Logan Paul has a warning for Floyd Mayweather after Jake Paul's KO victory over Ben Askren

Logan Paul has something to say to Floyd Mayweather following brother Jake Paul's win
Logan Paul has something to say to Floyd Mayweather following brother Jake Paul's win

YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul has a word of caution for his next opponent, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

Logan Paul wants Floyd Mayweather to see how his brother Jake Paul knocked out MMA veteran Ben Askren and expect a similar outcome to their bout, which is yet to get an official date, having been postponed earlier.

Jake Paul dropped Ben Askren at 1:10 of the first round, and even though 'Funky' got back up on his feet, the referee stopped the fight, giving Jake Paul the win.

Why did Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather get postponed?

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather were originally scheduled to meet in the boxing ring on February 20, 2021 under the banner of Fanmio. However, the fight was postponed due to several reasons, the COVID-19 pandemic being one.

News of the postponement was apparently leaked by a member of Logan Paul's camp, after which a rumor spread on social media that the fight was pushed back due to a 'lack of interest'. Logan Paul contested that strongly, first on his friend Mike Majlak's channel, The Night Shift Gaming, and then on his own podcast, Impaulsive.

"I've been a little upset at the narrative I'm seeing online; a little f**king upset. So, I'll clear this up, you know, one time. I’ll probably clear it up on Impaulsive too. It's just stupid – Because a guy who we had come to test, to be a strength and conditioning coach or like join the camp to do like rubber band exercises, leaked pertinent information about the fight... As soon as this got out that he said that the fight was being pushed (postponed), as soon as the information got out, I was like, ‘Oh, f**k. We've had a leak from inside our camp. Like no one was supposed to know that’. And then the narrative changed to, ‘Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight postponed due to quote-unquote lack of interest’," Logan Paul said to Mike Majlak.

Logan Paul went on to clarify on Impaulsive that the fight "broke every single combat sport record for presale pay-per-view numbers" and therefore asked fans to go "easy on the rumors" that the fight had garnered no interest.

Watch the Impaulsive clip below:


It has not yet been confirmed when or where the fight will take place, but Logan Paul has iterated that it will certainly happen.

Judging by Logan Paul's latest tweet, whenever the fight happens, he will be looking to finish off Mayweather the same way his brother stopped Ben Askren. However, Ben Askren is largely known for not being a great striker, while Floyd Mayweather is widely regarded as one of the best boxers in the world and holds an undefeated 50-0 record inside the ring.

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