Logan Paul shares his version of the 'Gotcha Hat!' moment between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather 

Logan Paul (left) on the Jake Paul-Floyd Mayweather 'Gotcha Hat!' moment
Logan Paul (left) on the Jake Paul-Floyd Mayweather 'Gotcha Hat!' moment
Anwesha Nag

For once, Logan Paul was not the one to instigate controversy as he stood witness to his brother Jake Paul grabbing Floyd Mayweather's hat at the May 6 press conference.

What Logan Paul had apparently planned to be a respectful face-off between himself and Floyd Mayweather ahead of their June 6th fight turned into a full-blown scuffle after Jake Paul's antics.

Talking to Floyd Mayweather up close, Jake Paul suddenly snatched the boxer's hat off his head and ran away with it saying 'Gotcha hat!'. He did not get very far before Floyd Mayweather's bodyguards caught up with him, which allowed 'Money' to land an uppercut on Jake Paul's face.

Speaking to Morning Kombat's Brian Campbell, Logan Paul shared his version of the event from that afternoon.

"Jake (Paul) told me he was going to take his hat. I didn't think he was serious. It seems like such a rudimentary, childish thing to do. I thought it was a joke! I come off stage, Floyd and I have some personal back-and-forths. I said, 'I'm gonna hurt him' and Jake said, 'I'm gonna take his hat'. And he did... I see some sh*t going down, immediately I knew it was the fault of my brother. So I went in there and tried to save his a*s. But like shoutout to Floyd's security team, you've done a great job of keeping me away from Jake. They're big and there's a lot of them. He got a black eye. I think it's cool though. I mean, how many people can point at a black eye and say 'Look, look, Floyd Mayweather punched me in the face'," Logan Paul said.

Jake Paul himself made an appearance during the exclusive interview and spoke about the incident as well.

"I had seen his hat and I was like 'I should take that hat'. Something about it was just calling my name. I knew it was going to be a hilarious troll moment and I knew it would piss him off like crazy. There was an uppercut. You hear it like you hear a 'Smack'. His bodyguards were holding me back and my face was like this and he was like 'What the f*ck' and he hits me with an uppercut. And he freaks out and says he wants to kill me, like it's pretty hilarious," Jake Paul stated.

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Logan Paul: It has become super personal

Logan Paul admitted in the interview that he tried to treat the event as a "respectful exhibition," but things have changed ever since. He said that he is not taking the death threats by Floyd Mayweather and his team to his younger brother Jake Paul lightly, and that it has become "super personal" because of that.

"It is a circus. But I'm gonna be honest, it wasn't at first. I was really treating this kind of like a respectful exhibition, wanted to acknowledge Floyd's career path and everything he has accomplished, and I was trying to be respectful. And then my brother took his hat and he said he was going to kill Jake. I don't take that sh*t lightly. It has become super personal. Just the way he is hawking online, like he thinks he's in control of this fight to the tee. It's going to take 44 years of his life to be humbled," Logan Paul said.

Watch the full interview of Logan Paul with Brian Campbell below:

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