Floyd Mayweather's Bodyguards

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Floyd “Money” Mayweather is one of the most famous athletes of all time. In addition to his notoriety in the ring, Mayweather lives a lavish, luxurious lifestyle few can dream of. All this wealth and fame is known to attract its own brand of crazy. Floyd might be superbly skilled in the ring, but outside of it, he needs to take some precautions.

It’s extremely common for celebrities to have bodyguards. And it’s not only to protect the said celebrity from all manner of attacks ranging from rabid fans to actual assassination attempts. These bodyguards also act as the ‘fall guy’; intercepting a confrontation so that the celebrity doesn’t get slapped with a lawsuit or other legal issues.

Mayweather dislikes people calling the men who protect him “bodyguards.” He has security instead. Aptly named “The Money Team”, this group of individuals are responsible for a lot of things in addition to just protection. Let’s see what it is that they actually do.

Who are Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguards?

Floyd Mayweather has a whole entourage of bodyguards. Some of the more well-known ones are Alfonso Redic, Adam Plant, Pat Walsh, and Donald Monks. Greg La Rosa and ‘Badou’ have also gained some popularity. There are many more bodyguards, however, about whom there isn’t much information.

Floyd Mayweather surrounded by his bodyguards
Floyd Mayweather surrounded by his bodyguards [Source: EssentiallySports]

It isn’t even known exactly how many bodyguards Mayweather has. However, he is usually surrounded by 4 or more of his security team at any given point. Repping the name “The Money Team”, all of them can be seen wearing TMT merchandise when on the job.

What are the requirements to be Floyd Mayweather’s Bodyguard?

When it comes to being part of The Money Team, Mayweather makes no compromises. Joining his squad requires much more than simply protecting Mayweather.

The first requirement is to protect both money and Money. Mayweather is known to travel with anywhere between $60k and $1 million, sometimes even more, when he steps out. He usually keeps this money in cash in duffle bags. Not the safest way to keep it, but definitely the most suited to his moniker and personality.

His bodyguards are usually the ones who carry this bag of cash. Furthermore, if things get sticky, they need to protect the bag and Mayweather. Lastly, given that they handle such large stacks of cash on a regular basis, Mayweather requires them to be extremely loyal and trust them implicitly, with both his money and his life.

Another slightly less explicit requirement is their size. While it’s never been mentioned, it’s a funny coincidence that all his bodyguards tower over him. Redic stands at 7’1”, Plant stands at 6’7”, ‘Badou’ at 6’9”, and the smallest of the lot, La Rosa, stands at 6' 1”. In addition, all of them are required to be both physically fit and imposing.

His team is also required to be ready to throw down at any given point. Similar to attack dogs, Mayweather has certain phrases he uses to ‘activate’ his bodyguards. This is extremely evident in the McGregor press conference, where he all but commanded them to get in McGregor’s face and start a confrontation.


Mayweather’s bodyguards are also required to travel with him wherever he goes. While this is common, Mayweather actually has two private jets for this purpose. One for himself and one for his bodyguards.

In addition to all of this, Mayweather’s bodyguards carry out many more tasks for him. They pick up his dry cleaning, get him food at any hour of the day and even wipe his forehead when he gets sweaty.

They act more like his personal assistants than bodyguards at times. Also, one of them holds the unceremonious title of Jester - the dude who is the butt of any joke till another person messes up, and the title is passed on.


FAQ's on Floyd Mayweather's Bodyguard

Q: How much do Floyd Mayweather's bodyguards make?

Each bodyguard reportedly receives a six-figure salary of approximately $150k a year. In addition to this handsome sum of money, they also get bonuses. And as an added tip, they sometimes also end up with the occasional Rolex or car to take home.

Q: How many bodyguards does Floyd Mayweather have?

Mayweather is usually surrounded by 4 or more of his bodyguards at any given point.