Logan Paul calls Paddy Pimblett 'cheap sell-out' for video on his brand, says he could sue him

(L) Paddy Pimblett, and Logan Paul (R) (Photo credit: IMPULSIVE - YouTube)
Paddy Pimblett (left) and Logan Paul (right) [Photo credit: IMPAULSIVE - YouTube]

Logan Paul has lashed out at UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett for posting a video that compared Body Fuel to his Prime brand drinks.

Paul sounded off on the comparison videos that allegedly misinformed the public about the formula of Prime's drinks. He didn't like that Pimblett basically gave the impression that Prime drinks contain plenty of sugar, when in fact there are only two grams. He even sent out a warning to 'The Baddy' for misinforming followers:

"He made a comparison video - here's another L - that is identical to the comparison videos that I made. And he lied in the video. He poured out sugar at one part to show Prime's two grams of sugar and he poured a f**k load of it. I could technically sue the f**k out of you for that misinformation and that's a fact. You f**king lied." (1:36:21 - 1:36:44)

'The Maverick' also mentioned that the video wasn't good and referred to the Body Fuel brand as being nothing more than a cheap knockoff of his brand:

"He [Paddy Pimblett] promoted Prime in the video, the comparison is like... no one's gonna go buy that f**king drink. They're just gonna go make them go buy Prime. I even commented it, I said, 'Thanks for the promo.'"

Check out the full video:


Paddy Pimblett declines Jake Paul's offer to spar

Paddy Pimblett and Jake Paul's beef is believed to have started after the UFC lightweight said that the YouTuber-turned-boxer's fights weren't legitimate.

'The Baddy' spoke with Michael Bisping for BT Sport ahead of his bout at UFC 282. He mentioned that he accepted an offer to spar 'The Problem Child' after the latter challenged him and even offered $1 million.

After he was initially offered a flight to Puerto Rico for the sparring session, Pimblett proposed that 'The Problem Child' work out a deal with the UFC:

"You don't win a spar. If you wanna have a fight with me, let's get it on. Get your managers to talk to my manager. We'll sort it through the UFC and whoever you want to sort it with. It won't be on your terms like you do with everyone else. You'll have to do a drug test and we'll see."

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