Can’t Stop the Peeling.
  • Our hitters walk ups are legendary. Bananas may be escorted to the plate by the Banana Pep Band, they may walk up as a golf batter with a caddie or they may even introduce themselves.

Joe Rogan apologizes for forgetting Johnny Depp's lawyers name

As the six-week trial finally came to a close last week, the world is now waiting for the jury's deliberation and verdict. The Amber Heard versus Johnny Depp defamation case has dominated mainstream media since it began.

Following the trial along regularly on his podcast was Joe Rogan. As the it concluded, Rogan could only praise the work of Depp's lawyer, Camille Vasquez. The comedian even apologized to his viewers - including Ms. Vasquez herself - as he repeatedly called her 'Claire' on multiple episodes of his podcast.

"I should also apologize to the lawyer Camille. Her name is Camille. I referred to her as Claire before... She's amazing. That lady is incredible. I apologize to her for f*****g up her name. That woman's a beast. When she's questioning her [Heard] over whether or not she gave her money away, it's amazing."

Joe Rogan has regularly sided with Johnny Depp and believes him to be innocent of the alleged physical abuse Amber Heard has accused him of. Fans of the JRE podcast can be sure that the results of the trial will be discussed whenever they are announced.

Listen to Joe Rogan discuss the trial here:

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